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33 Illegal Caribbean Migrants Rescued At Sea


United States Coast Guard and Dominican Republic air and surface crews rescued 33 illegal Caribbean migrants from a disabled vessel approximately 20 nautical miles northeast of Macao, Dominican Republic.

The incident occurred on Wednesday.

A Coast Guard release said reports indicated the vessel was taking on water.

The release disclosed that the migrants were aboard an overloaded 25-foot makeshift boat, waving their arms for assistance.

It said that the Coast Guard aircrew deployed their rescue swimmer, who confirmed the well-being of all the vessel passengers and that they were all wearing life jackets.

Shortly after that, a Dominican Republic Navy vessel arrived on scene and safely embarked the migrants, who were returned to the Dominican Republic.

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  1. Dear Editor,
    I begged you not to publish news with toxic and derogatory headlines. Reason being we are considered Caribbean people from the outside world. That being said, it means we are being classed as one nation even though there are many different countries that formulate the fabric of “The Caribbean”. We are not peter pay for paul, paul pay for all! As a citizen of St. Lucia I refute this article headline and call upon the good office of this online use media to be very careful. The propaganda news have it as the “Migrant, Wagon of Migrants & Criminals crossing our borders” typical stereo type terms which can have devastating consequences to us. I am not going to suggest what headlines you should post but my humble opinion suggest that is bias and unfair to us St. Lucians. The content clearly states the origin of the migrants, if I am residing outside of St. Lucia, even in the Sahara Dessert and I see a headline like this my heart will skip a beat because my 1st thought process is OMG St. Lucians in this shit!

  2. This is what makes the headlines in the St. Lucia Times? I am not surprised in the least!

    Seems the US is desperate to be relevant to Caribbean folk, by highlighting the desperation of citizens of the Dominican Republic to emigrate to the US; without noting that the cause of these counter-invasions (if you will) stems from the 2 invasions of DR by the US, in the 20th century.

    Fast forward to the 21st century – since the uprising of the Palestinians in the Gaza open-air concentration camp against their Zionist occupiers, the supposed free press in St. Lucia has received strict instructions from broadcasting world events (covert censorship). Why? The citizens of the last-remaining victims of its empire must be kept in the dark for as long as possible to the atrocities of the US, around the globe.

    In retaliation to the open rebellion of the Palestinians against 75+ years of brutal occupation and ethnic cleansing, the US has given license to their Zionist savages to quickly complete their genocidal task within the next few months, and are actively supplying 2,000-pound bombs to the Israeli Occupation Forces to obliterate all traces of the Palestinians in their own land (much like the US attempted to do against the native inhabitants they encountered 4 centuries ago). The US empire of lies is also facing overwhelming resistance from Russia, China & the Global South (formerly Non-Aligned Movement) to its program of “full spectrum dominance” of the world.

    These epic uprisings account for the panic & dread amongst the leaders of the US empire & for the total blackout of world news in St. Lucia & CARICOM; whose leaders (house n1gg@$, all) have had their voices stifled by a recent payout of US$100 million down their throats!

  3. @Anonymous what exactly is the issue, isn’t the Dom Rep in the Caribbean and besides I didn’t see the nationality of the folks am going to go on a limb here and say It may have other nationalities too, probably unable to verify as you know (its the caribbean) its how things go, but I was expecting to hear they call out the countries but they didn’t, things are getting bad and people are desperate these days. DESPERATE they would risk their lives in such a manner to get to anywhere and in the DR there are lots of folks from other countries who try to escape to just about anywhere they can find. Its a very interesting time to be alive. St Lucia is no bed of roses my friend and our lovely island has now become a place where criminals some how bask and do as they please because each day its a killing and shooting nothing like we have seen before. Take a look at the amount of deaths for the year 2024 already. Prayers my friend and asking the Almighty for his mercy upon us ALL


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