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Cutting-Edge Wellness Center Coming To Saint Lucia


TheLifeCo Well-being, the internationally acclaimed wellness brand, is set to redefine holistic health with the inauguration of its most advanced center to date at Mount Pimard in Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia.

As a pivotal component of the Caribbean Jewel Seven Wonders project, TheLifeCo Well-being Saint Lucia will stand at the heart of this breathtaking development, introducing a new era of luxury wellness retreats to the region.

Scheduled to open its doors in 2025, the Caribbean Jewel Seven Wonders project promises an unparalleled experience, featuring a 523-room wellness oriented resort with wellness theme, over-the-sea bungalows, villas, specialized clinical services, and a captivating wedding chapel.

TheLifeCo Well-being Saint Lucia center within this development project is poised to be the first of its kind in the region, offering a comprehensive range of high-end amenities and services designed to cater to the discerning needs of wellness enthusiasts.

Renowned for its holistic wellness approach integrating nutrition, exercise, mental, and spiritual well-being, TheLifeCo Well-being has carved a niche in the global wellness landscape.

TheLifeCo Well-being centers in Bodrum and Antalya (Turkey), and Phuket (Thailand) are celebrated for exclusive detox and healthy nutrition programs, including master detox, green juice detox, water fasting, and plant-based ketogenic diets, facilitating deep cleansing and rejuvenation.

Ersin Pamuksuzer, CEO and founder of TheLifeCo, expressed his excitement about the forthcoming center, stating, “We are very much looking forward to opening Saint Lucia’s first international wellness center with our 20 years of holistic wellness experience. I am excited about the prospect of opening our most advanced center here, with special emphasis on new generation wellness and cutting-edge biohacking therapies in addition to our renowned detoxification and healthy nutrition programs.”

In addition to detox and healthy nutrition programs and physical activities like yoga, fitness, and personalized exercise programs, TheLifeCo Well-being Saint Lucia will prioritize balancing psychological and emotional well-being.

The center will offer meditation, breathwork, workshops, retreats on various topics, and mental health supportive programs.

Pamuksuzer added, “We are also preparing to hold continuous themed retreats with the best names of the wellness world in Saint Lucia to make it the holistic wellness destination for wellness enthusiasts from USA , Canada and Europe Central and Latin America. ”

“Saint Lucia aims to enhance its appeal as a wellness tourism destination. Investments like TheLifeCo further introduce luxurious amenities and contribute positively to the well-being of Saint Lucian residents and the local economy. We express gratitude to TheLifeCo for choosing to invest in Saint Lucia, which further strengthens our position as a premier destination for holistic health experiences. We anticipate the positive impact this introduction will have on Saint Lucia’s overall tourism landscape”, remarked Hon. Dr. Ernest Hilaire, Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information.

TheLifeCo Well-being Saint Lucia aims to emerge as a premier wellness destination by integrating established holistic practices with advanced biohacking therapies, positioning itself as the preferred choice for individuals seeking the embodiment of well-being.


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  1. A 523 room hotel will be way more than 3 stories high. Isn’t the law no higher than 3 stories? And a high rise will destroy the beauty of that beach. An “over the sea bungalows” will destroy the reef there. Just sayin’. I hate the whole idea. That’s one of our last local beaches.

  2. Not only the structure itself, but how does this help Lucians – most of whom cannot afford this type of Luxury? Short term gain for long term nothingness ,and more desecration of the natural environment and amenity for locals for St Lucians. Y’all need to stop limin and PROTEST.

  3. A holistic wellness center located far from the airport, requiring a harrowing hour and a half journey over dangerous roads in a country with one of the highest murder rates in the world. What’s wrong with that picture??

  4. The property is extensive and said 523 rooms can be disbursed all over accordingly, this property is no where near the beach front for your information. I look forward to any development that will provide jobs for the upcoming youth and qualified citizens we have whom are seeking employment, my fear is it not being completed and we just have yet another shell of an eyesore as the likes of Les Paridis (Praslin)

  5. @ Anonymous, you are a cancer to our growth, what is the difference in the commute to all other hotels in the Gros Islet Vicinity? In terms of murders, yes it is a problem, one murder is too many, but are they random? Are our visitors the targets? Your foolish and nonchalant remark paints the wrong image for those whom may wish to come to our fair isle.

    Think before you speak.

  6. Odd, you missed my point. Visitors seeking wellness and rejuvenation are going to find an island strewn with dangerous roads and gang warfare poorly suited to fulfill their quest. The road conditions and accidents as well as the murders are regularly reported in this very publication. Potential visitors who want to know what is going on in St. Lucia do read the St. Lucia Times and make decisions about where to vacation accordingly. Despite the new wellness resort, I’m sorry to say the island has not been a safe haven for health and rejuvenation since COVID started.

  7. the idea must be revised. The location of that center has to be moved. U all let Te’o asking take prime lands on the vieux fort stretch. My advice is to take back the land. Pay him back. You have a right to do this under international rules. As long as you compensate the investor you can take back your land ect . That’s what they don’t tell u. I forgot the international laws… But u all not paying me for this anyways. But have no fear, it is not illegal. It can be done… U just compensate the business. And use that land for the wellness center. It will be close to a major hospital as well if u all don’t screw up at Jude. So just take the land from Te’o ah king, move the project to the south. It is not suited to gros islet. You can’t bump ride a sick person in desperate need of treatment 3 hours across the island


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