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Pierre Announces Millions In Tax Refunds For Christmas


Declaring that the country is moving, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has announced millions of dollars in tax refunds for Christmas.

“This Christmas, we are going to inject in the economy in terms of tax refunds for the people of Saint Lucia between ten and twenty million dollars,” the Finance Minister told reporters on Monday.

He spoke on the margins of a Cabinet meeting.

Pierre disclosed that the Inland Revenue Department had issues disbursing the money.

He did not go into details.

But he stated that the money was available.

“Tax refunds. We promised it, and we are going to be paying it between now and December,” the Prime Minister told reporters.

“We most likely will pay over ten million dollars in tax refunds, and the rest will be paid in January. So the country is moving,” he asserted.

However, he declared that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) was desperate.

“I have never seen it like that, but we remain focused,” Pierre stated.

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  1. The pressure is on Mr.Pierre. “I have never seen it like that myself.” You are desperately trying to catch your breath right now. The new UWP has you in a headlock right now and you will do anything to stay afloat.
    The tax refund was never your money – it should have never been considered an asset. Do not pretend you are giving a donation to the people. By the way, I hope you declare how many people stand to benefit.
    Now, while you will be in a talking mood on Tuesday, can you tell the people about GPH deal ? The people need to know – this deal looks like a rat and it smells like a rat. Should we call it a rat ?

  2. Government owe me refunds from 2010 to 2020. Never got a cent from them. That’s money I could have invested or use to pay my loans, schooling, medical, home repairs. I have to face the credit union to take loans and pay interest for all these things while I have money owed to me earning 0% interest. If I import an item into the country, I have to pay duties to the government while the government owes me money. I have to find money to pay property tax to the government while the government owes me money. I have to find money to pay road tax to the government, while the roads are destroying my vehicle and while the government owes me money. Why can I not offset the money I have to pay government for the amounts they owe to me?

  3. Asking for a friend November 21, 2023 At 8:00 am

    I hear you can actually get your refunds processed but you must be friends with someone working at IRD or a politician. Or you can pay off IRD staff to do it for you.

  4. It’s almost 10 years since I’ve received any returns and I am quite angry about that. I have written, I have called, and I have begged for what is mine. I’ve been given the “wait until after budget” excuse but up to now all I get is bellélélésh! Nada! Nothing. I will go to IRD to find out if my name is on the list.

  5. You know what is better than getting a tax refund? Not being over-taxed in the first place. Giving the government an unsecured zero-interest loan to do whatever with is not in my interests.
    In what form is the common man or woman getting a tax refund? You gave delinquent businesses a tax amnesty and I am sure they will be getting a refund. At the same time you imposed umbrella imposed taxation on the masses, with your “levy”. Don’t get me started on the reduced-validity-period grossly overpriced passport that is now worthless to working St Lucians and a bargain to foreigners.
    At least Robin Hood stole from the rich to give to the poor. This is some wacky economics being practised here.
    Of course he gave no details.

  6. I don’t expect anyone to have a negative comment about that. Full Marks for PJP. A step in the right direction. Absolutely no more comments please.
    “Tout Bare – tar – fay Kar Clay way pou lamb yo”

  7. Hahaha yes Most Honorable they are desperate AND WICKED. For those who were bawling (you know yourselves) “where is special prosecutor”. “You promise us a tax refund where is all now” BOOM 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥.

  8. No PM or government should make giving people their money such a big thing, like they are doing us a favour. This is our money, taken away due to high taxation. I commend you for seeing to it that it is rightfully returned to its owners. What I would have been pleased to hear coming from you, is that we would be paid interest on it. Remember Mr PM you are stalling the negotiation process for the triannuam ending in 2024. We not hearing 0, 0, 0% like your predecessor Kenny did.

  9. We must commend our Pm for solving an issue ongoing for decades. The PM is gradually shutting some mouths permanently. Give to Pierre what is Pierre’s !

  10. Same way you said it was done and nobody knows who received refunds. Btw it was supposed to be first hundred days $5000 or less would receive refunds.

  11. My Girl got a refund but haven’t got mine yet… patiently waiting. But Good initiative people can use that money for the season.


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