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Saint Lucia Completes Agreement To Build Caribbean Jewel Seven Wonders


Mount Pimard in Gros-Islet is earmarked for a bold and transformational development project. Saint Lucia will be home to the new and exciting Caribbean Jewel Seven Wonders.

The proposed development project comprises seven (7) zones cascading around Gros-Islet’s Mount Pimard.

Each zone at the Caribbean Jewel Seven Wonders offers a unique array of high-end amenities and services that include a 480-room luxury resort, over-the-sea bungalows, villas, specialized clinical services, a wedding chapel and what will be the region’s first wellness retreat centre by the award-winning international wellness brand, TheLifeCo.

On November 27, 2023, the Government of Saint Lucia and Invest Saint Lucia (ISL) finalized the terms of a development agreement with Atlas Group Company to construct the Caribbean Jewel Seven Wonders.

The first component of the project is earmarked for opening in 2025.

Atlas Group Company is an international construction group and leading builder in diverse market segments.

The company has a history in the hospitality sector in the USA and specializes in master development, satellite city development, and infrastructure projects such as roads, sewage, and treatment plants.

The Government of Saint Lucia, through its chief investment agency, ISL, continues to attract foreign direct investment to the island to create new and sustainable jobs for our people and to open avenues for local service providers to establish viable economic linkages that will nourish the local economy for resilient growth and expansion.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. This will totally put an end to one of the last “local” beaches in St. Lucia! Also probably put beach businesses out of business. St. Lucia does NOT need any more hotels, especially high rise buildings! This will destroy the natural beauty of this beach. We’ll done, you greedy idiots!


  3. Laba boys coming down, UWP suck salt. An old political slogan of the seventies with a slight twist. Back then, it was PPP changed to UWP.

  4. Yes. Land prices in the Caribbean is outrageous. Build more hotels instead of finding ways to develop your population and call it development. This place is just being used. With the actual population becoming poorer and more destitute year in year out. When will government have development for the people beyond waiters earning less than minimum wage and can’t look after their family, feed themselves or afford anything.

  5. @Pinky……Pinky you fool of course these high-end resorts are not made for Lucians to enjoy……..they are built for visitors who has the Yankee Dollar, British Pound and the Euro. This is our main source of EXCHANGE FOREIGN CURRENCY so the government can provide you with everything Yankee and Cockney without leaving St Lucia. Some yu’ll don’t know the proper etiquette when you’ll buy that day pass to go into people’s place. Yu’ll want to bring along storage containers and glad bags as if to say it’s the first time in yu’ll lives yu’ll eating hot dogs and hamburgers. I am of a he belief the government should own a resort themselves and directly get a maximum profit, but of course such endeavors would create nepotism and cronyism so that idea is far fetched.

  6. Typical.
    Things are happening in St Lucia with government assets and we the people are not party to the details.
    I thought St Lucia had purchased Mount Pimard for around Us$50 million. Did this Atlas group buy the property from St Lucia? Where is the money?
    Is St Lucia a partner in the project with the land as their input? If so then what is the deal?
    It the land being leased from St Lucia?
    Or is this just another backroom Labour Party deal that we will never really know what is happening just like the land at Banannes.
    UWP need to ask questions even though we know there will be no answers!

  7. I guess for you SLP, The National Trust and VFCCCC, Vieux Fort did not deserve The Pearl of the Caribbean. TAKE THAT VIEUX FORT.

  8. @Seasay Sell ……that right no selling out prime birthright beachfront for USD$ 1:00 per acre for 99yrs. Yes they will have to pay VAT, Yes St Lucians will be guaranteed jobs, Yes the stakeholders and their families WILL NOT be exempt from VAT. Yes the wet lands will be protected

  9. This is not sustainable development for the people of St Lucia. Politicians of all parties do not have an overall economic plan for this country – just hit and miss/grab what you can mentality. It will not serve the people well, and when tourists, many of whom do not want this type of “luxury” tire of it, just a big white elephant sitting on what were natural and beautiful beaches… Then they’ll move on and wreck the next Caribbean island…. Well done Government of St Lucia. Ha!

  10. There’s ABSOLUTRLY NO NEED FOR ANY MORE HOTELS/RESORTS in St Lucia. You alls greed is Killing the Island’s Natural Beauty . The hills and the trees is what mae St Lucia the Helen of the West . Your so called political RED and YELLOW are slowly killing the Island’s natural Beauty.

  11. That’s right! The investors had to come with their own funding in order to “play”. Chas, you see how it is done? Ok, I take that back. You will never see because your head is too far up your #$$!


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