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‘Praise Jah’ – Electrical Incident Victim Thankful To Be Alive


The victim of a freak electrical incident at Marchand, Castries, last week is thankful to be alive, recalling that while awaiting a bus, one of his hands was resting on an electrical pole, and he got a shock.

“I just feel something hold me,” the victim, who identified himself only as Joshua, told reporters.

Joshua said he ‘zoned out’ and could not remember what happened immediately afterward.

However, he recalled getting up later and running.

‘Poule Bois’, who operates a Tyre Shop at Marchand, said he saw sparks and fire around Joshua.

“I have chest pains at the right side of my chest. Like I feeling lil pricks. My back, my joints and like when I have to get up off the bed, like I does feel a lil strain by my neck. I don’t know if is a muscle that sore,” Joshua disclosed.

He spoke as he sought follow-up medical treatment at a Tapion Hospital.

The victim said St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) had contacted him and promised to contact him later on Monday.

“I just have to thank the father for being here today so I could speak to you all, talk to my family. I just have to praise Jah,” Joshua stated.

Regarding compensation for what he suffered, Joshua declared that LUCELEC knows what the company has to do.

“I could have lose my life,” he noted.

“When my grandmother saw me in the ambulance, my grandmother done get weak already, ready to faint,” Joshua recalled.

He said one of his buddies had to hold the woman and reassure her.

Joshua said he cannot sleep properly and flashbacks haunt him.

He explained that he awakes from sleep feeling like someone is attacking him.

In addition, he disclosed that the incident has negatively affected his work.

A relative who accompanied Joshua to Tapion Hospital told reporters that the victim’s health comes first.

However, the relative said they had spent some ‘serious money’ on his medical bills and it was likely that his injuries would be long-term.


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  1. Correct, but do you have all your medical bills, have you sought legal advice on moving this forward? you cannot let this slide jah will be pissed at you for it!

  2. Gasa stop talking to the media….SHUT YUH MOUTH don’t let nobody poppyshow yuh. DONT SIGN NOTHING FROM LUCI LEC YUH HEAR MI. Go get your self a lawyer (take time) St Lucia has lousy lawyers so good luck in finding one that specializes in personal injury or has a good track record thereof……yuh might have broaden your scope for one that specializes in personal injuries and has a license to practice in the ECS. Boss listen to me right now LUI LEC has their LAWYERS and as we speak they are judging you by your LAST NAME AND DEMOGRAPHICS and they are urging the company what to do and how much they think your injuries are worth and what kind of bone to toss you. Your life is priceless, but they don’t care with that…..the company has “insurance” so they are not afraid so go for TOP DOLLAR ONLY nothing less this is why you NEED GOOD REPRESENTATION. Be careful of Judas that will pop out of nowhere and bad mind family members who never gave yuh the time of day now extending you well wishes and “suddenly are concerned”……..St Lucian’s are wicked. Jammets are going to flock you….take what my grandmother use to say. “A Shine eye gyal is a trouble to a man”. Lawyers are criminals too….. learn your rights, percentage, and how to read decimal points. Come to Red Cedar Heights VF and ask for Lucian Highgrade or go to Star Newspaper and ask for Mae I will be happy to give you advice for a small fee or direct you to my lawyer in town a little pit bull he not too bad that may help you. DONT SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT, DONT TALK ANYMORE TO THE MEDIA, GO BACK TO TAPION YUH STILL IN PAIN. GO NOW !!!

  3. This man has to get a good law firm out of st Lucia and file a lawsuit for 100 million dollars . He should not trust any st Lucian lawyer as they are all part of the brother hood . All them local lawyers are corrupt and will take money under the table from the company and keep this man in poverty …

  4. Man just get a good lawyer from outside st lucia and file a lawsuit for 100 million dollars please do not trust them st Lucian lawyers as they all represent the interest of the capitalist and the freemasons

  5. There can be long term medical consequences from electrocution. PLEASE make sure that you do get good legal advice, and not only a one-off compensation. Listen carefully to what others are saying here. I’m very glad your life was saved, but you and your family need to deal with the future too. Good luck to you Sir.

  6. “LAWYERS and as we speak they are judging you by your LAST NAME AND DEMOGRAPHICS and they are urging the company what to do and how much they think your injuries are worth and what kind of bone to toss you.” How iconic eh! the political party you come and try to spew propaganda, that very statement you made your party goons are doing exactly the same. SMFH, as a patriotic party Mongol, you are every well acquainted with that area you can personally go meet the mun, spend some propaganda money to get a proper lawyer. You type all that sh@it, what if the mun is literate?

  7. @Annymous of course for a “modest consultation fee “ he could step into my office…..yes advice is free but good advice is better than pocket change. Luci lec got their advice and is poised to see if will he or won’t he. Who knows the long term complications will be from electrocution, your health is your wealth. Yes they will pay his hospital bills but once he signs any documents without knowing what he is signing could be life changing,


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