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CMO: ‘We Have Not Noted Any Deaths Related To The COVID-19 Vaccine’


Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Sharon Belmar-George has disclosed that vaccine misinformation and false information have hindered greater children’s immunisation.

In September this year, Saint Lucia’s Freedom Coalition urged the CMO to stop encouraging people to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

 The Coalition cited the ‘significant number of excess deaths’ reported in Saint Lucia and worldwide since the advent of the COVID-19 injections.

However, the CMO told reporters on Thursday that the Ministry of Health uses its data for guidance regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“We have not noted any deaths related to the COVID-19 vaccine in the country, and we have been monitoring possible side effects that you may get from vaccines,” the CMO stated.

She recalled the COVID-19 immunisation drive gave rise to misinformation and false information in the public domain, affecting childhood vaccination.

“We saw the benefits of the vaccine in terms of reducing hospitalisations and deaths during that period. So we, as a Ministry, we will continue providing the public with accurate information,” the Senior Health Ministry official stated.

Belmar-George spoke amid a children’s vaccination drive that began on November 18, 2023.

The campaign will run until December 17, 2023, in all communities.

The Chief Medical Officer observed that post-COVID-19, the Ministry of Health assessed all its regular programmes to identify gaps caused by diverting staff to deal with the pandemic’s effects.

Belmar-George said the Ministry discovered that many children had no vaccine coverage for several reasons.

As a result, she said Ministry officials sought to work with communities and parents to increase the vaccine coverage, including a ‘mop-up’ review since 2021.

The CMO said the initiative intensified this month and has been going well.

“This is extremely important for us. We are a small country. Through the immunisation programme that commenced in the seventies, we have been able to eliminate certain vaccine-preventable diseases,” Belmar-George noted.

However, she told reporters on Thursday that global travel and trade make Saint Lucia very susceptible to developing illnesses the country’s health sector has not had to manage for many years.

The hope is that Saint Lucia’s vaccination coverage would reach ninety-five percent to ensure children remain healthy, Belmar-George disclosed.

She explained that the current coverage was in ‘the early thirties’.


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  1. The devil always narrates in disguise. Who what to believe the cmo words and nasty message it sending then it is up to them but don’t piss on my back and say it’s raining you’ll equally get drowned in it

  2. Lol. Every country has noted uptick in excess mortality since these shots were rolled out. Sure the ain’t killing you directly but I’ve certainly seen a very high number of pro athletes keel over and die. This woman is a bloody clown.

  3. Apart from gunshot and accidents,I have never seen somany deaths under the meleé of 40 in the obituaries after that covid vaccine meleé….Belmar it seems you love riches and bowing to elites more than you love country…..why do y’all withhold those same data statistics and not release it to the public?….for instance when those very young persons die we the public are desperately interested in knowing whether or not they took dat vaccine…..for some reason y’all withhold dat.

  4. Had not been for the lawyer having money after taking the Covid vaccine she had to be hospitalized for a blood clot that almost killed her and she’s remained quiet because she is still traumatized

  5. 17 million c-19 mRNA vaxine related deaths worldwide up to end of 2022 and counting Not 1 in St. Lucia?

  6. It is nothing short of CRIMINAL that the powers that be, at end of 2023, continue to LIE about the damages and deaths (in the hundreds if not thousands) that is continuing to happen right here, directly due to the clotshot, the weaponized untested serum, that they were ordered to force our people to take. A national poisoning. And right now these same misguided, unelected appointees have started a fresh vaxx campaign on the CHILDREN of this country. Again, on orders from people and places they do not know. CRIMINAL!!!

  7. In spite of the overwhelming evidence of the damage the Covid “vaccines have caused to millions of people around the world, why is the CMO continuing to bury her head in the sand with regard to this crime against humanity? The chickens are quickly coming home to roost for her and her co-conspirators.

  8. One day ago, I was lucky to be online when this article was first released on St. Lucia Times. The comments by the CMO were so reprehensible to me that I responded immediately. After 4 attempts to comment, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is an active, deliberate campaign to silence me on this forum, in order to protect the establishment in St. Lucia from the truthful barbs that contradict their propaganda & outright lies.

    This commentary is an attempt to verify the gross censorship against my commentary.

    In reference to the article itself, I have provided a just-seen post, which bolsters the claims of the comments in my previous 4 attempts to expose the egregious statements of the CMO (a receipt of sorts):

    Excess deaths in 2023 (Dr. John Campbell on the Case)

    I challenge the censors at St. Lucia Times to release my original commentaries to this article, before they bury the article off the front page!


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