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Chastanet Criticises Pierre, ‘Lazy King’ Over Poor State Of Roads


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has called out Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King, referring to the latter as ‘Lazy King,’ over the poor state of Saint Lucia’s roads.

Chastanet wrote on Facebook that Pierre’s Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) had opposed the $1.50 Excise tax on fuel.

The former Prime Minister explained that the excise tax was a dedicated form of revenue to help fix the roads.

“They continue to collect this money every single day, yet our roads are the worst that they have ever been,” Chastanet declared.

Chastanet’s United Workers Party (UWP) has planned an anti-government march for November 30.

It would be the party’s second such event within two months.

On October 14, the UWP held a march in Vieux Fort.

During the October protest, dubbed the beginning of a movement to remove the SLP administration, the UWP said it would march in Castries.

“Come out on Thursday to tell Philip J. Pierre and Lazy King that we have had enough of the deplorable road conditions. Save Our Saint Lucia!” Chastanet said regarding the November 30 protest march.

The ruling labour party also has plans for what Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre described as a ‘march of marches.’

“I am calling on the troops of the Saint Lucia Labour Party to take to the streets to support the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party,” Pierre told a ruling party event earlier this month.

The SLP leader disclosed that the ruling party march would occur before independence next year.


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  1. Two childish parties while ppl suffer on all angles in this island . Best you all call it the party hacks March. you will definitely see all the ones who sing for their supper lol carnival bands lol .

  2. Roads roads roads, every time pre election its roads roads irrespective of which party.
    My thoughts are one too much patching and two the quality of the materials used to build and repair the roads. It is my view that there is a need to improve the quality of the material used.
    Roads roads , water shut shortage electric cut outs flooding around the markets. Those problems seem endemic at least reoccurring and has been as long as I can remember.

  3. They said they could not eat roads when they were being fixed . I guess now they prefer to eat potholes smh

  4. Chastanet,the foolishness you’re doing there isn’t holding water. You want us to match against development and bring back your cronies to squander the treasury again. If you had self esteem you wouldn’t talk about poor road conditions.
    Where is the $1:50 you collected for almost 6 years for road repairs. To this date no one seems to find it nor the lock box you claimed to have. I’m only hoping you and your cronies get prosecuted for that and all the monies which were squandered.

  5. The state of these roads is beyond disgusting. But what do the decision makers care? They can buy pickups and SUVs and sail over those craters in the road while the rest of us peons suffer burst tyres and damaged suspension components. It’s a big racket for the government. Bad roads mean damaged suspension components. Damaged components means more parts imported. More parts imported means more duties and taxes for the government. It is in their best interest to keep these roads bad. You also are forced to drive at a snails pace. More fuel is used. More fuel means more taxes. I have an idea about what should be done to these politicians. But I can’t really say it.

  6. I am not affected by bad roads because my car was impounded by police and sold for $500. I cannot take my 9 year old daughter to school, from Summersdale to Dame Pearlette Primary School. Dr. Anthony had already made car license redundant, years ago. Remember?

  7. Well if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is! He makes it sound like he cared about the roads when he was in office. He only cared about fixing the roads when election time was coming and he wanted something to buy votes with. SMH

  8. Can’t wait to see how the hacks spin this. You can’t drive for 10 metres on any stretch of road here without finding some road failure. This is a embarrassing. Why the hell are we paying road tax?

  9. It is so blindingly obvious that Allen Chastanet remains bitter and unreconciled to his electoral defeat in 2021.

  10. Mr. Chastanet, I am too surprised at what you are saying I cannot even talk. During your reign in office which road did you repair? Just name it. Do you remember you remember you borrowed 863 million dollars, what did you do with it? How many passports did you sell during your reign? Oh by the way, what’s about the key for the lock box?

  11. Things are hard all over the world, even in the develop countries, for example Canada. United States, England and Western Europe, the people are crying out . It’s a global recession but the opposition is just playing politics especially Mr Chastanet . He is desperate for power to squander the tax payers money….

  12. It is universally accepted our roads are in the worst state they have ever been. Logic would dictate that they were better under chASS. They did put effort trying to patch roads and erect barriers throughout their tenure.


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