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Pierre Calls Out The UWP After It Claims Victory At The CCJ


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has called out the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) after it declared a Guy Joseph victory at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), recalling the party’s objection to Saint Lucia’s accession to the Court.

Earlier this this year, the UWP protested the move on the sidelines of a Zonal Conference as it demanded a referendum on the CCJ move.

The party also demonstrated outside parliament against plans by the government to amend the constitution for Saint Lucia to make the CCJ its final appellate court.

Nevertheless, last week, the opposition group declared that former Economic Development Minister Guy Joseph won another court victory when the CCJ dismissed the appeal brought by MBC Television regarding a defamation suit Joseph had filed.

The UWP noted that the former Minister had filed the suit for damages for alleged defamatory statements about him during a news broadcast by Miguel Fevrier before the last general elections.

However, the opposition group disclosed that MBC tried to use a technicality to throw out the matter.

But the Court of Appeal ruled in Joseph’s favour, as did the CCJ when MBC applied for special leave to appeal the Court’s decision.

Joseph was awarded legal costs, and the case was remitted to the trial court for further hearing.

“You realise that the first person who went to the Caribbean Court of Justice was the United Workers Party,” Prime Minister Pierre told reporters on Friday.

He noted that the UWP had demonstrated against the CCJ.

“I was this great dictator who wanted to change the constitution,” Pierre observed.

Nevertheless, he asserted that the UWP was the first to benefit from the CCJ.

“I don’t know if Saint Lucians remember the demonstrations and the noise and the calumny against me because I was following the constitution,” Pierre declared.

He observed that had the Guy Joseph case gone to the Privy Council, next year at this time it would not have been heard and it would have cost thousands of dollars.

“Ask him how much he paid to go to the Caribbean Court of Justice. It just shows when people want to be mischevious and want to just talk for talking sake and want to create disharmony and misinformation. Truth, as I always tell you, truth is what will see me through,” the PM told reporters.

Saint Lucia became the fifth Caribbean Community (CARICOM) state to become a full member of the CCJ.

The CCJ was established in 2001 to replace the London-based Privy Council as the Caribbean’s final Court.

It is also an international tribunal interpreting the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.

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  1. I hate the way these politicians treat people like idiots. The issue was that the population was being denied a democratic right to decide as a majority. You took it upon yourself to take away that right so that only 16 out of 180,000 people decided. The changing of the constitution to stop a democratic referendum is despicable and authoritarian. We would like to believe that we don’t live in a dictatorship.

  2. But the PM is just taking for taking sake. Guy had no other choice because the ccj is the final Court of St Lucia, Mr PM after the oecs court of appeal where else could he have gone.
    The call was not about the ccj but the process by which it became St Lucia final Court.
    These petty politics should stop, there are much more important issues in the country to focus on.
    If that’s how uwp wants to play their politics and you as PM is joining them then it goes to show you are know better than them.

    Please St Lucia need real leaders and not petty political clowns

  3. Pierre is very petty and childish. Persons do not go to the CCJ by choice because Trinidad which is the headquarters of the CCJ is not a member, only 5 members of Caricom are members of the CCJ and that in itself speaks volumes of the trust that the Caricom countries invest in the CCJ.Since the present government has made the final appellant court by law we have no other option. All St Lucian citizens no other choice but the CCJ

  4. Wait PJP COMMENTED ON THIS. Is like this guy is SUPER SCARED of the opposition. , especially Chas and Guy. PJP is so childish. Is it wrong to hv a contrary opinion to something? So because it was opposed they shouldn’t accept it as the Highest Court. Mature ppl accept and move on. So if u object to a referee call u mean after the game u can’t shake their hands and be mature and accept their decision. OMG THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR YOUNG GENERATION

  5. What really is the point being made. The opposition was not so much against the move to the CCJ but was calling for a referendum on the matter. I personally was always of the view it was the best move for us as a people. If that’s the court we have then where would the PM have wanted the matter to be litigated.

  6. My PM really like a roro. PM, the flambeaus will ask you who getting free rum at Cabot now? Anyway I guess it’s slow news today.


  8. PJP the point is we have a economic meltdown and that’s what you want to speak on what’s about the high food prices the high gas prices high energy bills high water bills high internet bills the bad roads no medicine at the hospitals what’s about st.judes

  9. @Crow Well Said…..they hate how hard they try this lickle Black BWAy is PREVAILING iT KILLING THEM. You know what’s worst they act like he is lying that’s what have me. The amount of noise these people make demonstrate and carry on in front of Parliament how the PM wants to be a dictator…….you see what happened in St Vincent Chastanet more quiet than a church mouse not a word not a word. Pierre what a way to end out the year, it’s been challenging but you held it lots of first for a PM you are on your way to been a good states man.

  10. When will PJP and his SLP realise that they are no longer in opposition? The UWP’s “job” is to oppose … the reigning admin’s “job” is to rule to its best ability and to serve the people (voters) who put them there. Just leave the UWP to do their job, and you to rule – simple!!

  11. Every time Pierre opens his mouth he makes us wonder if he is really literate. Guy can boast of his victory at the CCJ because 2 lower courts had already awarded him the case he brought against MBC and Feviere. MBC was the one who appealed the judgement of the other 2 courts with the CCJ. This matter the CCJ passed judgment on was not initiated by Guy but by MBC. Pierre making it look like Guy was the one who appealed the judgment that was twice in his favor. Mr Pierre please stop your petty politicking and govern the country we gave you the mandate to do.

  12. Mr. Pierre, don’t worry about these comments, Anonymous knows for sure you are more intelligent and brighter than his uncle Chas, that is why he / she is jealous of you.

  13. I tell They do not understand what is happening on the ground. Their eyes, nose and ears are way up over there, only their mouths are at ground level. I can only talk because I cant see, smell or hear. Tanto tanto!

  14. The CCJ I far superior to the colonialist privy Council. Pierre made the right choice once again. This government continues to make good decisions and I doing alot of the little thing right. Now the road and hospital is another story

  15. The government is doing well, but we are waiting patiently for a minimum wage for private sector workers in the country educated or not educated we are waiting patiently for the enactment of a livable wage

  16. My free speech.Hilaire push for CCJ and Pierre and all of them sit back like the morons they are and allowed it to happen. The man want rovergate and all the illegal actions he committed in that position and all other post to go away. I have got news. It aint going nowhere. No other minister had such a vested interest in CCJ. People did not get a choice. And that CCJ must be put to a referendum no matter what stupid rules the despots in the SLP put in place to prevent that. No referendum on any matter itself is an illegal act. And that rule must be challenged in court and struck off!

  17. PJP he had no choice as to whether he went to CCJ or privy council. Stop being petty and do your job.

  18. @LucianLowgrade Right now you are not only being the village idiot but also the Grinch.
    Its Christmas Bro. Lighten up.
    Why you always sour?
    And fix your grammar
    Ex. “PM you are on your way to been a good states man”
    Its “PM you are on your way to becoming a good statesman”
    Must have had some low grades in school LOL And high grade are two words.

  19. Mate is a real “ja”””t”. Never see a man, let alone a Prime Minister that like rowrow like PJP.

  20. So now a personal matter between Guy Joseph and MBC that was actually appealed by MBC having lost previously is a UWP victory. Never knew that Guy Joseph equated to UWP. Mwe meme!

  21. CCJ inserted up our rectums to appease one senior politician who ‘knows’ everything about and wanted to oppose the worst and most dangerous person to ever enter St.Lucian elective politics.


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