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Over 3,000 Government Pensioners Benefit From $600 One-Time Payment


Over 3,000 pensioners the Government pays were due to receive a one-time payment of $600 today, Thursday, November 23, 2023.

Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre disclosed that the 3 105 recipients would get the cash in addition to their monthly pensions.

” A total of $1.863 million will be directly pumped into the local economy through this relief effort,” Pierre, the Finance Minister, wrote on Facebook.

He recalled that the Government also made a $500 one-time payment to pensioners in October last year.

Pierre’s office said the payment delivered $1.5 million in direct financial relief to government pensioners living on a fixed income.

The office also disclosed that since the Pierre administration took office in July 2021, it provided government pensioners $3.2 million in direct financial support.

“We have begun discussions on increasing the monthly pensions to our eligible citizens,” the Prime Minister disclosed.

He said it followed a 4.2% increase to all pensioners under the National Insurance Corporation.

“This administration will continue to provide relief to our citizens as we grapple with imported inflation and other external shocks affecting our people,” Pierre said.


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  1. All well and good … but there are “government pensioners” (public) and “private pensioners” – what about those pensioners? I just wish this government administration would not generalise pensioners, especially when there are different categories.

    Also, I see “blurred lines” again: “We have begun discussions on increasing the monthly pensions to our eligible citizens,” the Prime Minister disclosed. – does that include private pensioners? The little 4.2% was just a little blimp on my monthly pensions.

    Ethically, the NIC should be giving AN ANNUAL INCREASE to all pensioners. This would alleviate a lot of headache when pensioners need to pay their utility bills which do increase annually – but not the pension benefits.

  2. All well and good but I am still waiting.This is how we are being fooled by this government.We hear the word pensioners and we believe that we are included.Then the rug is pulled from under our feet.We have to be mind readers to understand what spew out from that man’s mouth.I am always awaiting the cabbage.

  3. @Is and @The (the same person), if in fact you all (you) are pensioners (pensioner) it means that you have reached the age to at least learn to speak the truth. Throughout the article, the reference was made to “government pensioners”.
    Are you aware that NIC looks at trends in inflation etc. and adjust the pensions of those who benefit from NIC pensions whereas for government pensioners they receive the same pension never mind that they retired 20 or 30 years ago? Are you aware of that??
    You are not even thankful for the last increase of 4.2% because your comment is “The little 4.2% was just a little blimp on my monthly pensions”. While government pensioners got nothing and you grudging them for a one-time payment of $600.00. Remember NIC adjust its pension every so number of years but government does not.
    Now if indeed you all (you) are pensioners, then you are old enough to stop begrudging.

  4. Pump into the local economy you all know how to find words to get gravy points eh. Well let see when the 2.5% hit them for the barrels, imported stuff plus for their survival daily needs. What is owed to them just give it and don’t look for point here. The people long work for it.

  5. To the private jackass pensioners what more do you want from the government cuffers ??? You get out of it what you put in it and if the government is going
    the Xtra mile by giving you more don’t complain and stop being disingenuous. The government is not there to enrich you but to provide you with some quality of life with the day to day necessary essential services for your survival. Before your retirement you knew what your pension would be and what would be afforded to you and the adjustments you need to make so it works for you since it’s the government you are relying on.

  6. @The Most Honorable Lucian Highgrade, I never thought I would ever have to say that, but well said. You are on point.

  7. I was at the Republic bank when people were talking about the $600 for government pensioners. This Indian lady who was present said she heard Guy openly said when uwp gets back in power these pensioners will not get this. They don’t deserve anything.
    I was very surprised I thought he would say they will increase it.
    I am very happy my father gets $600 , once Pierre continues to look after the poor people, he will remain PM.

  8. @ Josephine Antoine and how do you know what this Indian lady said was truth,you see we people like to go by hear say,what if someone said something about anyone of us should we just believe it because we heard the person saying things about you,I guess not.🤔You see this world have become a hear say world that’s why we are in so much problems trying to solve them,lastly people are talking about at least the government giving so we should be thankful,yes we should be thankful but at the end of the day it’s our money not theirs,all that money that governments uses is based on how much we work our heart out till we die so we have all the rights to talk about it.Remember we don’t work for government they work for us so whether we are government,public or private pensioners we all pay
    our taxes for a reason and Nic so don’t be fooled🤔

  9. The truth will set you free, don’t be a kitty cat put your name if you are convince you are telling the truth.
    Uwp was in power for 5+ years, Chastanet never thought of the poor St. lucians. All he was looking after is hotel, Panama, Locker B, Teo. The monies he gave away was ours, only now you know the 600 is ours, but you didn’t remember that before. Anyway PM Pierre you are doing a good job.

  10. One must read and also tried to read between the lines. At first there were no indian lady next to her so the rest is just propaganda. The reason she fabricated such statement was to draw a difference. If they government choose to give so be it. But at the same time under Kenny government he was the one who extended the pension age moving it 5yrs beyond the previous limit. So when higradelowgrade want to steal points you must consider who thief the people age limit away SLP owes it to them, just give it. It’s not a crime to give, so if you going to fire back about who steal, the SP is now in place go file your case otherwise have more greenfig and saltfish and pretend you having sushi.

  11. @Anonymous…..we can always trust on you to throw your monkey wrench in anything positive this government does. The little Black Boy is not doing too bad and it has caught you by surprise (understandably), he gives what he promise and the man hardly takes a vacation.

  12. Wow I read a few comments and I swear I am in Maryland, a white man country, where whites hate black.
    In St. Lucia blacks hate blacks and refer to the white man as UNCLE.



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