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Fedee Says Many Perpetrators Of Crime Are SLP Supporters


Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee declared at a news conference on Tuesday that many perpetrators of crime are supporters of the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

“You look at who supported them in the last election. They can’t bark because many of the perpetrators of crime are their supporters. I am not saying that all SLP supporters are criminals, but there seems to be a pandering to lawless behaviour by the SLP administration,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP asserted.

Fedee asserted that, for that reason, government officials have not come out to forcefully reject that behaviour as unacceptable.

“Their hands are tied because they need political favours from certain criminal elements of the country,” Fedee told Tuesday’s news conference.

The former Minister spoke as Saint Lucia experienced a continuing wave of deadly gun violence.

After recording 75 homicides last year, so far in 2024, the country has chalked up eight.

Fedee said people get the impression that the criminals are in control.

He recalled seeing videos of people in a crowd pointing their fingers in the faces of police officers.

“This is wrong,” the former MP said, adding that respect for the police must be regained.

Fedee also asserted that people in politics can do well to ensure they support the police.

But he indicated that the SLP was in no position to speak out.


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  1. Oh please! They’re young thugs who probably don’t care about government or who is in power. Why must everything is St. Lucia be political? But, yes, government is mostly to blame for crime getting so out of control. Get outside police help. Get rid of corruption in government. Both parties! Stop letting serious offenders out on bail, Stiffer sentences. Maybe bring back capital punishment. But something needs to be done, and soon, or we’ll lose tourism. And then we’re doomed.

  2. And just like that you’ve lost my respect….. Damn y’all politicians. When will y’all learn that crime sees no political party.

  3. Idiotic and irresponsible assertions on the part of Fedee. If he is so confident about his loose comments perhaps it’s time the police pays him a visit. It stands to reason he is withholding vital information the police can use. Whilst he is at it he should tell St Lucians which year St Lucia registered the highest annual percentage increase in homicides if not 2017.

  4. What in the hell is this guy smoking? Uh? The same way Belrose came out and said that SLP supporters are not worthy of assistance. Remember the Belrose doctrine? Disgusting 🤢.

  5. As usual, I post my comment before reading the other posts … I agree with all of you!!
    Blatant nonsense from someone who should be setting an example … smh.

  6. my goodness is this man loosing his mind .I cannot believe he is so desperate stupid and brainless. how could a st Lucian vote for such useless politicians . I dont support any political party but I believe even uwp supporters are disgusted by such stupid comments.

  7. Wow ..poor excuse.. typical example of low life no class comment from someone desperately seeking power.. getting ways to incite crime and violence, trying to play the blame game…

  8. Fedee is full of himself. He needs to excrete it fast. Do those young idiots even have voting cards? Their sympathies may be with Labour, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to actually voting. I doubt they vote because it doesn’t fit with the hardcore gang image they wish to portray. Fedee is only trying to rile up party jihadis. Those fanatics are always in search of a confrontation.

  9. Wow. Where is the proof sir? Seriously? You must be joking. Wonder why everything has to be about politics. Wasn’t crime evident no matter who is in power? Honestly all you guys are doing is showing who to not vote for. Instead of pointing fingers, why not collaborate in helping to solve the crime and other problems. Think of the people of the country for once.

  10. Come on Fedee, that was definitely not the right thing to say. Totally wrong. I suggest to be man enough and retract the statement

  11. Fedee has a point just like all of you and …..all 1 has to do ….is research who has built developed this island the most …commercial developments….on this island in the last decade and that is remotely an partially yo answer as to local and foreign payoffs ! Be it Escobar gun smuggling ,drugs big shipments equal big international waters an lots of unchecked containers and drums, barrels and movements!… bring back the canines K-9 unit it’s the only way to find sh*T deh and go house to house no matter who the PHOCK it is with the new and locally trained canine units… this island loves dogs train local volunteers k9 dog sniffers so 24-7 the dogs in customs!…. Just a thought, I Thank You.

