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Shot Fired At Police Checkpoint In Castries


Police fired a shot on Jeremie Street on Tuesday after a car broke through a checkpoint, hitting two other vehicles and injuring an officer in the escape bid.

The officer, who is reported to have sustained a leg injury, sought medical attention.

Police opened fire in a bid to protect the officer who the car hit.

The incident occurred at about 10:00 am and resulted in the arrest of one man.

Last month, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) announced that it expected increased operational efficiency, including stepped-up traffic checks in 2024.

As a result, Police Commissioner Crusita Descartes-Pelius told a news conference that the public can expect what they may deem inconveniences during significant traffic checks and other similar strategies.

“I ask that the public bear in mind that such ‘inconveniences’ may serve to preserve the life or lives of even their loved ones,” Descartes-Pelius stated.

She disclosed that police had found firearms, other deadly weapons, illegal drugs, and illegal immigrants at checkpoints.

Descartes-Pelius told the news conference that with the expectation of increased operational efficiency, the police were prepared for confrontations with the public.

However, she disclosed that the RSLPF would continue training to develop professional standards and ethics.

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  1. Madam Cruisita, nothing is inconvenient. We need to be secure. We need to take back our country. At this point the country is being ruled by criminals in the absence of a Minister of Security.

  2. Madame Commisioner…..I have already said “Incovenience us all” !!!! No need to apologize , shake up the feathers from the top to the bottom!

  3. Wow … so you broke through the check point, you damaged vehicles, you hurt an officer who is ON DUTY and you live to tell that story … I see 🤔

  4. The police must be s
    upported If this temporary inconvenience saves a life removes a firearm off the street if it restricts law breaking .
    It’s a pro active measure by the police .

  5. These good for nothings along with their sutweeez need to be handled by the forces that be without any apology. I am neither SLP nor UWP – do you folk honestly believe the government is responsible for these good for nothings running amok and causing mayhem (these folk are agents on assignment of the devil) – it looks like the thugs will soon take over. The audacity of the IDIOT to break through a designated checkpoint and hit 2 cars and an officer in the process……only in St. Lucia —

    Lucians – you all better thank GOD you all live in St. Lucia for real.
    BTW – please obtain a search warrant for his house/apartment/whatever – only GOD knows what you will discover – wow wow wow

  6. Imagine your son or daughter was in that vehicle and this happen. Who would you blame the police or the driver that is irresponsible or the parents who allowed there kids to grew up and follow vaynegs

  7. Get serious. Cus I know what I know. Police fire a shot and after a car broke? Why after a car broke. It’s gotta be done already!

  8. @Lucian Lowgrade, what is your point? Your master is out here pleading with evil people to be good people, instead of applying pressure. It does not matter who is making the guns, criminals will find and use whatever weapons they can find, knives, cutlass, spears, guns, so your foolish points are irrelevant.

  9. 3 ships in town, 10 am, right by arcade in congested traffic, Woiiiii these guys real brazen to think they can push threw an run over the cops like that says a lot!,,,, smph scare in the locals an Norwegians cruise ship passengers smph….. more vehicle stops!,,,,dogs at customs and the marinas and obviously cruise ship ports as well for gun Escobar movements!…..smph

  10. Good job officers. Yall need a big vehicle to block the road funnel the traffic so as your safety is guaranteed. Criminals should not be allowed free reign. Also too many young men are idle. We need to find creative ways to make the drug trade less appealing. And gun play should demand mandatory sentences… 10 -20 years for possession.

  11. I hope the magistrates set an example with this criminal. $20 000.00 bail. No slap on the wrist.
    Phulchere we are watching.

  12. Good job law enforcement, Keep the heat on the criminals and let’s keep our streets clean… We must keep the heat on..


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