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Saint Lucia Wins “Best Caribbean Island” In the 2023 Readers Choice Awards


In a resounding victory, Saint Lucia proudly announces its recognition as the “Best Caribbean Island” in the prestigious 2023 Readers Choice Awards.

This esteemed accolade, a testament to the island’s unparalleled beauty and hospitality, marks a significant milestone for Saint Lucia’s tourism industry.

The Readers Choice Awards, known for their rigorous evaluation and reliance on the feedback of discerning travelers, have affirmed Saint Lucia’s standing as a top destination in the Caribbean. T

his recognition is a result of the collective efforts of the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, industry partners, and the unwavering support of trade partners who played a pivotal role in securing this honor.

Saint Lucia expresses its deepest gratitude to the trade partners who cast their votes in favor of the island, contributing to this remarkable achievement.

Their trust and endorsement underscore the strong partnerships that drive the success of Saint Lucia’s tourism sector.

Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister of Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture & Information, expresses his appreciation, saying, “This accolade is a testament to the dedication of our tourism stakeholders and the warm hospitality that defines Saint Lucia. We extend our heartfelt thanks to our valued trade partners for their pivotal role in securing this recognition. It inspires us to continue our commitment to excellence, sustainable tourism practices, and the continuous development of our destination.”

As Saint Lucia basks in the glow of this achievement, the island remains steadfast in its dedication to providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.

The recognition as the Best Caribbean Island further motivates Saint Lucia to enhance its offerings, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for every traveler.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Tourism Authority

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  1. Instead of literary accolades, I would prefer to see MONETARY rewards for my country. We have a PM who does seem to be an accountant, nor an economist, and a tourism minister who seems to be more of a boaster than anything else.

    SLU is in dire need of sustainable industries (agriculture) more than SELLING off SLU to “neo-colonialists” in the guise of “investors”. So sad!

  2. No doubt st.lucia is beautiful but gad damm tings aren’t beautiful out here especially for the common man…Mr.PM we need a balance…stop the fronting!

  3. St Lucia belongs to foreigners. The people have nothing. Government after Government have only kept the people uneducated and poor whilst they secretly sell the country under its people. All the prime lands are being sold off and gated to keep the people out. Morne pimand you are next

  4. Hahaha I must lafff. Getting recognition and we show case thin crust roads.. by what criteria these people uses to give rewards. I know some does pay for Trip Advisor ratings.. where these tourist does pass to get to their hotels. Are they involved in the spectrum of evaluation or it’s base on the sales of tickets. Hahahah.

  5. How many ‘best island awards are there? Nearly every island in the Caribbean wins ‘the best’ award from a publication every year. There are so many magazines and publications giving out these awards its confusing if not trivial. Jamaica, Antigua, DR and several other islands often boast of winning ‘the’ best island award. Somebody should list all the best island awards there are.

  6. While I am.proud that St. Lucia has earned this esteemed title, I am heartbroken and disappointed with certain observations. Just last year, I took some birthday pictures along the road to Mt Pimard and it is now sold. Just this year, I visited the barracks at Vigie and this too is now being fenced. Presumably it has been sold too. Will I be able to walk through the tunnel to reach the beach on the other side? As a St Lucian, I watch as we win awards but, I am alienated from historical, therapeutic and picturesque spots in my own country. Can we please stop selling the island out? Locals also need to a sense of ownership and fun here. This is ridiculous.

  7. Congratulations to us but it can be even better if the roads are fixed damn.
    For those who asked on what criteria we eon. Again🙄🙄 We won on Beauty, what the tourists see beyond the terrible roads, beyond the corruptions happening.
    758 is Truly a gem out of the rest.


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