  12. @annoymous. Retract? The man has said what is in his heart. A retrataction would be in response to the backlash and will NOT be sincere. Just as

  13. @105 when KDA said publicly soon after he lost power that investors should not invest in St. Lucia at this time the UWPee was in power and a lunatic on the isle throwing it back at their face the hacks don’t like it. But I too will say he should have shown maturity and don’t reduce himself to the sheep brains of the SLP. Look as the hard facts, who is the rep again for Bruceville again, this guy vanish in thin air or they kidnapped hom in Haiti?. The Minister for national security must bean enough and resign what is he waiting for doesn’t he know continue at this pace with bring his demise with it as well… Like come on
    RSS coming back. Smfh

  14. Can you believe this ANIMAL is going so far to even say most criminals are SLP supporters? He has lost all his respect and should apologize to the entire nation. That scumbag has gone to far, Political emotions is all over his face. He should be DEPORTED and strip out of his his citizenship. This is to POLITICAL.

  15. Sad, staying relevant for some is making statements that are dumb, stupid and insulting. At least he is spouting his true feelings. Not sure if that’s how he wanted it to come out. Sometimes one needs to think before talking, in this case he talked before thinking. Typical politician talk, just can’t help themselves.

  16. Through Fedee’s highly ignorant rant belies truth, despite him living in a ‘Glass House’. This evil is beyond party. Let us ask ourselves where do these Reincarnated spirits come from? Sadly, evil encompasses the earth. This is not abstract or a delusional comment. Let us reflect.

    Our words, thoughts conjure the unseen world of demons, dark entities and phantoms. We are what we eat , see and listen too. The noise pollution of belching mostly Jamaican gangsta bashment music, a oxymoron. Is one of the catalyst. Mostly young Males oblivious to other people blar out this obnoxious hellish and insipid excrement of noise. Amplified beyond decibels akin to a richter scale earthquake tremor, again impersonal cruelly evil!

    Alas, the Government’s role of both parties is to tackle the root cause of crime-it is a bipartisan initiative. Bereft of any plan or strategies the evil rot will continue
    Most youth have abandoned their God Given conscience and believe to be not culpable and responsible for their actions. The Laws of Reaping and Sowing applies to us all. As Fedee has not come with a solution he is as culpable as the criminal. Which one of us can judge. Look at Anse La Raye and Fedee’s poor and embarrassing legacy. It is a appalling blight in our Island. A thoroughfare which most foreign visitors see daily. If you live in a ‘Glass House’ please desist from throwing stones.

  17. The final nail in his political career. Finish. Trust me on this one. At that level …smh. whats the motivation ???

  18. Unbelievable! Why would he make such a comment, how could he discern who is yellow or red. Remarks like that will cost them votes. Foolish little man.

  19. There is some truths to the matter. Ok then this mostly UWP supporters then. You’ll can’t handle the truths. Look around at those t-negs…from which household are they typically from? Case is laid to rest.

  20. This might sound bad but this isn’t an isolated observation. LABOR parties around the world tend to attract lawlessness. I don’t want to say that the party supports it but there is an uptick in crime, violent crime when they’re in power.

  21. Mate has no respect or love for St.Lucians. This is one of the most irresponsible statements ever made by a politician in St.Lucia.. In fact mate is not fit to represent any party in any of houses of Parliament.

  22. Parliamentary privilege allows Parliamentarians to make comment without fear of litigation. Surely a press conference does not have this privilege if so then the police must visit his statement and see if its not likely to create and entice anti SLP feelings which could lead to victimisation and civil unrest ..
    This is very dangerous ground …and piss poor politics.
    A very sad day in St.Lucian politics .

  23. I just want to ask Feede the Man who used obscenity and wanted to fight in Marigot for a shot of gin, is he a labor supporter?

  24. Parliament previledges whenever, statements are made in the,House.
    Dominic Fedee, should be ashamed of himself and his statement. What is it that he’s trying to imply,is he saying that; all the United workers party voters who voted the SLP are criminals?
    Has he conviently forgot,that his political leader and Spider has encouraged people to get angry?
    Has he forgotten,Wayne Harrow, lawyer by profession,incited violence by asking people to burn down houses.
    Has he forgotten,Peter Josie, literally told the young men of Vieux Fort,to Shoot,the SLP politicians.
    The list goes on and on,to numerous to mentioned.

  25. How horrendous and irresponsible a statement!!! Mr. Fedee is doing something stupid, dangerous and so utterly foolish. Opening the door to those of his criminally-minded followers who will not think for themselves. Man!!!

