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Police Warn Of ‘Inconveniences’ As They Step Up Operations In 2024


The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) expects increased operational efficiency, including stepped-up traffic checks in 2024.

As a result, Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius told a news conference on Thursday that the public can expect what they may deem inconveniences during significant traffic checks and other similar strategies.

“I ask that the public bear in mind that such ‘inconveniences’ may serve to preserve the life or lives of even their loved ones,” Descartes-Pelius stated.

She disclosed that police had found firearms, other deadly weapons, illegal drugs, and illegal immigrants at checkpoints.

Descartes-Pelius told the news conference that with the expectation of increased operational efficiency, the police were prepared for the challenge of confrontations with the public.

She disclosed that the RSLPF would continue training to develop professional standards and ethics.

“Not only will officers be taught how to de-escalate situations, they will also be equipped to effectively use force when necessary. In as much as a police force with individuals who are service-oriented is the gold standard, we will ensure that these very officers are also able to appreciate the levels of force and the times when they must engage each level,” the Police commissioner stated.

She also said the citizenry can expect the development of crucial policies to guide police operations and increase transparency and accountability.

Descartes-Pelius said one such document, which is in an advanced drafting stage, is the sexual harassment policy.

The police commissioner expects the document to provide redress to victims, anyone adversely affected by improper allegations, or witnesses to such cases.

In addition, she announced that 2024 would bring marked changes in the RSLPF’s community policing culture.

The changes would include a greater emphasis on more time being committed to being within the communities served by the police.

“There must be greater emphasis placed on building trust and maintaining that trust with the public,” the police commissioner declared.

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  1. Madam Commissioner, I like the words being used. Standards, ethics are just a few of the practical words in your conversation. I am hoping to hear additional words such as, strategy, protocols etc. You have my full support in your approach. I wish you all the best in the new year.

  2. Dah woman like she pleading for permission to do her job. Every country has Stop and Search. Just Do it Do i t more often. Seach the taxi vehicles, search the FLOW vehicles, search the LUCELEC vehicles and search the minsters vehicles too. Hurry Up and do it.

  3. Screw our convenience! We need this shake up to catch all the rats at all levels of society. Go right ahead..inconvenience us all!!!!!

  4. @Nooks, I agree with you. Inconvenience us all. Yes, we need to shake up all the rats at all levels of society. No drugs allowed, that is the sign we need to make, no drugs allowed. I also agree with Descartes-Pelius.

  5. Inconvenience us all!! St.lucia needs it. Bring decency in the place. Dont only search for drugs,guns and weapons; look at those large external speakers and the noise makers on our roads. Look for these flickering lights, look for the non road worthy vehicles.Start fixing our nation by curbing these infractions. Let St.Lucians know that they cannot do what they want when they want and how they want. Time for the police to step up. Place charges on the law breakers. Inconvenience us All!!

  6. You know they’re a failure when they use the new year as a stepping stone for transparency…this BS has been going on longer than a decade and police chief after police chief,commissioner after commissioner every year come with same BS talk about this new year we gonna grab bull by horns whilst tings escalate right under their noses…..
    Well i got news for you commissioner!why don’t you go after the big boys if you really wanna solve anything and we talking from parliament down,if you keep attacking the small man it’s like putting a band aid on a gunshot or cutlass wound…..this effing country is doomed and it’s all about WHO KNOWS WHO.
    We are such a fail state that just yesterday I heard a cow bounce a bike man at choc or vice/versa,something that’s been going on for donkey years without any solution of atleast erecting a cattle danger sign in this location especially for unsuspecting road users especially st.lucia being a hotspot travel destination where tourist will traverse in this area with their rental vehicle,something as simple as this,we never set our priorities first!the st.jude hospital and our road conditions are perfect example.

  7. @ JohnPublic– you are right about the disappointments that have come before year after year.. commissioner after commissioner! HOWEVER, not encouraging our law men and women to fight the good cause is just as bad! Complaining at this point will not help, we need to assist where and when we can!! Our country is NOT doomed, maybe yourlife is… but not my Saint Lucia! ” Inconvenience us all” I say!

  8. Are we moving down a treshold of being a civilian society to a police state? The language being used are clearly justified of being enabling a double standard double sword system. If the police have to carry out it’s duties I have no issues with it but at the same time not because your are the law enforcement means you can trespass on people right setfort in a democratic country. I am hoping also the citizens make use of the special prosecutor office because having it sit as an white elephant department is not going to make anything better. The duties must be adhere to by the police and search warrant needs to be careful executed because many officers go uplift sign search warrants sign by crooked JPs and execute them in so many wrong ways. These events needs to be challenged in the courts because a police office just cannot watch you and say let’s go search that man house. I was a victim of this during covid time so I know what I am talking about. More traffic checks needs to be done, more underground policing needs to be done these are all part of curbing crime. Police needs to be held accountable for his/her wicked action as well.

  9. In fairness to the commissioner, I believe this is the most active the cops have been for ages. She is far from where she wants to be. This is an organization that has been comatose for quite a long time. Almost pronounced dead during what’s his name tenure. I am happy to see it stirring from sleep.
    She needs to get rid of the dead wood, obese officers and other misfits. They always hurt morale. Good to see more roadside checks. That’s where you make your luck. She also needs to expand who gets searched. There is no such thing as half security.

  10. Keep up the good work Commissioner and do it —- unapologetically. In some countries you must go through a scanner if you want to enter a specific building. Guess what if you do not want to – then you can not enter the building period.

    Some Lucians always want an explanation and reason behind everything – the law should apply to everyone and no one should be exempt. There must be consequences for those who decide not to abide by the laws of the land. Laws and order are a part of life and in everything there must be order in any civil society.

    Honestly, some Lucians will never survive outside of St. Lucia because of their disrespect for themselves, the law of the land and for law enforcement. You may not like an individual – however, you must respect the office and the position which they hold.

  11. Just goes to show… women would do a far better job if they were given the leadership roles in all Saint Lucia’s businesses including being Prime Minister. It seems Saint Lucia is only producing men – the vast majority – who are useless, bent on crime, public nuisance, good for nothings, frauds, cheats, women beaters, abusers, gun toters, grass smokers and men who want to appear macho but who are simply little boys who never grew up to manhood.. I think it’s time to have women in leadership, governing the country and I guarantee you, Saint Lucia will be a better place….there is too much toxic masculinity on this small rock of non-sages….carry on Commissioner…do what you must to save Saint Lucia from Saint Lucians…which is really saving them, from themselves…I wish you all the best ..


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