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Man Shot Dead at Bonne Terre


Police have launched a homicide investigation after a man, apparently in his fifties, succumbed to multiple gunshot injuries at Bonne Terre, Gros Islet.

According to reports, the incident occurred on Tuesday along the Bonne Terre old military road.

Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) spokeswoman Stacy Joseph told St. Lucia Times that responders from the Gros Islet fire station rushed to the scene after receiving an emergency call at approximately 1:55 p.m.

Joseph said the emergency crew found a male individual lying motionless on the ground.

She disclosed that an assessment of the patient revealed no vital signs.

“Due to the obvious signs of death, the scene was left in the care of the police,” the SLFS spokeswoman stated.

The Bonne Terre homicide represents Saint Lucia’s fifth for 2024.



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  1. Lucian Lowgrade, your boss said it himself, he is not responsible for the day to day running of the police force but what he is responsible for, is the policies that govern the police force.

  2. If it keeps up at this rate, we’ll rack up more than 120 murders for 2024. I think we need outside police help!!!

  3. That crime happen not to far from where that woman was killed and not to long after her brother was killed….situations almost seem very similar…I wonder if the same killer/s are behind this

  4. Restore confidence, that is all we need. Go in all holes in on st.lucia and exterminate all the cockroaches that are career criminals. Something needs to be done.

  5. Wow that’s 5 illegal guns .. where’s Mary Francis.. well government can’t stop crime, but take serious action like bring back the gallows.. change the laws etc .

  6. @O Really Fool..,…he was using the toilet he did not the bat signal…….so it’s his fault he had the information and refuse to conduct a sting operation and hide an officer behind a banana tree by the road.

  7. The chickens coming home to roost…….Rodney Heights and Estate’s just now…… all Lucian’s knows quite well over the years when it do happen in that neck of the woods they completely go unsolved due to the professional skill sets by the hit men. Good for them the real criminals of St Lucia now they are going to demand Pierre do something oh no not in our back yard suppose a bullet shatter the windscreen on my BMW or Audi.

  8. Over 50 of last year’s 75 murders remain unsolved. Now murders are happening in broad day light as the perpetrators believe it is highly unlikely they will get caught.
    Where is the minister for national security? Oh, he is too busy playing PM. Too busy playing head of regional security when criminals are running amok in his own country.

  9. Like highgrade said in one blog. the PM cannot be on the scene of a crime… so let it be! Let the homicide rate escalate we’ll see who will shoulder the blame as it seems the person responsible will never give up that position because that’s another paycheck they are collecting at the mercy of the island souls. The PM is unable to curb crime he is not putting the right people in the right position to function and do not interfere with the law enforcement, tell your other counterpart not to get involved and stay away. Not to add salt to the wound but alot more will happen before December 31st 2024.

  10. That Bonne Terre shooting is not random and some acting like the PM would know when a. “HIT” was going to take place. That man was a person of interest to someone. They knew where he resided and they came for him. These are targeted killings not people just running and killing citizens for nothing like some are making it out to be St Lucia is still (safer) than a lot other places

  11. in all the crime happening and whatever actions have been taken by authorities, is it possible that its also time to look into how we have become as people..aside from the “put a hand” and “its Pip this and that” is it time to look at ourselves on what we bring to the table to change this…ask ourselves if i witness a crime to somebody else will i be willing to report to authorities or would i say “hows its me thatll get myself in the ppls business” …just an example. because all these crime is a reflection of the attitude of the people that makes up the society

  12. So you know that the criminals do have interest in reading the news. It’s either Instagram, FB or YouTube, how to check women, tatics of killing etc. them fellas don’t have time for other people much less theirs. Seems like highgrade is a tibolum, majiweh or have know how and know what links when things happening

  13. Lowgrade Lucian, is a political operative who probably gets paid with state funds to come here everyday to post propaganda and try to protect the image of his boss.

