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Police Probe Chopping At Ciceron Secondary School


Police are investigating a chopping incident at the Ciceron Secondary School on Monday that has left students, teachers, and parents terrified.

According to reports, two male students, one of them a peacemaker,  sustained injuries.

The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Castries responded after learning of the incident at about 2:45 pm.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) also responded.

SLFS spokeswoman Stacy Joseph told St. Lucia Times that the responding officers found the male teenagers, each nursing a wound to one of their hands

Joseph said the emergency personnel provided emergency medical care and transported the youngsters to a medical facility in stable condition.

On Tuesday, anxious parents who showed up at the school spoke to reporters on condition of anonymity.

“What I hear is that a young man had a cutlass and a knife and he was attempting to chop another student, and there was students trying to separate instead of teachers. I guess the teachers are fearful for their life,” a concerned mother stated.

However, she said at least ‘one or two’ male teachers could have intervened to defuse the situation.

She said someone could have died.

The parent said police officers must be at the school gate searching students.

The parent said she visited the school because she wanted to hear not only what her child told her but also what the teachers and other students had to say.

Another parent said her nephew, who tried to play the role of peacemaker, got a cut on his hand while another student sustained an injury.

She said her daughter also attends Ciceron Secondary, but she wants to get the girl out.

That parent blamed the altercation at the school on gang rivalry involving the ‘Sixx’ and ‘Seven’ factions, believed to be a Trinidad and Tobago import.

Principal Adey Paul was unavailable for comment when St. Lucia Times contacted the institution.

He was at a meeting with Education Ministry officials.


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  1. Remnants of YouTube, mass killings and non existant security system. All this had a small issue and it grows in this. Believe it or not criminals minds are going to school every day. From drugs consumer, to trafficking, .rapist and of murders

  2. The current ongoing crime in St. Lucia is everybody’s business – you all live on island and for some reason you all must get involved to assist in finding a solution/fighting crime/and or turning the bandits and accomplices in to law enforcement – there must be a way you can do this in anonymity — don’t believe that crime will not visit you or you family based on the current state of affairs in St. Lucia. February has just began and ongoing lawlessness seems to be the order of the day on the streets at school, at check points and only God knows where else. At the rate of this commesss – don’t be angry or upset if the State Department warns visitors not to visit —-??????

  3. Sad day in St Lucia when the violence is in the school right in front of the principal’s office. This just goes to show how brazen the youth are and the state of lawlessness in our beautiful isle. We need to do something sooner rather than later to arrest this situation otherwise we are heading down Haiti Highway.


  5. Nothing can be done and do not expect any change in criminal activities until Pierre accepts the full responsibility and he says the buck stops with him.
    The police system was designed in the 50’s to deal with criminals back then. As time goes, the criminals have gotten smarter and with the help of technology they can outsmart anyone. Pierre and his cabinet has not gotten and seems to believe the current approach of the police system will make things happen. If nothing is done to change the approach, do not expect to see any changes. The people will continue to live in fear in their own homes.

  6. Yes, the teachers are fearful for their their lives. Do you blame them?
    Job description of teachers does not include parting fights, and certainly not when weapons are involved. Male teachers are no better in a cutlass fight than anyone else and are no more disposable either.
    Sort out your children, or don’t have any. Not only charity that begins at home.

  7. I am not even foolishly going to blame the school for this like some knuckleheads it’s the parents that don’t know what’s going with their kid there are signs or were signs of this risen behavior in the works. So for those who believe this would NEVER HAPPEN at Convent or Comprehensive are fools. Show me a kid that’s not on tick tock and the Gram ?? They are hiding their accounts all kinds of tricks 2000 parents don’t know about, they have seen and know more than the adults or learn from us we have we left so much for them all they are doing is putting their own spin. Google is a blessing and plague at the same time. Remember back in the day when you dread having that talk with your children ? In 2024 just keep it moving they know already don’t make a fool of yourself.

  8. In a while u will read that Shawn is concerned about violence in schools. Are we not paying a consultant called Ausbert Regis to help us with School Security etc. ?? I only hope that Shawn does not come out and say that he has given the school all the resources and that he will not get involved with the affairs of the schools.

  9. Politicians are killing the country lacking an intelligent plan to lift us out of the situation. So much money wasted on consultants and technocrats to what result ? You also have clowns like Lucian Lowgrade which is part of the problem, suckling the tits of his party.

  10. Them young people are just breaking the hearts of their parents . After working so hard to send them to secondary school . The children of today has no respect for their parents much less the school that they attend some parents are trying so hard …

  11. Let’s look at at the root of the problem. Young children with home training are having sex and they are making children and again no home training. Very early they are seeing their father with a joint smoking. Their music on the radio is all obscenity. They are recruited by Marijuana and cocaine bosses. Their parents are not example to them .
    What do we expect from these young people. Now we want teachers, politicians and others to correct them.
    Mary Francis what do you think?


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