  26. Re Article.. Unfortunately,he is at the end of his rope and he must squeel and expose politicians,they will say anything to get elected and he is a prime example… The squweekey wheel gets the greese..
    Now we are awake, let’s solve our problems as ONE.
    We are wasting quality time and earned ( NOTHING but HATE… He is entitled to his opinion and so do us.
    Politician spill..

  27. While Fedee statement may not be accurate, the party in government presently, label a politician as a drug dealer, money launder, under invoicing and othe criminal activities. Everybody knows where that particular politician is now. Did the government say they were just playing politics and they don’t have any evidence? Boy the game of politics.

  28. To add my two cents: This is so absurd and shameful. Minister Federal is gas lighting. This is such a desperate effort to gain political traction. Sometimes smart people say stupid stuff. Can you imagine PJP saying most of the shootings and illegal gun possession cases are by UWP supporters. Minister Federal needs to keep to the relevant issues and propose solutions.

  29. While Fedee statement may not be accurate, the party in government presently, label a politician as a drug dealer, money launder, under invoicing and othe criminal activities. Everybody knows where that particular politician is now. Did the government say they were just playing politics and they don’t have any evidence? Boy the game of politics.

  30. Oh my goodness. I served under this idiot and the following are a few words I have always used to describe him; unfocused, incurious, insensitive, ineffective, a scatterbrain and a chatter box. I am convinced this guy is a sociopath if not a psychopath.

  31. The truth really seems to hurt you guys but the more fact than fiction is that, every time red is in power the criminals become emboldened as if crime is an endorsement of the slp. Hate it or love it he is right…”look guys!, criminals! Criminals everywhere!!!” Last time they were in power castries was a warzone since then the disease has spread. Maybe thats where it began?

  32. Regardless of one’s party affiliation we should be offended by Fedees comment. His comments are offensive to all St Lucians especially those of voting age…

  33. Why some of you all upset look at the Philip j Pierre administration..why you all didn’t upset with Kenny Anthony

  34. Stop reading headlines and listen to the statement he made and and in the context it was made. Where is the same outrage for the escalation of crime under this government with their do nothing attitude.

  35. Let me state I am neither SLP nor UWP – but it appears that Mr. Fedee may be suffering from a
    (Napoleon Complex) That being said — in addition, the political war of words and character assassination in St. Lucia is ridiculous on every level — dudes wanting to be relevant by any means necessary while crime increases and the roads are horrible. Some family members not speaking to each other because of difference in political affiliation – if that is not IGNORANT – then what is. ???????

    I am not certain if St. Lucians realize this simple fact —– regardless of your political affiliation — if you currently reside in St. Lucia – EVERYONE OF YOU ARE AFFECTED by the current state of affairs with the ongoing crime in St. Lucia. In my opinion, collaboration of all St. Lucian citizens in this fight is urgently warranted at this trying time.

  36. @Lydia Estaphane this comment is epic! I hope you have a videos lets post it ehhhh I can’t anymore with this man! where do we get off politics and get to the facts? What on earth does that have to do with crime in the Country. Firstly, most of the criminals aren’t even caught and if you did catch them did you conduct some type of survey to verify who they voted for or are presently supporting. Fedee (am taking away the mr) you need to seriously stop and shows us that your wiser than making such nonsensical statements. The place is ridden with crimes and criminals, this is the best you have to offer for the solution to crime. Please do everyone a favour stay silent for a few moments or as the Americans say take a time out.

  37. Sensationalism again by SLP supported. Taking a statement out of context and making mileage with it. Let me add I don’t support the statement made by Fedee, but the man has his rights to make a statement with reasonable proof. I read and listened to the statement and the first one to make mileage was that SoLarge girl on HTS. Bias reporting to core. The man actually said why the current administration hands were tied when it came to dealing with the crime issue. Take a good look at some of the biggest spenders on the SLP campaign trail, then tell me whether Fedee is totally wrong.

  38. I love the outrage! Statements like these though taken out of context have no place in our politics.

    Political maturity would mean that these persons would also show similar outrage when Ernest made his “The crimes were planned in Saint Lucia statement” on a Dominican political platform no less. With more far-reaching implications.

    When we are equally able to denounce absurdities on both sides regardless of our party affiliation only then will we see the shift in our politics that we crave.


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