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Amnesty Programme To Ease Burden On Taxpayers


Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre introduced the tax amnesty programme to ease the burden on taxpayers and allow the uncollected tax revenue to stay in the pockets of everyday citizens and businesses.

In 2022, interest and penalty charges on outstanding taxes owed to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) amounted to $780 million.

The government is potentially forgoing $780 million in revenue to give everyday citizens and businesses a fighting chance in the face of high inflation and escalating food prices.

Cancelling the penalties, fines and interest on outstanding tax payments will alleviate the financial strain on our citizens and local businesses.

Once outstanding taxes are settled in full before May 1, 2024, eligible taxpayers will benefit from a 100% waiver on all applicable charges.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. One would think the government should put programs in place to make it easier for people to pay their debt off overtime. $780 million over the next 10 years would make a significant dent in the country’s public debt.

  2. Potentially Propaganda! So many ways continuing to fool the people. Potentially 780M, we that rich to throw away money? If you match that with the hotel 15 year tax exemption then you making sense but right now its pure popoo you talking.

  3. You all have people owing tax who pay 1000 plus between NIS and tax. So after taking 1 quarter of somebody’s income for years, how the heck can they owe u tax? The tax people doing whatever bobol They want. Their Maths is not Matching. The only people that should pay taxes they owe are the supermarkets who take money from the public and fail to pay that money. They need jail. But if government is taking tax from salary every month, they should not come back to me and say I owe tax. You touching the money before u give it for years, how the heck can such a person owe you tax? All those claims need cancelling. If the govt realise someone not paying enough tax it’s up to them to address it moving forward and that person can still dispute excessive tax. But u cannot tell me every month you take endless tax from someone and NIS and turn back to those same persons and say they owe tax. This is what has been going on with inland revenue for decades especially when it comes to govt workers. But you take your own tax before u pay them, so how you now turn back and tell them they owe u tax?

  4. This is a perfect recipe for people not to pay their taxes because those of us who were stupid and paid are now being laughed at by those who didn’t pay. So don’t pay and there will be another amnesty problem solved

  5. Interest and outstanding charges Aka late fees. So you still have to pay.

    All a precursor to the draconian laws to come.

    Nothing to see here Pierre, what about the interest that is made on keeping our refunds for years? Are we getting paid this?

  6. Oh Lord Pierre you are damn if you do and damn when you don’t St Lucian’s BiTCH ABOUT EVERYTHING. Anonymous Clown don’t take amnesty you fool and the rest of you jackasses who owe follow him….…..only in St Lucia people get tax’s amnesty and complain about it .

  7. Mr stupid pm you need to start thinking of the crime happening in st lucia focus on that do something to help with the crime in st lucia. We are in deep trouble and we need help .st lucians need to turn to God and not those stupid ministers

  8. I see some I saying Oh Lucians complaining about getting tax amnesty. This amnesty only benefits ppl who owe taxes not those of us who hv complied and paid taxes. So us who are law abiding hv to complain because we feel like we get penalised for paying whiles those who did not pay are being rewarded. It’s amazing how paying taxes is referred to as a ‘burden’

  9. @smh, exactly we pay our fair share of taxes on time and get little benefit from it and now those people who evade paying taxes will get a break. This 700 million dollars could go a long to making the country a better place for everyone but let’s get rid of it so people will vote for you in the next election.

  10. @Lucian Lowgrade, BS, however is doing it is wrong. The sandal tax break is wrong and this one is wrong as well. How can you give up 700 million in taxes after adding a compounding 2.5% on the nation.

  11. @ oh really.. don’t worry about certain people who seek to used descriptive words to others who not only exposing their deliquescence but also confirm they have a brain like a sheep.


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