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Residents Erect Caution Sign On ‘Worst Maintained’ Guyabois Road


Frustrated residents have erected a sign on the Guyabois Road in Saltibus, urging caution and declaring it the worst maintained stretch in Saint Lucia.

The sign advises removing dentures, adjusting bra straps, and securing ‘your nuts.’

“Welcome to the worst maintained road in St. Lucia courtesy of St Lucia government,” it declared.

“Fight for our right to have a road, not a riverbed. Together we can make a difference.”

The sign appeared on Monday, days after the Ministry of Infrastructure announced plans to address the residents’ concerns.

However, some residents believe it is another empty promise.

They said a year ago, Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King visited the area, stating several times that they would get ‘a surprise in January’.

“Then nothing and still nothing. The road has deteriorated so much it is now a danger to all who try to use it on foot or vehicle,” one resident said.

According to the resident, the ‘plot thickened’ on Thursday with vegetation removal and attempts to fill potholes.

“It won’t last long,” the resident lamented.

Another resident, who is an artist, disclosed last week that she had to shelve plans to build an art studio because the road had become impassable.

The residents lamented that emergency vehicles cannot access their homes, farmers cannot tend to their crops, and the community’s garbage collection has been affected.

Infrastructure Ministry spokesman Miguel Fevrier recalled that some months ago, Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King and a team visited various roads, including the Guyabois Road.

Fevrier explained that King was exploring various options to fix the road, including using base material.

However, the Infrastructure Ministry spokesman said they realised that without sealing it, the material would have washed away.

Another ‘costly’ option involved fixing the entire road in phases due to its length, but the Minister did not intend to do so immediately.

Nevertheless, the need for emergency intervention elsewhere interfered with that plan.

The Infrastructure Ministry spokesman recalled that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre indicated that next year would be the year for infrastructure.

In this regard, Fevrier explained that Minister King indicated that in the new year, the Infrastructure Ministry would look to press ahead with plans for the Guyabois road and other roadways once funding is available.

“If (Big if) the government are not going to do anything about the Guyabois Road until next year, why can’t they at least make it safe for residents and farmers? It wouldn’t cost that much to get a backhoe for the road,” one resident responded.

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  1. I support the move embarrassed who needs to regardless of political affiliation because whichever one rules you still have to face lucelec, wasco, supermarket and others they do not come to your plight or rescue when needed be. They take your trust (votes) and abuse it for their own gain. This should be a start and use the social media to galvanized your call for help/assistant. When it comes to election time look at the series of thin crust roads that will be done to fool you again. The sign should includes automatic abortion as well.

  2. The bigger problem with this road issue is, elections are not next year. So it is easy to say wait until next year. Some politicians say anything to shutup the voters.

  3. Choops…tan! Is there anybody listening, is there anyone who cares?

    Bet it would have been done and will be done without hesitation in any election year!

    O well, we will learn, we need road to eat.

  4. hey pjp and king fix the road for the people. its obvious the opposition will cease the opportunity to make milage with that unfortunate situation. can you imagine walking or driving on such deplorable roads. the entire country roads are really bad .our suspension on our vehicle getting damage and the price of parts are high.

  5. I must state that this does not look good for St. Lucia because no one deserves roads in such deplorable conditions – this is beyond belief. Wow

  6. Well done people. I wanted to visit there a few weeks ago. Had a pickup truck. A resident near the entrance told me that pickup makes no sense. Don’t go. Those politicians need to be held to account one way or other.

  7. Who is the district rep for this place, isn’t it Bradley? Why did he fix it with the 863 million dollars Chas had borrow during his reign?
    Does it mean that the people were of no interest to him? I am still wondering what Chas did with this 863 million dollars borrowed. Anonymous can you tell me.

  8. the whole choiseul route to gayabois and surrounding areas is blocked and overgrown. It is very easy to get to choiseul without much problems from that community and other surrounding areas but Labour has not looked at those roads. The pon George area is completely blocked. The government both SLp and UWP have totally ignored choiseul, soufriere and vieux fort in development plans. How the fork can u develop a country when u push everything in the north! The area is not even nice. But ministers have land and friends in the area so they move big projects better suited to the south to gros islet. Tell me what part of gros islet need big hotel? Why are u people so myopic and incapable to totally ignore and place in poverty one side of the forking island? As for Kenny the useless rep who did nothing for vieux fort don’t get me started. Another John Compton who did not do anything for micoud! Before I get more.pissed off. Let me stop there. Stupid people! Announcing big project for gros islet including medical facility when your main airport is in the south. And refusing to finish the hospital. U vieux fort people should stop voting for either the SLP or UWP. Same thing with choiseul and soufriere.

