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Chastanet To Address The Nation


Rising crime, the higher cost of living, and lack of access to essential medical care will be among the topics of opposition leader Allen Chastanet’s address to the nation.

The disclosure came in a statement on Friday from Chastanet’s office.

The release said the United Workers Party (UWP) leader would deliver a ‘compelling discourse’ on the country’s critical issues on Sunday, January 28, at 8:00 pm .

It said Chastanet’s address would also call for collaborative solutions, emphasising the importance of unity and cooperation across party lines to ensure a better future for all.

“The address marks a pivotal moment in our nation’s political landscape, signaling a proactive approach towards addressing the multifaceted challenges that impact the lives of our citizens,” the release stated.

In a separate Facebook post, Chastanet declared that 2023 was a tough year for many Saint Lucians.

Nevertheless, he asserted that, given the government’s current stance, 2024 looks like it will be ‘more of the same’.

The former prime minister invited citizens to tune in to his New Year’s address live via Hot7 TV, GVD TV, Sky FM, Rev-Up 97.1FM, and Facebook.

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  1. Chastanet, honestly speaking, you’re a fake,sham and you’re trying to stay relevant.
    I have no interest in hearing what you have to say. You and your cabal,rape this nation for almost six years and we’re paying for you’ll injustices now.
    I want to remind the Prime Minister that by now the Special prosecutor, should have hauled some of them in for questioning.
    Any presentation you, Chastanet makes should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. To be honest , I have no time to waste to listen to the leader of the opposition, what did he do for the young people of st lucia when he was in power , nothing what we are facing is the legacy that he left behind . That is why he was kicked out of power …

  3. What big bird have to say now, he couldn’t do enough damage when he was in power. Stop fooling people, all of you’ll have to go. Politics is not in our favor. Only division and destruction this path, two sides of the same colonial coin, with house slaves in charge. The people should rebel against you’ll.

  4. Wonderful, I was looking for that ever since. Allen make sure you don’t tell us lies, we know you are famous for that.
    Ŵe want you to tell us the number of passports you sold during your reign.
    Tell us what you did with the863 million dollars you borrowed.
    Tell us about the vaccine money you gave away and no vaccine was received.
    Tell us why st Jude foundation was estimated for 3 million dollars and you paid 9 million.
    Tell us about all the monies that you gave to CHTTI.
    Don’t forget to apologize for calling our cousin Non entity
    If you clarify these , then you can talk about crime and other things.

  5. Just a question.
    If everyone is against our PM (pip) and against Chastanet then who will the people of st lucia vote for in the next election????

  6. The Vieux Fort match was a waste.
    The Castries match was a waste.
    Now you not planning any more matches . Smh.
    You aim is to share air play with SLP who is in Anse la raye today.
    I will never listen to you.

  7. Folks, the man is the leader of the opposition and that’s politicians, like it or leave it..
    We need the younger generation to get involved and take us through our current old people without visionary leadership skills..
    No vision keeps the old head’s Stagnant.. Those people are too old to take St Lucia anywhere but down.. let’s select a younger breed with vision’s.

  8. First, let me state I am neither SLP or UWP – however with all due respect to the leader of the opposition

    Rising crime — does not affect you or your family at the moment
    The higher cost of living —– does not affect millionaires or the well to do like yourself
    Lack of access to essential medical care —- does not affect you or your family as you all run to the US quick fast and in a hurry – in fact you do not utilize the healthcare services in your own island

    Let us be really honest with each other – Amen


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