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Babonneau Man Succumbs, Becomes Second 2024 Homicide Victim


Saint Lucia recorded its second homicide for 2024 when a young man succumbed after sustaining multiple gunshot injuries in Fond Assau, Babonneau Thursday night.

Police identified the deceased as Dante St. Ange, 23.

According to reports from the community, the Babonneau resident appeared to have been shot while riding a motorcycle.

Multiple spent shells were at the scene.

Babonneau police station officers responded at about 8:55 pm to the shooting report.

Emergency responders from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) transported St. Ange to the OKEU Hospital, where a medical practitioner pronounced him dead.

Police have appealed for information regarding the fatal shooting incident at Babonneau.

Individuals may contact the Babonneau Police Station at 456-4120 or the Criminal Investigations Department at 456-3770.

Alternatively, they could provide anonymous tips to the Crime Hotline at 555 or by utilizing the police Crime Hotline Application in the Google Play Store.

Saint Lucia recorded its first homicide for the year on January 6, 2024, at Ravine Poisson, Bexon.

Police identified the victim as Omar Francis, alias ‘Kodak’.

He was twenty-four years old.

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  1. The Heart breaking thing is that no one IS Being arrested and Charged this is very bad for Sg.Lucia

  2. Another homicide where the police rely on Eye Witness which will never surface. This simply means another dead case added to list of so many. They have given all their contact information but the public has no trust in the Police system. It is just a Sad reality.
    Those criminals do not walk without their cell phones and I am sure the killer had his cell phone with him. Why can’t the police work with Digicel and or FLOW. Go through the activities on the cell tower and narrow down the activities around the time of the murder. This will give provide them with a shortlist with their investigation. The public will not provide any info and I do not blame them but the cell towers will not discriminate – they will have the raw data which will help crack the case. The timeline is very important in that case. You will see the movement of individuals just after the shot was fired. The criminal will have to run – The cell tower will capture that movement.

  3. @Anonymous Clown you ole’ fool yes yes & yes this can be done……but you forgot one thing O simpleton you just don’t go and ask flow and Digicel fto search their cell tower records you must get A COURT ORDER to access this privy information and then it’s a whole tra-la-la to build a case. A clear example of this was the state case against Vybz kartel verses the state of Jamaica, this methodology was used but his lawyers were able to poke holes in the crown’s case.

  4. must be in bed with the devil. he already tell you how much blood he want for the ?

  5. New year, but same old style and mindset of wickedness! Godlessness is what many have chosen –so the nation will continue to reap the tragic fruit of unrighteousness. Yes, until there is true repentance and a turn to God much of the nation will continue to slowly bleed to death! Sadly, the evidence tells us that for the most part, many Lucians will continue on their chosen path of unrighteousness and death!

  6. @The Honorable Lucian Highgrade – Every time you open your mouth, you show how ignorant you are. SLU is a Sovereign state. The power lies with the people and is executed via parliament. To change the rules and laws in SLU does not require any foreign entity. This can be done at the next Parliament sitting if the government wants to do. Now that you have learnt something, I would like to see you keep quiet and let some intelligent people make their remarks.

  7. Same Guy, I agree with you 100%. I dont know why they are not screening and deleting the nonsense and insults Lucian Highgradesspurs out on this platform. St Lucia Times you need to do better. Bon! Lucian Highgrade, or rather Lucian Low-Class needs to get a grip and a life in the process. Choops.

  8. @realists, its a formula 2/12*365=60.83 round that up 61.

    You thinking of the wrong science, with that talk about the devil.

  9. Just asking for a friend. What happened to the young man shot in Vieux Fort on Sunday?
    Is his demise, TRUE or FALSE

  10. I always suspected that we had an unprecedented number of murders in 2023 than any other year. Cocomakacrie at its best!
    Mwen meme

    All I can say is in 2024, let us hope for the best because we have already started on bad footing.

  11. Let’s look for solutions for these killings. We all know the root of the problem is the cocaine and Marijuana.
    We need to change some of the laws.
    1. Get a magistrate for firearm cases only and ech case has to complete its trial within 20 days.
    2. Increase firearm bail to $75 000.00 , nothing less.
    3. Once the person is guilty, the penalty should be $60 000. 00 or 15 years imprisonment.
    Pay half right away and the next half within 3 months.
    These are to be compulsory, magistrates should have to option to change any of these.
    If this is implemented we will see a change.

  12. @ Anonymous…I agree and I have been asking about cell phone records for years to solve crime. This makes you wonder who are the real beneficiaries of crime….clearly cell phone records can be retrieved but the legal minds refuse to pursue this. Who are the real beneficiaries? Politicians? Lawyers? Magistrates? Wealthy business owners? Food for thought.

  13. Because I made a recommendation and I said cocaine is the root of the problem all you don’t print my comment. It appears that all you have family and friends in the crime.

  14. Lydia Estaphane no one has taken you on so stop trying to validate your recommendation which are already in existence. The problem is implementation. The laws are there. The magistrates have the tools but use them badly hence our current predicament. I criticize the police a lot but in all fairness they are trying. The support from the magistrates is not coming and that could be frustrating for them.
    On the other hand Graspin and Time Will Tell I want to think that both of you are spot on. I am positive that the real figures for 2023 surpassed the 75 that we were told and I need the authorities to come out and let us know whether the youth shot at Vieux Fort on Sunday succumbed. The rumors are that he did, but the authorities need to confirm and make the correction if it is factual. It would mean the Babonneau man would be third and not second. The Powers that be please clarify.

  15. That highgrade is a high fool, everytime the blogger spew it is pure garbage no substance just blind eye on important things. Politically blind to the core. Who wants to know the necessity’s needed as if you believe ppl are dumb as you… We send and spend vast amount of money for people within the security force to learn abroad, you know what those fools come back and say? Oh we don’t have this and we don’t have that. It becomes rum shop conversation rather than they do what is necessary of them to do. Sometimes I wonder why wasting tax payer money on these fools. While we do need tools we cannot carry a lab on every crime scene.


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