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Family Wants Closure After Saint Lucian Goes Missing At Sea


The relatives of a Saint Lucian man who went missing at sea over two weeks ago and is believed to have drowned say the failure to find the body has brought no closure to the case for them.

On December 18, 2023, the crew of the inter-Island ferry Express des Iles rescued three Saint Lucians in distress at sea.

The ferry was on its way to Martinique.

However, a search and rescue operation involving Saint Lucia and Martinique resources failed to locate a fourth Saint Lucian national, identified as Shaquan Adonis, 27.

Officials eventually called off the search.

A relative told St. Lucia Times Shaquan’s family learned that the boat in which he and three others had left on a fishing expedition sank in rough seas.

“We are trying to cope, but nobody has come to terms that he is dead because we have not found the body. We would like to find the body to bring closure, to know that he is really gone,” the family member explained.

Shaquan could not swim.

The relative said the others who were on the boat that sank said they believed the twenty-seven-year-old had drowned.

“They said his life jacket did not stay on him, and he went under the water, but they were not able to tell where he went because it was dark, and they were on the water for about seven hours,” the relative stated.

Relatives described Shaquan, a Grand Riviere Gros Islet resident, as a part-time fisherman.

The family is not giving up hope that he might still be alive.


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  1. Lol. This reads like a comic. Fishing Expedition. Aa at 2 a.m. Who does that?. Am sure he has nvr brought back fish to sell? Jokers. And plea worst buddy cyah swim. So u want tax payers money to be used to look for his dead body? I wonder if any of the 4 so called fishermen ever pay tax. Hmmm. Smh, instead all u accept and admit the truth and encourage dem so called ‘fishermen to stop and decease? u out here asking for my tax money to be used to do what again……….. I eh nvr see day face selling fish ehhhh

  2. Sorry for your lost but you not making any sense with your story…the young man cannot swim but is a part time fisherman!..SMFH!….sacwè situwez……dem young boys want bolbare gold chain with
    S-hash and AR15,s and will go any mile to achieve it…the waters was ruff and meteorologists advice said see bathers and small vessels should not venture at sea but those hoodlums saw it fit and was perfect time to lick a shot.

  3. For those who aren’t familiar, fishermen going out to sea in the wee hours is not uncommon, but a fisherman who can’t swim I have never heard of. Maybe he was a learner, just got his license or something.

  4. You know perfectly well that it was not a fishing expedition. Family members need to stop trying to get pity from the public.

  5. I feel they kill mate n sink the boat so it’ll look like an accident because first of u cah swim and why would put on a life jacket dat doesn’t fit whereas most life jackets are adjustable
    My lady jus accept ur son was killed cuz we know you he was about that life

  6. 2am fishing expedition and can’t swim! This had all the ingredients for a disastrous end. I feel the pain of his living relatives though….them young men love their family but they always looking for pain and suffering for their loved ones by making stupid decisions.

  7. Let us pray God that he is still alive and that they may find him. He does many miracles, so let us pray until a miracle happens. Good is merciful and gracious. Amen. 🙏 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. If you cannot swim you cannot fish off a boat period fish off the jetty or something. What amazes me is that 80% of st. Lucian’s cannot swim they can only float. But they like to be in the water with alcohol in it. Check the equation. May his soul rest in peace. That’s the canal it happen some 4000ft deep water. Sorry pal you not gonna be a mermaid in this era.

  9. @sa pa zafew that’s a very unlikely scenario you talking deh…..who in their right mind would risk killing one man and sinking boat in ruff open midwaters at the expense of their own life with no guarantee of being rescued???…..i think its just a case of soldier ah soldier scout ah scout.

  10. those that survive know exactly what happened. squeeze their balls and make them talk. da man not looking nothing like a fisherman his face looking too clean .fishermen have hard face. his face looking soft . his partners told him how he can earn motorcycles, guns and gold ball bears so man try a ting it eh work out

  11. Every December you’ll running wild Laba , d man bike you ‘ll take and cripple d yute feel Bigga brother playing……. Good luck 😎😎


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