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UWP Accuses Pierre Of Weak Leadership Amid Homicide Spike

Saint Lucia has witnessed a troubling and alarming trend – an increase in homicides year after year.
While many factors contribute to crime rates, one key individual tasked with ensuring the safety and security of the nation is Prime Minister Philip J Pierre, who also holds the portfolio of Minister for National Security.
Unfortunately, his leadership in this crucial role has been marked by weakness and ineffectiveness, as evidenced by the escalating homicide numbers during his tenure in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
The statistics speak for themselves. Under Prime Minister Pierre’s watch, Saint Lucia experienced the highest number of homicides in 3 consecutive years.
This disturbing trend cannot be dismissed as mere coincidence or external factors beyond his control.
It is indicative of a leader who has failed to implement effective strategies to combat crime and protect the lives of his citizens.
One of the primary responsibilities of the Minister for National Security is to ensure the safety and well-being of the people.
This includes devising and implementing policies, initiatives, and programs that address the root causes of crime and violence. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Pierre’s leadership has fallen short in this regard.
Critics argue that his approach to national security lacks a comprehensive and holistic strategy.
Instead of focusing on crime prevention, social intervention, and community engagement, Pierre’s leadership appears reactive, merely responding to incidents after they have occurred.
This approach not only fails to address the underlying issues but also allows crime to fester and escalate.
In times of crisis, strong leadership is essential.
Unfortunately, Prime Minister Pierre’s response to the rising homicide rates has been lackluster at best.
His inability to provide a clear and effective plan to address the escalating violence is a clear indication of his weak leadership on matters of national security.
SOURCE: United Workers Party. Headline photo: File image

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  1. Continuously the Opposition blames the,Prime Minister for the Murders. We can’t be fooled by the same rethoric.
    No where in this world a government can prevent rival gangs from killing each other.
    You can have the best measures in place,the best crime fighting strategies, and the crime will not stop.
    Being kind and respecting each other as a person will aid in that aspect.
    If we don’t put God in our lives this things will continue to happen,the young men and women now, needs direction and it stems from the home .
    I, do believe that; the opposition need to stop that blame game and speak directly to the young men and women in an attempt to have them changed their mindset,think positively and not a life of crime for the betterment of us all.

  2. I have always had the opinion that neither an administration nor the police can be blamed or congratulated for an in crease or decline in criminal activity.
    Regardless of laws, policing initiatives, social or other interventions, all societies ate plagued with individuals who will challenge the peace of their communities.

    And that is why LAW is a implemented to identify what is unacceptable in a society znd the punishment

  3. I have always had the opinion that neither an administration nor the police can be blamed or congratulated for an in crease or decline in criminal activity. Criminals will do their thing no matter who is Minister or COP and what the Law says. PERIOD!!

    Regardless of laws, policing initiatives, social or other interventions, all societies are plagued with individuals who will challenge the peace of their communities.

    And that is why LAW is a implemented to identify what is unacceptable in a society and the punishment for such antisocial behaviour.

    Also, we need to understand that as societies develop, a natural off shoot is an increase in crime, because a segment is “left behind” or have that perspective.

    As to the UWP statement here: although there has been an increase in criminal behaviour, one should acknowledge that there has been an increase in the number of resolved matters, even to the extent of cold cases being brought to finality. This too is thanks in no small measure to the Forensic Sciences Lab which is now functional and accredited.

    The COP and Staff are responsible for initiatives and operations of the police. Ministers do not micro-manage Ministries; and perhaps that is why the previous Administration destroyed Custody Suites.

  4. Yawwn toss them a bone they have nit pick on something when you have nothing to do. The prime minister must dapper up in his Red Cape flying thru the St Lucian sky using his bionic ear to listen in on every criminal activity in the works and perch on the pitons 24hrs a day looking over the horizon for the Bat Signal. This PM has tried and addressed the issues of crime more than any PM in St Lucia’s History. Like I have stated during the yellow reign of terror has Dear Allan learned to say the word Crime as yet ? He never addressed it sure enough to my surprise 3 months after been kicked out of office he said the word crime for the first time.

  5. If I were a betting person, I wouldn’t choose Chastanet to solve the crime problem. He had his opportunity and completely ignored the problem at hand. He picked what’s his name to be the tip of the arrow for security. Well, everyone knows where that went. At least, Pierre is trying a “lil ting” and I can respect that to an extent.

  6. Historically there are individuals in St. Lucia who failed to educate themselves and or act civilized and live within their means in the society. In addition, some are educated, but would rather engage in illegal activity rather than seek legitimate employment.

    Children having children with Tom, Dick and Harry who are unable to help themselves and can by no means help you or the children-yet STILL you continue to have kids. Women who would rather not work, but seek to associate with men who are going nowhere fast for a few bucks. The plagues of society within your home cannot be blamed on the government. The government is responsible for policies and for the law of the land. I am neither SLP nor UWP but do you really think a minister is responsible for your wayward children’s behavior, lack of discipline and self-respect.

    Some of us grew up in single parent homes and went on to become very successful. The fragmented ills of society is due to problems, which begin in the home and cannot be solved by the government. Train your children to live within their means and not envy anyone because of what they possess. The vagabonds in St. Lucia are not looking for legitimate jobs – they have purposed in their heart to do wrong, some of them are reaping what they have sowed and the choice is theirs to turn around and get on the right path. When you play with fire, you will be burned and even if you believe fire does not burn it really does. Ultimately, the choice is yours to make a positive change in your own life for your own good.

  7. Heyyyyyyyyyyy @Senoir. This is a much more enlightened statement than the $&!# you wrote about the Saltibus road. Now I agree with you on this post. Did you take a similar position between 2016 and 2021? If, not, then it can be said that you qualify as a hypocrite. Are you.

  8. Sad but true numbers don’t lie, gangs are getting stronger. Place is too small for this level of violence considering we all know the bad actors


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