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Nation Building In Focus For Independence 45


Nation building is the focal point for celebrating Saint Lucia’s 45th Independence anniversary.

And the theme for this year’s activities is Douvan Ansam – Building a Nation through Unity, Resilience, and Creativity.

At a media launch on Monday, organizers unveiled a comprehensive Calendar of Events to highlight the upcoming occasion.

Cabinet Secretary and Co-Chair of the Independence Committee Agosta Degazon noted that nation-building requires a collective effort, considering the many social and economic travails that the country has to overcome.

“Building a nation through unity must start from within and can only progress smoothly if we practice this from the smallest units,” he declared.

“We must unify our groups and visons for a mature Saint Lucia by continuing to communicate at all levels,” Degazon noted.

“This has the potential to ignite a clear path as we approach middle age as a nation and will help with the global vision of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): to promote an inclusive and peaceful society,” he added.

“There must be a drive towards more inclusive institutions, given the need for peaceful solutions,” the government official declared.

So, this year’s Independence calendar of activities will feature “some exciting changes” geared to promote unity and inclusiveness.

Degazon said a more united nation would help promote resilience “to social and environmental shocks and disasters. ”

He noted, first and foremost, that “as a country, we must do our utmost to protect the future of our citizens.”

He sounded a note of caution to employees within the public service about their responsibilities in serving the public.

He noted that ” the public sector must be a sound example to the private sector and invest in clean and green capital. ”

“Such public investments will provide job opportunities and generate a more robust level of economic growth,” said Degazon.

He asserted that it is imperative “to forge partnerships with global organisations to explore more sources of renewable energy and undertake initiatives to reduce the effects of climate change.”

“A deeper dive into our beliefs, values, and perception of what makes us Saint Lucian is very crucial in bringing out our creativity,” declared Degazon.

“Highlighting what makes Saint Lucia different from the rest of the world is crucial, given that tourism is the main sector driving our economies,” he said.
Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries, Guibion Ferdinand, spoke about bringing out the “true ‘Saint Lucianess’ in us through self-expression.”

“The spirit of Independence, the spirit of our celebration is being exhibited across the length and breadth of our island,” he said.

“And so, as we celebrate, let us embrace the key values of tolerance, peace, and inclusion,” he continued.

“But as we do so, let us not forget that our creativity and self-expression can become the key pillars for nation building and national pride,” Ferdinand asserted.


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  1. 45 years and the only method of nation building which the political duopoly (SLP/UWP – 2 cheeks of the same backside) were/are qualified for, is to stand outside the doorways of any gathering of nations with a tin cup, and beg unashamedly for small change!

  2. For the duopoly in St. Lucia, the concept of “nation building” is a concept that was heard from the US talking heads engaged by the US duopoly; then parroted locally – you know, “monkey hear, monkey say!”

    The realities in the world are never considered; that’s very obvious, based on the absence of world news in all the media outlets in St. Lucia. The only conclusion that can be arrived at is that the empire of lies (US) has forbidden its subjects in St. Lucia from broadcasting any news except what has been filtered through US & UK mainstream media.

    This post is an attempt to break through the wall of silence; to break through the scourge of censorship (both covert & overt). I’ll start with a link to a discussion of the economic realities under-pinning the US’ proxy war in Ukraine & on-going genocide of Palestinians by the Israeli Occupation Forces, who are financed and armed by the US:

    Why are China and Russia the US No. 1 Enemy? | Richard D. Wolff & Michael Hudson


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