  9. Hmmm Jacakasses. Pure jokes from last week Who is your Rep fools ??? He does not live up there no more does he ??? But you voted for him right ??? Now take a look at this obscene sign they put up. Really?? Watch your nuts ? Bra stay

  10. Bra straps, Remove your dentures?? Is it any wonder your Rep take you clowns for fools. Tibetans…….I read recently in Jamaica some folks were protesting bad roads, they actually took to the streets and march to their elected officials home and demand he
    Fix the roads. There you go draw strength from that as draconian as it may be it worked.

  11. O.K. UWP is no longer in power, its SLP that’s in charge; IT IS ALWAYS THE THE BUNCH WHO IS IN OFFICE AT THE TIME: irrespective of the “Party” the Minister at the time must take the blame – King must go – PjP if your Party is to win again you must do one thing to show that you deserve to win again; grow some Balls, fire King and make some Senator to act in his place till next elections; failure to do so (a) you lose that Constituency (b) you lose the peoples’ confidence in you, irrespective of any of the victories you’ve had (c) a Road Engineer should accompany any Minister for his assessment – failure, you’re doomed.

  12. Well it is reassuring to know that the normal people of St Lucia are on the residents side. We have had No Comments as yet from the Government or any of their departments. Thank to all the contributors

  13. We don’t eat roads. Period. Norbert; please ask the minister to fix the St Marie road. These people voted for you in mass. Don’t do them what Rigo did.

  14. Well well well Lucian lowgrade wasn’t your PM that went to Venezuela to beg for asphalt to fix the roads…wasn’t the PM that said people don’t eat roads….Slp hacks Bradly government is not in power the little money slp government with the 15 -2 majority is giving him won’t be enough to pave half a mile that’s the reason pjp went to Venezuela to beg for asphalt because maintaining or building roads is very very expensive that’s why Allen mighty chas put in place the $1.50 for road maintenance sadly pjp is still collecting that money vote uwp for true change

  15. Anonymous and Highgrade, don’t get me wrong but before you start asking who is the rep. I think you should take the scarlet fever glasses out and realize who has held the infrastructure portfolio for the past 12 years. Yes my people, Mr Philip J Pierre and Mr Stephenson King. This road condition did not just arrive so yesterday. This road was last given some attention by Mr Bouquet just before the 2011 election. Like a previous person commented, some substance material was used to fool the people. However they were not because Gia Bois people have voted SLP in mammoth numbers from the time Kenny Anthony became its leader. For those who are unaware that was since 1997 and the Gia Bois road was already in bad shape then.

  16. @Highgrade
    Your the idiot, If you live on this road you wouldn’t be saying these things. AND I think the sign was funny but too the point. The residents and farmers etc have done their best over the years to try and maintain the road at their own cost but because neither governments care they are now at a breaking point.
    You Sir need to stop slagging off your own people and start thinking WHAT IF IT WAS YOU?

  17. 🤣🤣 Given all these innuendos posted by the residents of Guyabois (actually, I won’t be surprised if it’s UWP who posted this sign) but given all these innuendos , here I stand erected wondering what the present government is up to, given that the residents of Guyabois have been suffering from bad road infrastructure for years ….but then again, I am deflated after observing such lack of enthusiasm by the current administration…

  18. News for you Highgrade. If Bradley had fixed it before 2021, they would still remember who fixed it and yet that would not change the price of coffee. They would have in 2021 and will still do come the next election, vote the SLP candidate 99 – 1 over the UWP candidate.

  19. That is why I will be an independent candidate why if something is wrong..why some people will say it right because your party in power..we remember in opposition Pierre and his supporters the national anthem was people not eating roads.. ST Lucians stop voting for red and yellow vote for country Lucia has been always been backwards with slp that a fact..the roads are eating people now pjp put the people first as promised

  20. Bradly built concrete road all the way from OPac to the beginning of Gia Bois. They voted against progress. I hope the labor party finishes it. They should be ashamed


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