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“It Was Like An Execution!” – Resident On Bocage Homicide


A Bocage resident has likened the fatal shooting of a young man in the community to an execution, which has shocked the people in the area.

The Bocage resident, whom we shall call Primus Dolor for easy reference, recalled that at about 10 p.m. Monday, people in the area heard a gunshot.

Dolor said he later learned that there was a body on a bed in a house.

Investigators have identified the deceased as eighteen-year-old Terry James.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know who do it. But we just know they have a youth dead,” the Dolor stated.

Dolor told reporters that the deceased was not from the community but would occasionally visit to ‘cool out,’ have a meal and relax before leaving.

“But this morning there, it was a bloodshed. It was like an execution style they give the guy. The person look like they walk up to the guy in his house and just pop him at the back of his head,” he observed.

“It’s a execution style. It was a guy with no mercy. So what can I say? We just have to be careful here in Saint Lucia because it look like everybody have gun,” Dolor declared.

He called for decisive action against gun violence.

“Every day is a bullet. Every day is a gun thing. I don’t know what’s going on my people,” Dolor lamented.

“I myself ain’t even eat breakfast yet. From the time I hear that my whole belly just turn. I cannot eat. I cannot drink. I lost,” he told reporters.



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  1. Don’t worry you wicked carriers of bad news. Lets have a news conference….12 hours without a homicide. Labour is achieving.


  3. Homicide upon Homicide no arrest only depending on Eye Witnesses. Which eye Witness that will come Foward with any information. This is another Dead Case .St.Lucia Unsolved Homicides is very very Unbelievable. The Minister Responsible for National Security whats Going on in Sf.Lucia after 48Hours case Closed

  4. Yes blame PJP for the saloptay some of you support. No wonder these murders never stop, you all have the perfect scapegoat whilst pretending you all don’t encourage and support criminality.

  5. I don’t know what’s up with some F…… people but they full of hatred In their heart. its always a slp or uwp thing. what going on in this country is bigger than slp and uwp why some of you cannot see that .having those political hatred in your heart put you in the same boat as the hardened criminals .

  6. Another youth down again it’s sad to see Terry loose his life like this .. you were a young man who everybody begged you to change your life now look at this …smh everybody was expecting this one day cahse yiu never wanted to change there really needs something to be put in place for the youths. PARENTS TEACH YOUR KIDS TO PRAY .. They are giving up and falling into crimes now look at what they are rewarded with smh

  7. To be absent from the flesh is to be present with the Lord. Terry is already in Paradise. In 2003 I was stabbed 8 times. I left my body, saw the tunnel with the bright light, the gateway to Heaven. I returned after 13 hours. Death is the metamorphosis ot the body into a spirit being, like a catapiller changing into a butterfly.

  8. Now pay careful attention before rushing with idiotic comments. He was not from the area but would come there to cool out. This young man was from the community of bexon. At an early age he started getting involved in robberies and other criminal activities. He was just released from prison about a month ago for possession of stolen items and several ski mask was also found in his possession. He was constantly on the run from area to area because he was evading law enforcement or people he thought were seeking retribution. I knew this young man for several years and he also attended school with my children. It’s sad but it’s a path that he chose, bad company and bad choices….

  9. Well peace and quiet for 25 days was not good enough for some of you fool’s oh nooooo. Before you give thanks and praise for that what did some you fool’s do ??? Cuss the PM, cuss at efforts of law enforcement……St Lucia is the only country on the planet of which it’s citizens (the dysfunctional ones they know themselves) bitch about having 25 days with a homicide. Haitians would kill for just 25 hours without a homicide, so would Jamaica and Trinidad or the US where they an homicide happens every 8 minutes. Well there you go as we were, next time you fool’s will think before you’ll open you’ll mouth and stop using crime as your political football

  10. I am neither UWP or SLP – but what I do know is that parents/care givers are responsible for rearing children. You can not blame government for people’s choices which have consequences. Some folk seem to think that the entire population’s well being is the responsibility of the government.

