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Pierre Has High Expectations For 2024


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has high expectations for 2024 despite acknowledging that the country has some issues.

“We have issues, but we are very pleased with where we are going, and we are looking forward to a new year with very high expectations,” the Finance Minister told reporters.

He spoke on the margins of Monday’s regular Cabinet meeting.

“Obviously, we have some issues. We have issues of the cost of living. We are very concerned about the cost of living. We are very concerned about the crime situation,” Pierre said.

But he said the government was doing something about it, although many cost of living matters were beyond its control, including supply issues.

“I won’t tell you everything is perfect. Everything is not perfect, but the fact is the government has a clear path as to where we are going,” he observed.

“We said we wanted to stabilise the economy. You heard from the CariCRIS report – it’s not my report,” Pierre told reporters.

He said the economy was on a steady footing.

Pierre, a former Tourism Minister, recalled a promise to expand the tourism sector.

In this regard, he noted new investments and the construction of new hotels.

The Prime Minister disclosed that on Monday, the government had signed a deed of sale for land for a major hotel development.

“So we are very excited about what’s happening in the country,” he declared.

Pierre  also stated that his administration would remain focused.

He told reporters that the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has yet to understand that it lost the July 26, 2021 general election.

Pierre’s ruling Labour Party (SLP) won the election by a landslide.

His government currently enjoys a 15-2 majority in the House of Assembly.

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  1. YOu concerned about the cost of living and you implement another tax? Dude you so deluded and stupid it isn’t even a joke anymore. Thank you people from Marchand. This disasterclass is on you.

  2. “Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has high expectations for 2024 despite acknowledging that the country has some issues.”

    What are those Expectations – should we hold our breath ? Are they going to be related to the followings :

    1. Price of Gas
    2. Cost of living
    3. GPH deal
    4. Sale of land by Ministers
    5. Corrupted Ministers in Cabinet
    6.Incompetent Ministers
    7. Rise in Crimes with no end in sight
    8. A Change in the Minister of Security
    9. Grocery prices at Massy

    Just asking for a friend

  3. Mr prime minister, you are not God, everyone has a right a criticize you. You act like you’re perfect and doing a flawless job. The opposition is doing their job, just SLP did while in opposition. I believe that you still can’t believe you won the election, because everytime you speak, you bring up your victory. Time to move one and take care of the country and the people that elected you into power. Time to put up or shut up

  4. 🤔🤔… Pierre, you talk a good game but as you very well know, and as the vast majority of the populace doesn’t know, come next year it will be more of the same pain Saint Lucians are going to feel…cause Saint Lucia like every other country in the world are affected by global trends….but the difference is, while the US, Europe and developed countries can stomach the economical blows, developing nations that doesn’t produce much like Saint Lucia are left to the whims and fancy of the big eaters…Indo wish your words were true but anyone with smarts would notice your are filibustering for your political supporters…but time makes a fool of many a politician….next year surely will come…and we would like to hear your tune then…

  5. high expectations, you mean expecting to be kicked out with that nonsense you and your cabinet are doing. I bet you PJP you will be back into the opposition seat. I wish only wish NGP can win election. YOU’RE PURE NONSENSE!

  6. Pierre and his Cabinet expect things to look up in 2024.
    That is because the bar has been set so low by your mismanagement and your callous disrespect and disregard for the voters of St Lucia , that anything will be better.
    But yu fooling yourself because since your agenda is ‘protecting the victory’ and playing the blame game you will find other ways to dig a deeper hole to bury Lucians.
    The SLP’S agenda of friends and family is not the agenda of the betterment of our lives.
    Additionally you have no contingency planning so if a Black Swan event hits you have nada to fix any issues. Especially as you have wasted all the available resources in the Treasury.
    Everything for you has been ‘soon come ‘
    Nothing happened in 2021.
    Nothing happened in 2022.
    Nothing happened in 2023.
    And we remember nothing happened in 1997, 1998,1999 or 2011 to 2016.

    Yet you expect miracles from that conglomeration of misfits you have in the wardrobe!


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