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Overseas-Based Saint Lucian Ambushed, Robbed By Gunmen


Masked gunmen ambushed an overseas-based Saint Lucian on his way to the airport after vacationing on the Island, relieving him of cash and valuables.

The victim lives in the United States.

The robbery occurred Sunday before noon on the Derniere Riviere road, Dennery.

According to reports, the man, whom we will call John Doe for easy reference, was driving a vehicle belonging to another individual.

Doe, with his traveling bags in the vehicle, was on his way to pick up the vehicle owner, who would have driven him to the airport.

However, someone familiar with the incident told St. Lucia Times that while driving, Doe noticed a fast-moving vehicle behind him blaring its horns.

He assumed there was an emergency and pulled aside to let the vehicle pass.

But when the vehicle passed, it reversed into his, and three masked gunmen emerged demanding ‘the money’.

They were aware that he had cash on him.

The gunmen forced him to lie down on the road and made off with his cash, valuables, and his traveling bags, which were inside the Honda SUV.

A photo of the stolen Honda has appeared on social media, requesting anyone with information to call the nearest police station.

Police are reported to have recovered some of the victim’s traveling bags which the bandits discarded.

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  1. Easily decoded, setup, or his followers send their friends who is aware of his possessions. Why Lucian’s who leave here for decade plus believe there country remain the same. Perhaps they living in denial or just down right delusional. In Lucia 70% of it’s population is driven into poverty, it reaches inside our school classroom. What’s the outcome from a population being driven into poverty? Tek Tek.. gime gimme.. pass it boy.


  3. Since 1997, our country has faced serious challenges under the SLP leadership. In 1996, the homicide rate was just around 8 per year, but by 2002, it had surged to 40 per year, a staggering 400% increase. The Debt to GDP Ratio also skyrocketed during this time, with little benefit to the country. The SLP government has been in power for 4 out of the last 6 terms and shares responsibility for these issues due to their failed policies. You can verify these facts with a quick online search for “macrotrends Saint Lucia murder rate chart.” It’s time to get informed and take action. Let’s rally and urge our government representatives to do better, embracing proven strategies that can steer us toward a brighter future.

  4. While digital transactions are not theft proof, it can bs way better than using cash. The best option is using a credit card. Also, some people are related to you by blood, but that does not mean they are family. Some of them will set you up. Never flash cash, not even in the presence of family members

  5. Either this man was being watched from the time he left where he was staying or unfortunately, he was set up.

  6. If those in power don’t put a stop to these levels of crimes it is only a matter of time before their heads are one the chopping block. We’re already at the Haiti-lite stage.

  7. Life is hard even if you have a job the wages are so low that you still have to steal to make ends meet or you will starve to death its about time they enact a livable wage

  8. Life is hard every where in the world – but that does not give anyone the right to rob another individual/establishment. I have done research on places in the world where folk live in extreme poverty and yet they do not resort to stealing/robbing/violence – they make do with what they have. Let’s be honest the folk in St. Lucia what to reap where they did not sow and they are very envious. They are not wise enough to realize that they will suffer the consequences of their OWN actions.

    This is clearly a set up perhaps by family/friends and a very sad situation for the diaspora. Folk with all due respect if you have lived overseas – do yourself a favor and vacation elsewhere – the life you save may be your own. I remember reading some time ago where the elders who built a home in St. Lucia – traveled for medical appointments – their home was robbed and their car was stolen-another set up.

    It saddens because I know that there are folk who are in position to help the citizens of St. Lucia – but guess what they will not return because of the envious good for nothing malveetayes. The fact is NO GOOD WILL COME TO THOSE WHO DO WRONG AND THEY WILL REAP WHAT THEY HAVE SOWED AND THEN SOME – AND THOSE WHO PARTAKE OF THE ILL GOTTEN GAINS WILL ALSO SUFFER TREMENDOUSLY – SOME OF THOSE WHO HAVE DONE WRONG ARE ALREADY HOMELESS, SUFFERING AND LIVING ON THE STREETS BECAUSE OF THEIR EVIL DEEDS —- par dee poor jab.

    “Man to man is so unjust you don’t know who to trust, your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend and or family your worst enemy – this is VERY SAD for St. Lucia”

  9. Oh Really, stop politicizing crime you FOOOOL. Choops. What are you doing about the situation. Jay, you are spot on. I agree with you 100%.

    Let me add that in some of the comments, it appears that the victim is at fault or somehow responsible for his demise. I disagree with this position totally. So what if persons in the community knew that he was returning to the States on that day – what’s the big deal? The assumption is that once you live overseas, you have money – so the theory that the man may have been flashing cash around, does not hold any weight.

    But People, let us look at the bigger picture. You mean that we have gotten to the stage where in broad daylight, noon, masked men are hijacking people. To get 3 guys to agree to this is a qweve cheer in itself. Can you imagine the horror and trauma the visitor faced lying on the road, not knowing if they would shoot him? Lucians let us have a heart and return to God. We have gotten callous and cold. None of us are immuned to being victims of crime, so let us not pass judgement whenever something happens.

    Can you imagine if those guys, for example, noticed a beautiful woman whom they had been admiring driving by in her vehicle, hijacking her and God alone knows what else they would do.

    To say that Things are Hard, that’s why people have to steal is off base and ridiculous. Wages are low in St Lucia it is true, but there is a lot of work available but many young people are lazy and have too much false pride to start from the bottom, until they reach the top. They also want to get rich quick, so they prefer to steal and rob than to climb the ranks. On top of that, they have expensive taste – they want to buy what they see hard-working people have, so they have to engage in illegal, illicit activiities to pay for it.

