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Pierre Promises Stronger Anti-Crime Measures In 2024


Building on New Year’s address when he committed to making all available resources to combat gun violence, Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has said there would be more robust measures to deal with the problem in 2024.

Pierre spoke on Monday during a pre-cabinet press briefing.

He said he was very concerned about the country’s homicides.

Shortly after Pierre, who is responsible for national security, spoke, Saint Lucia recorded its fourth homicide for 2024.

A man in his twenties succumbed to a gunshot wound sustained on Dauphin Street, Gros Islet.

In 2023, Saint Lucia recorded what Prime Minister Pierre described as an ‘alarming’ increase in gun-related homicides.

Police figures indicated that there were 75 homicides, of which 70 were murders.

However, Pierre told reporters that during the last half of 2023, the homicide percentage rate substantially decreased compared to the first half.

“I am stating a statistical fact that in the second half of 2023, the homicide rate decreased when compared to the first half. The measures that we put in place these measures are going to be strengthened. This year, hopefully, we can continue that downward trend that was seen in the second half of 2023,” Pierre stated.

Pierre declared he took no comfort in the percentage rate reduction in homicides in the first half of 2023.

He asserted that was not good enough and nothing to boast about.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister thanked the police and the non-government organisations for their efforts.

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  1. Any smart leader will never send message for criminals, you will do what is necessary to make them learn the hard way without options. Criminals is NOT an avenue you bargain with period. Giving criminals or gangs heads up like these are just setting in motion more heinous and deadly from the get go because they know what possible awaiting them so it is who concours who at 1st. Oue tactics is poor so does our negation skills. Look at the parameters of this whole crime situation and below i listen some of my point.

    1. The island demographic and population harness a know who population likewise therefore the criminal elements mainly derived from the high degree of illicit drugs, the transit of drugs which attract a quick rich scheme mind set. Ultimately lead down the path of using weapons to rule and concours.
    2. The drug baron/mules and transit persons are in bed with politicians, law enforcement and lawyers, it is for obvious reasons.
    3. If by now the security minister cannot decode the main reason therefore he/she is unfit to hold that office and should resign, why? for simply reason when last you see on the streets of St. Lucia, hotel, and other civil servants went on strike that leads to illegal behavior? So far for the past 30 years i haven’t witness that to ever happen to such level.
    4. If we do have politicians who sincerely wanted better for all St. Lucians and to encourage many that migrated abroad to return back home and help build their country why is that both side of the isle are so grossly neglectful, encourages rampant corruption and refuse to legislate and implements new laws that will be better for all?
    5. As much as crime are in every section of our planet with a 180k population and the high rate of alcohol, drugs and homicide not forgetting a poverish society just justify that we are on the path of destruction and it is moving at a steady pace.
    6. Our religious beliefs, moral value, dignity, discipline and respect have all being dumped at degloo for the sake of US money.
    I temp end here for now!

  2. What ever you have said, have been said before by more than one P. M. in many different ways but never coming close to what is absolutely necessary; yet that which is necessary is actually still Legal on the Books; may I recommend, rather may I humbly remind the inhabitants of Saintly Lucia, that there’s only one solution to solve the mayhem that taints this once Saintly Rock, and that is:
    HANG THE BASTARDS: period.
    A second less brutal but will work – pull out the LOLO BEFF & whip some arse.

  3. G, if Pierre steps down , who will replace him? Not Allen Chastanet for sure. Allen does not have a clue as to how to run this country. How many passports did he sell during his tenure in office?


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