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Taiwan Funds House Repairs, Sports Development


The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has again demonstrated the spirit of solidarity and shared commitment to improving the lives of Saint Lucians by funding two projects, namely the “Provision of Housing Repairs to the Less Fortunate” and “Sports Development”.

According to H.E. Peter Chia-Yen Chen, Taiwan’s Ambassador to Saint Lucia, the first project is specifically designed to assist those in need by providing essential building materials and technical support for refurbishing their homes.

In 2021, the Taiwan government facilitated a soft commercial loan to finance the National Housing Assistance Programme, Ambassador Chen noted.

However, with the increasing impacts of climate change in Saint Lucia, the demand has risen.

The Taiwan Government, therefore, addresses this urgency and necessity immediately, and renders assistance to the people in need.

With the youth population remaining a priority of the Government of Saint Lucia’s overall development policy, Minister Wu’s commitment also extended to supporting the Saint Lucian Government in establishing a dedicated fitness facility for national athletes through the “Sports Development Project, Ambassador Chen added.

Such a facility can lead to enhancing athletes’ training regimes, with the end goal being improved performance on the international stage.

“These initiatives go beyond mere financial contributions; they signify a shared vision between Taiwan and Saint Lucia,” Ambassador Chen emphasized. “We take pride in aligning our efforts with the policies of the Government of Saint Lucia, demonstrating the spirit of the ‘Taiwan Model’ for cooperation and assistance. May the benefits of these projects resonate in the lives of Saint Lucians for years to come.”

In accepting the grant funding for the respective projects from Ambassador Chen on behalf of the Government of Saint Lucia, Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Economy Development and the Youth Economy & Minister for Justice and National Security, expressed the Government of Saint Lucia’s gratitude for Taiwan’s steadfast support.

The Prime Minister added that affordable housing continues to be a challenge for many vulnerable Saint Lucians.

“Saint Lucia has a serious dearth of housing, particularly for the less-fortunate,” said Hon. Pierre. “I’m constantly being told that for the lower income people, there is need to improve their housing stock.”

SOURCE: Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in Saint Lucia 

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  1. Hopefully there is an agreed standard to be used. We do not want Frederick alone to be Minister/architect/Builder at the same time. We need to set the standard when it comes to housing. Also remind Pierre, there is nothing called poorest of the poor – no more insults. Please use words such as “ the unfortunate.”

  2. An economy sustained by loans and donations. It always amazes me to see politicians standing proud to receive charity, void of self respect. What is Taiwan’s fascination with St. Lucia?

  3. @Anonymous- I totally agree with not letting this man behave like he is the king pin of housing–the boss of it all- making baseless decisions to benefit himself alone! On the insults comment- I do think our PM needs to think before he speaks, a lot of blunders that will put him in trouble one day. However, we cannot be soft as a people and accuse each other of not being politically correct- it is what it is- there are poorest among the poor! Its like we cannot say somebody died anymore- we have to say somebody ” passed away” -..cripple is now differently abled—insane is now mentally challenged—-we are weakening the fabric of society with those “developed country” ideologies. Anyways- thanks Taiwan–i hope we do not squander the aid.

  4. Republic of China (Taiwan)? Why noy just say government of Taiwan. It’s not from the government of China. What’s is the amount given?

  5. @Anonymous….they have very few allies left so support their independent efforts from mainland China, therefore they are really buttering the feet of less than half a dozen “friends” out there.

  6. As usual it will only go to friends and their supporters. Those they don’t like or had a beef with in the past will suffer. Just like the gentleman at fond st Jacque who gave Pauline the application for Emma to submit for him. The thing is was she on good term with that neighbor and did Emma ever got that application and submitted it. Effort to reach Emma and her secretary on that application in the past were futile. Guess in Stlucia is who we know and who we voted for so it’s all good for the people that will benefit. But my suggestion next time have a special board comprises of slp, uwp and independent persons to look into that project and the applications. Don’t let the parliamentarians or government be the ones making the decision on who they will help with such. Biasness does not count when it comes to putting our less fortunate people first regardless of who they voted for. Peace and love


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