  14. It is really a sad day in St. Lucia. I really don’t care about statistics and the numbers right now. I am concerned about regular people getting slain in our public roads at broad daylight. It is someone’s brother, son, uncle, neighbor, god-father etc. Let us be more sensitive to the reality of this murder situation and not just bother about the numbers for the year or the month. Put the politics aside and let us look at the human side of the equation. We are really, really in a bad state of affairs.

    While I do not blame the Prime Minister or any other PM in the past for crime, I think PJP needs to change his strategy of ignoring the situation and keeping quiet. Because ALL THAT’S NEEDED FOR EVIL TO FLOURISH is for Good men to keep silent. Silence is consent. Rumor has it that the current government is silent because they exposed Operation Restore Confidence to the American Embassy when they were in opposition. Right now it has come home to roost. Leh barb kar-mah-wad ou pwee defay, woozay sah woo. We are just left to speculate on the Impacs report as the Government is tight-lipped on this damaging report.

    So I am speculating, could it be that this is all in an effort to shield some persons mentioned, who may just be very deep in the government at this stage. Meanwhile several police officers are still suffering from the situation and cannot get visas, nor promotion while we await this famous report.

    Although I try to ignore Lucian Lowgrade, I cant resist at this point. He claims that this murder yesterday was not a random hit, but that the victim WAS A PERSON OF INTEREST. You sound very confident Sir, could it be that you are knowledgeable of the plot. I think the authorities should haul your tail b4 the courts as a person of interest and make you sing like a canary until you day-parle with information.

    I think the situation calls for an outcry. I am ready to protest but not with any March led by a political party – I not on dat. I want Civil Society, the church, the Unions, the Bar Association, Calypso Association, Farmers and Fishermen Co-operatives, Credit Unions, Chamber of Commerce, Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis and other associations to come together and rally against crime in our fair Helen. I throw out the challenge.

    Much love my people, in Jesus most holy name.

  15. Any plans for another Peace and Love initiative Mr Minister in the Prime Minister’s office? What happen, the criminals these days aren’t listening to nobody now. Each man for himself and dem young people head burn. They not listening to nobody, no bossman; nobody.

    Prayer is the only answer. Let us get back to the foot of the cross and intercede on behalf of our nation. No one is immuned. Fellas walking around with guns in their pockets like its a handkerchief – it is just so common and rampant now. Imagine for a minute that the guy in the bakery next to you has a gun on him, the man seated on the bus right next to you, has a firearm, the boy behind you on the supermarket line is armed. Get the picture yet? Ok, the person on the line in the passport office, at the mall, by the market, at WASCO or chilling in the ice-cream parlor, may be well loaded next to you. I want the reality of our grim situation to hit home. Don’t be passive because you think that your neighborhood is safe and you don’t hang out in bad areas. No one or nowhere is safe right now.


  16. I want to take a different perspective on this murder in particular. Sometimes I wonder where the sensitivity of St Lucians has disappeared to. I was at a doctor’s office when I heard someone said they just killed a man at Bonne Terre. Almost instantly I got a whatsapp message at 1:46 pm. This was spreading like wildfire over the internet. To my surprise, while watching the news the Fire Officer said that they received a call at 1:55pm. I sat and wondered because I got a message 9 minutes before the people who could have saved this life received the call. We are so quick to post these happenings when we could make the relevant call that could make the difference between life and death. Our once sweet nation is slowly turning into a HELL on Earth.

  17. @Lucian Low Grade your PM is not a police and so is the Public….We just have to let the Police do their job…..If a Prime Minister running a country and Head of National Security cannot implement strategies for more efficient policing to curb the high level of crime, instead of saying he is not a police his father was…. What message can one gather from this……why he don’t walk without security like the General public., Then he should get a real sense of what his role as Head National Security means…. Getting paid for a job but won’t deliver… smfh

  18. @greg, i understand your frustration and so do I, we elect these fools who become nonfunctional practically. They seem to find things that is not important to do to make themselves justifiable for their jobs/paychecks.
    @oh really – every gov. have a propaganda machine you find them everywhere and how you know them? they talk shit day and night even in their dreams. smh

  19. @Anon, yes I agree all parties have propaganda machines and there are a lot of them on here. The thing is that only one party is in power right now.


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