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U.S. Immigration Issues Warning Amid Repatriation Flights To The Caribbean, Other Regions


The United States will remove noncitizens who remain in the country without a lawful basis.

The warning has come from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Last week, ICE, the Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilitated removal flights to the Caribbean, Central America, and Africa.

The removals involved single adults and family units to Mexico, Cape Verde, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Liberia.

“During each of the past two weeks, we have conducted over thirty repatriation flights transporting thousands of individuals back to their country of origin and have repatriated over five thousand individuals directly to Mexico,” an ICE release disclosed.

The release observed that the United States ensures proper screening of all noncitizens without a legal basis to remain in the United States.

The screening determines valid protection claims and withholding of removal under United States laws and international obligations.

According to ICE, this applies to all noncitizens, regardless of nationality, to ensure the orderly and humane processing, transfer, and removal of single adults and family units.

ICE said noncitizens in removal proceedings present their claims for relief or protection from removal before immigration judges in the immigration courts.

In fiscal year 2022, ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations conducted 72,177 removals to more than 150 countries.

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  1. Those repatriates would understand the difference from heaven and hell, they should count themself so fortunate to experience such while alive. Why would anyone what to leave their home land and move to a country who reduces you to nothing in a twink, loosing your moral dignity and all in the process. US have the most homeless people per capitia on the planet, the largest prison population, the most juveniles execution so far, the largest propaganda media machines on the planet and so much more yet these people don’t 2nd guest their decision. I’ll advise those who are there, walk into the Imm. department and tell them i want to go back home, I hate this country this country is fake and fooling the world. This doesn’t represent me and I wanted to go back home. I bet if anyone reading this and says that it will shake up their brain cells.

  2. Anonymous, don’t get vex before you get high blood pressure. Knowing that Chas is your uncle, I know we all can go to America without visa. That is a promise by Chas.

  3. @Anonymous you are right but thousands are waiting on the boarder to enter the USA by any means plus the millions dreaming of a life in the USA. Inspite of all it’s social, cultural problems and economic disparities, USA is country rich in opportunities for personal advancement and where dreams come true.

  4. @ James Banks – you are correct. “USA is country rich in opportunities for personal advancement and where dreams come true.”

    I speak from my personal experience – I left St. Lucia at a young age. I had attended school and applied for a job with the government for which I needed to take a test. I did all that I needed to do and passed the test. During that time, I was not old enough to vote – but my grandma (may she RIP) was part of the Labor Party. Even though she was part of Labor party, she was also a very good friend of one of the former Prime Minister (Mr. John Compton-may he RIP).

    Long story short, I overheard the female supervisor at the government office say “we can not give her the job because her grandmother is a labor” — I left St. Lucia shortly thereafter and have resided in the US ever since for which I am so grateful for the opportunities which have been afforded to me in the US. I have obtained several credentials/degrees and I am currently employed in the healthcare industry.

  5. @jay… I get your point and we are all aware of the oppression one face because of their political alignment. But let it be known, a civilian in the USA can sue the government take them through out the full leg whether you loose or win. That’s done an dusted. You are not victimized in anyway that’s the system. Contrary to or so called democratic system you become a subject of surpression because of political affiliation, skin color, your communities and even down to your name. Before we take them to task similarly as I mentioned above, we reduce ourself to bickering, rum shop brawls, negativity, while the legal route is watching you in the face begging you to take it up. But we refuse to do such and we allow that to become our cultural disease. If we are to follow and support the same fashion as what the so called promise land is offering I bet you will only become an intransit passenger that’s all I have to say.
    @ anonymous.. I get your point it is a valid one but our people refuse to stand up and fight.

  6. The publishers & comments of this article have completely missed the point!

    US lawmakers (under the ontrol of their corporate masters – really their bribers) reserve the right to flood the US with ‘illegal’ immigrants while kicking out many others. It’s nothing personal, just business!

    If you do not fit the profile they want, you will be kicked out!

    If you fit the profile they want, you will be welcomed with open arms, and get US$800 monthly, together with free housing & medical care.

    House n!gg@$ need not come (per Kamala Harris); only field slaves will be let in!


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