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Survey Commences To Define PMA Boundaries


Under the Department of Infrastructure, Ports and Transport, The Renewable Energy Sector Development Project (RESDP), in conjunction with the Office of the Pitons Management Area, has engaged the services of Land Surveyors to survey the limits of the Pitons Management Area (PMA).

The survey, which commenced on November 30, 2023, will continue for a nine-month period and will define the boundaries and coordinates of the Piton Management Area and the Green Buffer Zone.

The survey will include both the local coordinate system and the Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinates of the boundary lines and will be registered with the Survey and Mapping Section of the Department of Physical Development and Urban Renewal on completion.

The purpose of this project is to set up a green boundary, or a green buffer zone, for protecting the character of the PMA, a World Heritage Site, prior to commencing the geothermal exploration.

For Saint Lucia, The Pitons Management Area (The PMA) is an area of outstanding natural beauty in Soufriere, with spectacular geological features and is a highly sensitive biological resource area.

 In 2018, the World Heritage Committee urged Saint Lucia to formally establish a buffer zone for the UNESCO World Heritage Site (the PMA) and to clarify the type of activities permitted in this buffer zone and that once the activities are defined, the buffer zone should be formally recognized under the World Heritage Convention.

  We are pleased that this has commenced and look forward to its fruition.

Manager of the Piton Management Area, Mrs. Joan Hippolyte sees this survey as critical to preserving the world heritage designation, stating that “The guidelines for the implementation of the World Heritage Convention require that a buffer zone be established for the purpose of effective protection of the PMA. Details of the size and characteristics of the buffer zone as well as a map indicating the precise boundaries of the buffer zone are required under the Whole Heritage Convention. Steep and visible slopes near the PMA must be protected from development because of environmental impacts. The survey of the boundaries is therefore a step in the right direction.”

Through the PMA demarcation, the World Heritage status of the PMA will be guaranteed, and it will continue to attract both local and overseas visitors, thereby providing employment opportunities within the communities.

Further, zoning would allow a balanced approach to development, by permitting and managing certain tourism related activities and geothermal exploration and development.

Communities are asked to take note that during the nine-month survey period, the surveyor and his crew will mark the PMA boundary with special pegs 150 metres (164 yards) apart along the road edge.

 Community members can seek clarification or raise any issue with the RESDP Community Liaison Officer.

SOURCE: Renewable Energy Sector Development Project  

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  1. We don’t eat roads, we don’t eat roads we don’t eat roads,,, you were against Cabot development they gave Marjorie’s a million usd for govt land and broken down wood and now SLP state you never said u were against developing and proceeded to sell the rest of Cas En Bas beach for condos and another big hotel…. and now you are geothermal exploring which is digging and destroying our sea beds smfh as an excuse to put more hotels and private residences maybe even another effin arse lame golf course on the pitons eh eh! Smfh reading this shit just now all the pitons not the steep slopes according to this article will be bulldozed and built on smh this is a sad day in Lucian history!….

  2. This geothermal exposition is an adventure into futility. It had failed before and it will fail again. Stop playing with fire. We should just be satisfied with it as is, that is, a world tourist attraction. Why not enhance it’s attractiveness and use the resources to subsidize electricity cost. Let’s hope we don’t lose it all. Dominica has been exploring for years now and still exploring. In fact what was thought to be a cost to be absorbed by investors are now placed on the tax players. Correct me if I am wrong!

  3. This should’ve been done decades ago – not now, and because a “developer” has been taken to task due to his bad behaviour.

    some people have been sleeping on their jobs.

    As for this administration, please stop gaslighting the public, who are much smarter than most politicians will ever be. BEHAVE!

  4. Geothermal energy is safe and efficient. St.lucia getting all of its electricity from burning heavy diesel with the option of wind/solar an geothermal has been and continues to be a failure of lucelec an the government. We pay an insane amount for electricity in this country an hopefully this will be the beginning of progress


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