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WATCH: Motorcyclist Injured After Colliding With A Cow In Castries


A motorcyclist sustained an arm fracture and other injuries after colliding with a cow at Choc, Castries, on Thursday.

Emergency personnel from the Babonneau Fire Station responded after learning of the incident at about 6:32 pm.

Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) spokeswoman Stacy Joseph told St. Lucia Times that the responders found the motorcycle rider on the ground.

The animal also sustained injuries.

Joseph said the emergency crew administered first aid, immobilised the patient, and transported him to the OKEU Hospital for additional medical attention.

“The incident was a stark reminder of the dangers of having cattle loose on the roads and serves as a warning to all road users to exercise caution and be aware of their surroundings at all times,” she stated.

Emergency personnel also responded to another accident at Choc on Thursday.

According to the report they received, a vehicle had swerved off the road.

The driver, who was the only person in the car, suffered some facial injuries as a result of the accident.

The SLFS spokeswoman said emergency personnel attended to his wounds and transported him to the OKEU Hospital in a stable condition for further treatment.

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  1. Lemme guess, when a WHITE tourist get’s injured/dies from one of these stray cows, the authorities will move hell and high water to address the issue. Meanwhile local life…..

  2. OMG!!!! That’s why you shouldn’t be colliding. My sister’s daughter did it once to my uncle’s big horse who was not moving and almost fell. It hurt so much, I can’t imagine. She said that she would never do that again.

  3. Tie your animals tight so you don’t say “oh my cow!” 🐮 I don’t want that to happen. If you don’t want a cow or some other animal, make your decision, trust me.

  4. One no prevention causes another trouble and sometimes a cure. Too bad for the bike. People should also look at the road to not cause another problemo. It’s not even fair, the bike rider should have been more careful, I agree! Maybe I should have been the bike rider.

  5. @Stlucian Lives Matter, It does not look like anyone is getting any justice, foreign or local.

    @Ahhhh, what did you just write there ?

  6. Anyone with a brain knew that the situation was an accident waiting to happen. Hardly any authority can claim that they didn’t see cows threatening to infringe on the road at various places. It’s a usual occurrence. There’s a certain apathy abound regarding safety. While contending with bad roads and other dangerous driving practices, a driver must have eyes peeled for livestock. Not just on the Gros Islet strip but a hundred other places.
    It’s time we become proactive. Get a contractor or a department to seize those animals using video evidence in the process. Let the owners pay through the nose to get their property back. The motorcyclist was hurt because of perpetual negligence. Hope he gets better. Thankfully he wasn’t killed.

  7. I am quite certain that in 2021, the police stated that owners would be fined if they caught their animals on the road. In fact, I recall the police visiting the owners of these cows in 2021 and even tying them up. So why aren’t they doing so now? If an animal is a stray, it should be taken away. Collars and ropes were invented for a reason, so there is no excuse to have them untied unless they have somehow escaped.

  8. Cows on the road should be shot,as was done in vfort.only then will the owner take care of his animals. This should be across the board, not only for party supporters. Don’t want to say hack. This is from a concerned citizen. Anonymous.

  9. The government should create or amend existing legislation to make it mandatory that cattle owners register their animals and tag them. (Just like motor vehicle).

    Anytime a cow/horse or whatever is found straying (barring reasonable excuse), the owners/keepers of such cattle are heavily punished through fines or up to terms of imprisonment.

    if such animals cannot be identified, they are seized and euthanized or slaughtered for food providing they are fit for human consumption.

  10. Idiot driver. Poor cow. Yes @Unknown in 2021 there was a Statement (yet more talk, talk, talk & no action typical in St Lucia) about fines for straying (not stray as they have owners). Those animals should not be tied but corralled to pfrevent injury to them and the stupid humans who drive like a pack of maniacs here. No common sense on this island, and no concern for animal welfare either. SL is just a nasty little spec in the sea.


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