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Police Arrest Illegal Immigrants, Seize Gun And Ammunition


On Thursday, February 1, 2024, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) conducted a joint operation within the Northern and Central Divisions.

The operation involved police officers from the Criminal Investigations Department Castries, Gros Islet Patrol Team, Special Patrol Team, and the Bicycle Patrol Unit.

The RSLPF is carrying out these ongoing operations to dismantle criminal networks, in order to address public safety issues on the island. During a recent operation, officers executed five (5) search warrants and apprehended eight (8) individuals:

  1. A house in Ferrand Cul De Sac, Castries, was searched, resulting in the discovery and seizure of one pistol and eight (8) rounds of .45 calibre ammunition. Two (2) individuals were arrested for the offences of Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Ammunition. A marijuana planation was discovered within 100 yards of this residence. Consequently, eight hundred (800) marijuana plants were destroyed.
  2. A house in Dugard, Micoud, was searched resulting in the discovery of one (1) illegal immigrant from Venezuela. Two (2) Saint Lucians were arrested for Harbouring an Illegal Immigrant, and the foreign national was arrested for illegal Entry; Disembarking without Consent of an Immigration Officer.
  3. An establishment in the south of the island was searched, resulting in the discovery of one (1) Jamaican national who had overstayed (Failing to renew his permit before or on the date of expiry) in Saint Lucia. Additionally, two (2) Colombian nationals were also identified and arrested for illegal entry; Disembarking without Consent of an Immigration Officer.
  4. The Officers ended the operation with a strong police presence in known crime hotspots in Vieux-Fort, with targeted sweeps conducted in those areas.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force is committed to protecting and serving the people of Saint Lucia. We will not stand idly by as criminals run amok in our country.

Our ongoing operations bear testament to our dedication and commitment to fulfilling our mandate as law enforcement within our nation’s legal framework.

We urge all Saint Lucians to join us in our efforts to keep our communities safe.

Remember, if you spot it, report it!

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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  1. I can’t believe you destroyed the 800 plants of marijuana medicine smph woiii …..good job other than destroying the sensie ……an Wow …..illegal Colombians… Jamaicans… Venezuelans ….Oh My!

  2. I am at a lost for words —– I am a St. Lucian who have been living abroad for over 50 years. On very very rare occasions I have traveled to St. Lucia – the customs officers go through every little thing – it’s all good as it’s their job and should be for EVERYONE who visits. However, as I previously stated, I very rarely visit —- my question: How were these good for nothing foreigners able to ——-

    {DISEMBARK without CONSENT of an Immigration Officer.} — I smell a BIG RAT ??????????

    Some of you Lucians are seriously self destructive and have already lost your soul to the Devil ———just saying $$$$$$$$$

  3. St. Lucia is too small a place for all that crime to be happening. And we know lucians are experts at minding people business and gossip so everyone knows who is doing what. Why is it taking the popo so long to make moves.

  4. Great job officers with the capture of the illegal immigrants. The Vieux Fort area is festered with them. You can easily tell that they are in hiding or are in St Lucia for no good or legitimate reason. They are in hiding during the day but go out at sundown. Your next raid officers should be at Cedar Heights in Vieux Fort. Check Highgrade, he would tell you those that live in close proximity to him.

  5. if the front door lock and you cyah get in. and the kitchen window lock and you cyah get it and the bedroom window lock and you cyah get in . kick in the back door.

  6. It’s crazy though the moment certain groups arrive in any country the drug activity is on the rise, I knew St Lucia had to be influenced by some group with all that drug and gun activities. I hope immigration and the necessary bodies do their job to keep the country safe. The place is starting to get run down and its beginning to show. Gone are the days when you could allow such behavior to just past, its time to protect your citizens. Anytime you hear in one article the following countries, Colombia, Venezuela and Jamacia its time to watch yourself. We need miracles now more than ever.

  7. @so call tell the truth you need to stop dodging the truth you clown…….”oh I knew St Lucia had to be influenced by some group”. Oh my we were so pure and timid like Tibetans it’s “outsiders “ that came in and influenced us my my we are a lost tribe.

  8. Look give the police their credit where it is due. Keep up the good work you seems to stamp your feed down, I like how the constant road checks being carried out but you also have to move into communities, get some more silent underground officers!

  9. @Lowgrade Lucian, do not act like St. Lucia is not influenced heavily by South American drug trade, we are only just another point on the way to North America and the drugs need protection at every point.

  10. Let’s talk about the police officers beating those illegal immigrants after the arrest. We have lots of st.Lucian’s leaving abroad who have overstayed, some get caught by police and immigration. I know for a fact they will never get beaten up like the Venezuelian guy police arrested and gave a beat down for overstaying his welcome.

  11. Another job well done officers, keep up the heat all over the island to keep the undesirable out of the island.. five (5) ***** to the law enforcement Department..

  12. Great job officers.. keep the pressure on the criminals.. weed them out one by one … may the good lord keep you guys safe as you continue weeding out the criminals in st.lucia..

  13. @Classless O Really you Clown…..I see you get up today with your rant rage, who drank your Ensure in the fridge again ?? You are really naive to be thinking we are some lost tribe in the Caribbean that are not exposed to today’s world of evils so we timid meek and mild and are unable to commit these sins on our own. St Lucian been there done that before the days of Gory, so I don’t know what rock you have been under since independence…….oh I forgot at one point you were tip toeing thru the tulips in your speedos.


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