  10. @Joe Blow well said – I agree with all that you have stated – why: because you have spoken the truth. Amen

  11. As part of planning all of this, cell phones were used, cell phone calls were made leading to the heist….whatsapp messages were sent as well. The point I am trying to make is that digicel and flow could help solve crime EASILY. Instead they rather miilk money from our people. The system!

  12. Does anyone sense that the criminals in our society feel more empowered whenever the SLP is in power ?

  13. Here in St.Lucia is not safe anymore. The days of the 80s and 90s where you would call from overseas and say you coming down, cant do that no more. Its much t dangerous. Ive known people coming to vacation here and they dont even want to stay at family and dont say when they coming down or when they leaving. They rather book a guest house or Apartment and then after visit family. They like their privacy. This guy sure had people watching him, Im not surprised if a woman is involved in the plot as well. The world has become a dangerous place and St.Lucia is getting more dangerous as well the crime rate going up every year. Thanks God he was not injured but all these Documents can take a time to replace. Next time you hear a speeding vehicle just keep driving till you get to Police station or you see people around

  14. In opposition, he-liar said it’s because the boys on the block are bored because of COVID laws and they cannot have Sunday lunch with their parents. No COVID now, what’s the excuse?

  15. These hyenas, they are so hungry in St.Lucia. They will rob from their mother. Wild animals that need to be kept in cages.

    Last time I was at a baby shower. After the baby shower the host mother giving out little key rings (thanks for coming ). To see the hyenas fight for key rings like is food. Have their hand all in the lady bag. Smfh wow

  16. According to what st.lucia has become he should be counting his blessing …material things comes and go but life is di greatest ting!

  17. Doc Dell and the rest of you fear mongering fool’s not to mention that Classic O Really……’s unfortunate this incident took place but St Lucia is more safe NOT SAFER than many other destinations. This individual must have been Mr. “I just come down” so I want to “floss” in fine style……. nothing is wrong with that what’s your is yours, the problem with some St Lucians they have too much zafe’ and when they come here on holidays they want to buy out the bars and show everyone look at me now, especially those who left and never had a damn thing to their name. You have to be careful no matter where you go in this world there is no Mayberry in st Lucia anymore the world is a different place. Use you common sense and move in ways that pull less attention to yourself. It’s not wise to pull out a bunch of Euros or in God we trust for anything. Walk with small bills leave the iPhone packed away break out the android, if you moving around no jewelry just a modest watch. Shut your mouth about your business, rent a vehicle from a company not individuals and you will be ok. Keep in mind its more unlikely than likely the individuals you grew up with and went to school with are the ones that will most llikely to rob you, but the younger offsprings who don’t know and care less who you are and see everything thru tick tock and Instagram are the ones you have to pay attention to.

  18. Oh Really, which school did you attend? I have been following you closely and it appears you are such a qualified fool. I feel so sorry for you.

  19. @Honorable Lucian, how much money does your employer pay you per word? I hope they do not pay you from state funds to come on here to kiss their a$$es.

    @Troy, how long did it take you to come up with that string of sentences?

  20. Re Article/Comments.Folks, we are in serious days which derived from poverty and our current Poverty wages system of less than $8 per hour to current workers and their Families and cost of living is up .. It’s near impossible for us to live without these specific Criminals..
    We must abolish the slave wages system NOW..
    Enact a fair living wage system of 10+ per hour based on hours worked and move on.
    It’s a win win situation for our current problems..
    I endorse my thoughts and observations always.

  21. With all these crime and hijacking in St.Lucia all the bad guys have guns…when will the Government start issuing permits to the good citizens in St.Lucia to carry a firearms to protect their homes and families???

  22. When will the Government start issuing permits to the good citizens of St.lucia to protect their home and families…all the bad guys have guns why don’t the Good citizens have one to? Hijacking…Robbery, killing of innocent people. Ets’s time to think about the good citizens that’s working hard for their belongings.

  23. Don’t get me wrong – the folk in St. Lucia recognize anyone who is visiting the island. If you have left for a long time or even a short time – you do not have to open your mouth the Lucians already know and that in itself makes you a target.

    Many years ago I traveled to St. Lucia and I was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and a $2 pair of flipflops (I am a very simple person) – immediately the price for the tomatoes at the market went up because the vendor recognized I did not live in St. Lucia. I told the vendor straight up you raise your price just for me – you can keep your tomatoes. and I left immediately.

    When I went to reduit there was a lady selling plums – right away the price went up and then she had the nerve to say – that I should buy them so she could get out of the sun (teeway mwee en soillaire laaa) – I told the chic I did not put you in the sun – keep your plums. I have not been back since that time – some of you guys are too much. I will visit places where prices are listed on the items and no one cares where you come from when you visit – everyone is treated in like manner.

    I know you have to be careful no matter where you live – but I don’t think it makes any sense to pay a flight (which is extremely expensive) and travel to St. Lucia to be assaulted and robbed of your possessions by the good for nothing malvetayees – this is certainly not a vacation but a GREAT RISK that no one needs really. Thank God the gentleman was not killed – hopefully he has learned his lesson well.

  24. A thief and a criminal is just that – the St. Lucia government can enact a $100 an hour it does not matter to a criminal mindset. You can dress a pig in a tuxedo, it will still find the mud and that’s reality.

  25. @Joe Blow – very well said. And the part about seeing a woman and ambush her is real. I’ve had that experience where a vehicle with a few guys catcalled at me on a road where we had to drive slow. I immediately rolled up my window. Do you know a few minutes later I realized a vehicle on my tail. It was the same vehicle. I pulled over and allowed it to pass. Did you know they pulled up just ahead of me too? I was scared that point so I made a U turn and went to park in a near by gas station until my husband came to me. You have to be so vigilant in this world!


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