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MP Promises New Anse La Raye-Canaries By Next Elections


On Monday, Anse La Raye-Canaries MP Wayne Girard told reporters that  the constituency would be a new community by the next general elections.

Girard indicated that Anse La Raye had been the focus of what it has not been able to achieve and regarded as a backward community with no ambition.

Nevertheless, the Minister in the Ministy of Finance promised a ‘remarkable difference’ in Anse La Raye-Canaries.

“I am from Anse La Raye-Canaries. I am from Jacmel and I take personal pleasure in ensuring that I deliver on those commitments. It will be a new constituency by the time of the next general election,” he asserted.

The MP recalled that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre had declared 2024 the Year for Infrastructure, including the airport, schools, and roads.

“We inherited a situation where the road network was in a mess. But we tried our very best to keep up with the deterioration,” Girard said

He told reporters that when the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) came into government after the July 26, 2021, general elections, the debt-to-GDP ratio, according to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), was 101 percent as of December 2021.

He asserted that Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre, also Finance Minister, has done a sterling job to get Saint Lucia where it is currently.

Girard noted that preparatory work for the Anse La Raye Bridge project started last week.

“We expect to have a two-lane bridge. As you know, it is a one-lane bridge,” Girard disclosed.

The MP said workers would create a bypass, remove the existing structure, and install a ‘more appropriate’ bridge for the Anse La Raye community.

Girard recalled that the preparatory work included demolishing some houses and relocating residents to facilitate the bypass.

In addition, he recalled that last week, the Prime Minister approved the disbursement of one million dollars for a sewerage treatment facility in the constituency.

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  1. That’s all????….. Canaries is the poorest constituency and year after year we get nothing! We need something to generate revenue. Create a layby for coaster buses to park and let tourist down, redo the jetty to allow tourist boat to come in, create one way streets in the village, relocate the people/shacks along the beach to make the place more appealing! Do something pleaseeeee.

  2. Any improvement of the infrastructure is a good thing as long as it’s not being done just to benefit foreign companies and enabling them to get their good out of the country as quick as possible and their money

  3. Let me tell you of what I remember of Canaries(KANAWI) they were the nicest and most docile, yet poorest people in all of St. Lucia; I remember when the first Bridge was built and the first Police Station was built, 40′ x 20′ only one Cop necessary. I heard lately a second Storey was built. The Canaries River is not one to mess with in Rainy season, that’s why the first & second Bridge were both taken out; the third still stands but was costly. To turn any fishing village into a MIAMI BEACH or a LAS VEGAS is a dream which should only remain as a dream – there’s nothing the Tourists loves more than to see, walk and talk to the people more in a fishing village as long they are not robbed, mobbed and bothered. Mr. M.P. with due respect, you’ve said a lot about achievements by the P.M. but we would like like to hear about yours – the Jetty I once knew I hope has been or should be rebuilt longer and stronger; both Conaries and Anse-La Ray require proper Sewer Treatment and disposal Plant & long over due; check out the domestic water condition and availability.

  4. WOW it took you two and a half years to realize that you are the erected MP for Anse la Raye/Canaries. I wonder how it will be a new constituency by the time the next election is called. Furthermore you claim that the road infrastructure in your constituency was deplorable when you got into office. This makes me wonder whether you even drive through your constituency. I drove through more than half of that constituency last December and your road network is carpet compared to 80% of the other roads on the island.

  5. Canaries have been under neglect from 1964. Only particular Primier referred to Canaries as Siberia. Anse La Raye was referred to as the Rum village in St. Lucia. If Girard is attempting something to alleviate the problems in these two villages I say Bravo to him.

  6. I don’t want to harbor the thoughts that what the Minister said will come to light. Since KDA time these two communities are being neglected. We’re in 2024 and no significant changes/transformation will ever be done. Refurbishment to the playing area wasn’t funded from St. Lucian/Tourism tax or money it was done via a gift by the Taiwanese’s Government. The little cabways structure they built was money from the Thomas Disaster and so it goes on. Zero significant investment in these areas because you know why? In our tourism diary canaries and anse la ray are being documented as two fishing communities with primitive St. Lucian culture, way of survival and night life. Now read between the line you will understand why little, or no emphasis are being paid to enhance these communities. Its only talks with zero action.

  7. Anonymous, I don’t know where you are from, but I know for sure , it’s not from the time of KDA these 2 communities have been in isolation. It started from 1964, who referred to Canaries as Siberia? Ask Hermangild Francis.


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