    Stop having children you can not afford with men who are illiterate who have decided to be going no where very fast and then blame the government when you have no ambition, no food, no money etc. etc. etc. – you made that choice and it comes with consequences.

  11. This young man was always giving trouble. So there’s nothing on our Education, Social Transformation ministry for dem yutes. He went to Bordelaise “Correctional’ facility and nothing there to accomplish correction. And the party hacks will tell me DOn’t blame govt. They will say Oh Parents. Buddy my son spent the entire time after school unattended today again because it takes me so long to get from Castries to G. Islet by the time i reach he gone to bed for school. Why govt hasn’t doen something about our transportation system. After it was slow the Idiot or Lazy King add 2 speed bumps by Harbor Club extending my travel time by 15 minutes on avergae. Ridicualous who was the govt pleasing with that foolishness? I wnt to be home to riase my son but this Inefficient Foolishness govt has that is called a Transportation System and who knows how many parents nissing out too. BLAME THE GOVT.

  12. Contradicting story…he was not from the area yet was stated that he got shot on “His” bed….did he bring a bed in the area?….could have said he got shot in the head whilst laying on “A” bed…..BTW the name Terry James must have brought back some memories to some old school cops as a menace with that exact name was shot and killed by police a very long time ago,I think it was late 80’s to early 90’s.

  13. While I agree with @anonymous on taking responsibility for one’s own life and one’s children, (and not having babies indiscriminately with anyone you have a ‘liaison’ with leading to a cycle of poverty), there needs to be things put in place by whichever Government is in power too. Structures which give hope for a future on island and to give young people a reason to stay, and not to get stuck into a cycle of disaffected behaviour. Job creation is not that difficult; match training and education to industries that are, or could be, developed here. Not only Tourism and hospitality. SL needs food security, start with that. This does not only mean labour intensive work. It also requires science and technology as well as planning, policy, legal and management roles as well. Stop building hotels as the only “solution” which has been demonstrated time and time again (with foreign ownership), as not having a trickle down impact on the economy. While there is some gain initially, much stronger laws regarding where those places are built, and how they feed into the economy long term need to be legislated. Just a couple of things that could be better served by Government policy and which would give young people something to aspire to. St Lucia could be one of the best island nations in the world, but yet here we are bickering over Red and Yellow, killing each other and disintegrating into the new Haiti… I weep for this place and all the lost lives of our young men, and all victims of violence. So many hard hearted people living among us…

  14. So Kenny declare Vieux Fort is a ‘Mecca of Peace ” then two people get gunned down in 48 hours.
    Phillip declare we have a peaceful period then the executions start again!
    These incompetent fools live in a self absorbed world that has nothing to do with the reality faced by Lucians.
    Two clowns with 50 + years as MPs but with the worst represented communities in St Lucia.
    Like good communists they recently declare that pierre got 100% votes at a conference. Only in North Korea, pol pots Cambodia or in Sadaam land does that happen.
    And to think we believed they racist rants to give them power in 2021 after all our horrible experiences with them.

  15. Some of you are speaking truth, some are just placing blame where it doesn’t fit. The murders of youth is NOT a government problem. It’s a parent and community problem. See Mr Williams comment. See Anonymous comment. They are right. Youth with no money and no ambition having children that they don’t take proper care of because they still youth themselves and just want to party. This is not a government choice, this is a personal choice and it comes with consequences for all of us.

  16. I don’t think we should call on the Minister for security nor the minister for home affairs, lets leave these incompetent departments stay in their section. We the citizens just needs to be vigilant, know where to go and observed your parameters, anytime you feel uncomfortable just leave go at your home. Leave the vagabonds to kill one another out, and it will come to an end the younger generation will develop as it goes along because the people who have to implement the system and to see everything works properly, they are failing us so lets not waste our time to being illnesses into ourselves while others are having a luxurious life.

  17. @Jackass Anon…..Oh the Alias but the penmanship remains the same (fool). So that have you eh ??? He got 100 percent weh, weh, weh, ……I happy it have you, I hope it choke you ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …..what were you expecting 50 percent.


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