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Police Impound Vehicles, Issue Traffic Tickets And Seize ‘Offensive Items’

On Tuesday, December 19, 2023, the Northern Division Operations Team, Gros-Islet Traffic Unit, and Special Services Unit (Dennery) conducted an operation in the Gros-Islet, Rodney Bay, and Babonneau policing districts.
The operation was aimed at increasing police presence within the communities, preventing criminal activity, and ensuring citizen safety during the busy Christmas season.
The operation included stop and search exercises, traffic stops, and patrols throughout the aforementioned areas.
At the end of the operation, a total of seventy-seven (77) vehicles were stopped, eleven (11) of which were searched.
Five (5) vehicles were impounded for not having proof of insurance, and sixteen (16) tickets were issued for traffic-related offences.
Officers also conducted targeted sweeps in various areas within the northern division, during which fifteen (15) individuals were searched, resulting in the seizure of five (5) offensive items.
This operation is part of the Royal Saint Lucia police Force’s (RSLPF) ongoing efforts to maintain law and order during the festive season.
The police force is committed to ensuring the safety of all citizens and visitors alike.
We encourage members of the public to continue to work with us in our attempts to prevent crime and keep our communities safe.
The RSLPF Crime Hotline Application in Google Play Store and the Crime Hotline 555, are available to facilitate anonymous reporting.
Remember, if you spot it, report it.
SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline file photo of stop and search in Vieux Fort in April, 2023.

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  1. Good job officers – proactive measures. I cannot help but commend this activity. This will not stop illegal activities but will mitigate it. A very nice way to send a message to all criminals out there – Merry Christmas to all the hard working police in St.Lucia and also the leadership who have crafted such operation and implemented it. Thank You all

  2. Bravo to the RSLPF! This is should be done at random locations once every week, but I know the human resource and equipment contraints that you all face. I have some draconian ideas to compliment this though– show the names and faces of all the 5 owners/ drivers of the vehciles found withour proof of insurance. Why not? We need to think outside the box when it comes to crime prevention. Show their damn faces so their employers, jabals, wives, husbands, friends, co-workers can laugh at them. That embarrassment will surely end shockwaves.

  3. The Commissioner along with her crew have made a signicant difference during the year. It takes effort to get the rate of weapon recovery. Theirs is a far cry from the previous group that always promised to smash criminality every three months. It was a case of The Three Little Pigs, with the wolf constantly huffing and puffing at the house of bricks. Much of the criminal activity can be prevented if there’s a strong presence on the road.
    I wish all the hardworking cops a safe and enjoyable season. Hope they are able to get family time.

  4. What about safety??? – who in their right mind would want to ride in an uninsured vehicle – just saying. I am not certain how DMV/Vehicle Department or whatever department it’s called works in St. Lucia????????

  5. Police giving us all nonsense news but what matters most is being kept under the rug. We want to know who are the civilian employees in the force who have been stealing, yes stealing food stuff and other items from the police academy to take to their homes. There are videos showing the items taken and concealed at the back of a vehicle, on two separate occasions. Another video not yet in wide circulation shows one of them transferring the stolen items to her personal vehicle. It is my understanding that this has been going on for quite some time. Inquiring minds would like to know why has the police commissioner said nothing on the issue. Why is this senior civilian employee still attached to that organization? Shame on the RSLPF for condoning the hose practices.

  6. Start with the small infractions. Put order in the place. Too much disorder and lawlessness here.

  7. @Voleir only way to get justice is to let the video roll on FB an IG. you eh hearing embarrassed them!

  8. The police need to impound the vehicles with eternal speakers strapped to their roof tops. Too much noise too much disorder in the place!!!! the vehicle did not come with these external speaker so why is it allowed? Noise makers stop showing your ignorance. Police do your job. The loud music is a health hazard to our population please please please Ms. Pelius do something about these noise makers or the government needs to ready to deal with a population with hearing problems in the future. put some order in our beautiful country!! have some respect for our fellow citizens.


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