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Frustrated Resident Challenges Pierre, King To Guyabois Road Drive


A resident, frustrated over the state of the Guyabois Road, has challenged Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and Infrastructure Minister Stephenson King to take a drive.

However, the resident wants Pierre and King to use their private vehicles.

“I am not sure if they would accept my challenge,” the resident told St. Lucia Times.

But he said he would give up some of his valuable time to the drive from the Vieux Fort Highway at the Guyabois Gap, up Guyabois Road to the Saltibus Gap.

“Let’s see who will take me up on it,” the resident, who said he is a qualified A1 Advanced Emergency driver, asserted.

Frustrated residents have erected a sign on the Guyabois Road in Saltibus, urging caution and declaring it the worst maintained stretch in Saint Lucia.

The sign advises removing dentures, adjusting bra straps, and securing ‘your nuts.’

“Welcome to the worst maintained road in St. Lucia courtesy of St Lucia government,” it declared.

“Fight for our right to have a road, not a riverbed. Together, we can make a difference,” the sign, which appeared on Monday, said.

The residents have lamented that emergency vehicles cannot access their homes, farmers cannot tend to their crops, and the community’s garbage collection has been affected.

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  2. That’s a very reasonable challenge and I supporting it 100%. Let them drive themselves no private drivers. These effers need to be teach hard lessons. Tell you all Representative to join them as well because from all indication for you all to take such a drastic diplomatic move it seems that was existing since back in sugar estate time.

  3. @Osmond .. before election they said they will put the people first 3yrs later the people is still last. Their definition of next year will be the year when they will need your vote at election time

  4. I will be there taking a video but im sure all government will decline this amazing offer. Yes this road has been suffering for years and every year the government say next year WELL WE ALL HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
    We the residents will NOT give up now until something is done (what this space)

  5. which government that can fix all of a country’s problem in 3 years. uwp nor slp can . some of you people are unrealistic or just damn right foolish. party color freaks. you all comments sucks every time

  6. Fix the road before it gets worse. Rural communities need proper amenities to encourage to stay in their communities.

  7. This road hasn’t been touched in ssssssooooo many years apart from the local people doing their best. Neither governments have done anything for years……its about time they did, not next year but NOW no more excuses.

  8. I love it when citizens demand and put pressure on the Government. This is our country and we are the ones who can place them there or remove them. The power is in our hands. We have every right to demand better quality of life

  9. The only question i want to ask the resident is since when the road was like that? Because i cant understand is query lol meme mem

  10. Time of Allen Chas….Roads getting fix / Ungraded, Infrastructure at it’s best…felt like i didnt have to live st.lucia…New York was coming to me….Opposition vote for us we will continuing where they left off….they just corrupt….Ok they won …stop all projects add tax ….and blaming weather conditions…smh….Quess lucia got snow now….something new to us

  11. I grew up in this area and can attest that this roads were never 100%. but again look at the track record that both governments have. if they cant get you a hospital, an airport, that receives 100`s of visitors a day. why would they spend money on a road leading to your home? do you have a tourist attraction in that area? good luck getting that road repaired. how long it too to get saltibus road repaired?

  12. This is not TD jakes concern , he has been in charge of infrastructure from last government. Leave power bottom alone……..,.

  13. There will be changes in the South. we cannot go on like this. There has to be a development model to encourage business growth. There were several factories in both soufriere and vieux fort, two main areas for choiseul. There must be development while still retaining the essence of those communities. This cannot be business as usual. these areas have suffered from lack of anything for several generations. And that development does not include Bradley putting a community center smack in the middle of a residential area in Piaye. That malproptay must come down! Stupid idea!

  14. Replying to ‘realist’ – you ask how many Governments could fix everything in 3 years? Well one that is taking hundreds of thousands of USD daily from Foreigners in exchange for ‘Citizenship’ should be able to manage it, your question should be ‘where is all that money going’?’ coz it ain’t fixing roads, or schools is it….? Let’s have a think, what could they possibly be doing with it all……..


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