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UWP Women Urge National Day Of Prayer As Murders Soar


The crime situation in our beloved country, Saint Lucia, has become a constant source of fear and concern, particularly in a month when we should be celebrating our Independence.

Instead of beaming with pride as a nation, we find ourselves grappling with a surge in crime that robs us of our joy and tarnishes our sense of unity.

Every day, we are confronted with heartbreaking stories of sons being murdered, leaving families devastated and communities shaken.

It’s a reality that we can no longer ignore or accept.

The loss of these sons is not just a statistic; it’s a profound tragedy that cuts deep into the fabric of our society.

Their young lives are cut short, their potential extinguished, and their families left to cope with unimaginable grief. Behind every headline, there are grieving mothers, sisters, and daughters who are left to pick up the pieces of shattered lives.

The fear of violence hangs over us like a dark cloud, casting a shadow over our daily lives. Women, in particular, are forced to navigate through streets filled with danger, constantly looking over our shoulders, fearing for the safety of our loved ones.

It’s a burden that weighs heavily on us, limiting our freedom and constraining our ability to live our lives to the fullest.

We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this epidemic of violence. We cannot allow these senseless killings to become the new normal.

We demand immediate action from the Government to address this crisis and ensure the safety and security of all citizens, regardless of gender.

We call on law enforcement to prioritize the investigation and prosecution of these crimes, to bring the perpetrators to justice, and to send a clear message that violence will not be tolerated in our society.

We call on policymakers to implement comprehensive measures to address the root causes of violence, including poverty, inequality, and lack of access to education and opportunities.
But most importantly, we must join together in solidarity against violence.

We must support one another and create a society where every son, daughter, mother, and father can live without fear.

In this time of crisis, let us come together as a nation and declare a National Day of Prayer, seeking guidance and strength as we combat crime and work towards a safer, more peaceful future.

We cannot afford to wait any longer. The time for action is now.

SOURCE: United Workers Party Women’s Arm

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  1. Surprise surprise!…… Why do something practical and realistic like is being done ubiquitously when you can do nothing but pray? Some of you sure act like we exist in a bubble. Here’s some food for thoughts : The idea that only God can curb crime on our little rock is idiotic, retrogressive and asinine. If the UWP women are serious about crime they should offer practical solutions be they unique to us or copied from the world over. We need men with adequate perspicacity to adopt a no nonsense approach and no doubt things will improve. Where were those silly people who keep saying we shouldn’t politicize crime in 2017 when we had the highest annual percentage increase in homicides in our entire history? Baytiz!

  2. Indeed we need Devine intervention, however,most of these young men involved in the slaying each other, must say to themselves enough is enough then I believe it will stop.
    Fighting for turf and who’s more supreme isn’t taking us any where, I also believe that they’re being influenced by certain songs they listen to and their activities on social media.

  3. How will this benefit the Island damaging reputation? Politicalizing the situation under the disguised of prayers. Nah this can’t be right. You know the criminal will say… here boy take that the nation will pray for you.. boom you never see sun light again.

  4. Uwp women.. which ones ? The same ones that’s on social media spreading propaganda and politicizing crime. Same ones that have no problems with crime when UWP in power….why not urge citizen to work with the police instead…smh

  5. Hi Trendy just the thought of leaving God out of this serious matter is idiotic, retrogressive and asinine. I commend the UWP Women’s Arm for that move and call on you to join in calling on the ONE and only true source of wisdom to provide the strategies to handle this malaise.
    And I caution you to be careful about trying to belittle the Omnipotent, omniscient GOD, for usually people who talk like you live just long enough to see the results of God’s intervention but do not remain to enjoy it. A word to the wise is sufficient. Respect my friend.

  6. I’ve been saying we didn’t need a Baton Relay in st.lucia this much blood in the country we needed a Baton prayers instead..

  7. Typical B.S….UWP women’s arm run out of ideas…..PRAY?..Are you kidding me? Is that the recommendation you people putting forward? Pure B.S… is an eye opener…some of the most so called religious States have the most violence done to their citizens…take a look at the map…listen to the news… praying to a god is pure B.S… is tantamount to given in to the criminals, you pray on your knees living in fear and HOPING that the sky gods come to save you….WELL HERE IS A NEWS FLASH ….YOUR USELESS SKY god AIN’T COMING TO SAVE YOU FROM THAT ONE…HE AIN’T COMING AND YOU CAN TAKE THAT TO THE BANK…. GUARANTEED….I do understand UWP women’s arm are trying to help but do something useful or say something practical….in fact Saint Lucia is probably the most religious country in the Caribbean… religious services are attended every weekend, religious programmes on TV, on radio, they even pray before they do official Saint Lucian business…yes, I see and hear them all the time…does prayer make a difference? NO!!!!…the answer is get up off your harsh and implement policies to tackle the situation… praying is the most @…$….$….inine suggestion to be made…and mind you, UWP women’s arm did not even offer other contributions or suggestions all they suggested was pray….pray pray, bray bray bray, bray and BRAY some more…(pun vehemently intended)…..I won’t even insult the intelligence of donkeys. And we like to claim we have two Nobel Laureates….and then come up with these piss poor suggestions…short sightedness, tunnel visioned, superstitious clap trap…..bray bray bray bray bray bray bray.. continue braying…it will make no difference….I post below some suggestions from a previous post….let’s do a scientific experiment…I will allow the UWP women’s arm to bray bray bray first for as long as they want to see if their sky god will come to their rescue…but we all know in that time we are waiting for redemption, more people will die….now after being frustrated due to no response, no action, no show Joe by their useless sky god, try my recommendations below and you will see greater results… GUARANTEED……rather than just braying, braying , braying on your knees (all fours?) like some Z..@..¢..k @…$…$….

  8. But on a more jocularly note…I can well hear in my mind’s ears the Arch Bishop of the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Castries, at this Sunday’s ecumenical service, saying to his flock of sheep, in his most immaculate, ecumenical voice….”’ LET US BRAY “”

  9. The songs, the songs, the songs. I thought I was the only one who saw the music as EVIL. The music this young generation listens to is the instrument of the devil.

  10. Uwp, a set of hypocrites, the same set of people rejoicing over the crime asking for prayer? Just listen to Juke bois.
    Read the writings of Minovar. Hypocrite and professional Liars.

  11. Each person is accountable to the Almighty God for one’s perdonal conduct! “Thou shall not kill, thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not steal, thou shall not bear false witness, thou shall not covet …” Until we as a people repent of our ungodly ways, take personal responsibility for our behaviour –and seek God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, we’ll remain a nation swamped in blood! Jesus’ message to us is simple: repent, and turn to live lives that honour God! Take it, or leave it! My hope and prayer is that we all take this message to heart. Time is running out on all of us. Indeed, too many Lucians who are alive today will not be alive tomorrow, next week, next month, and will not see 2025!!!

  12. First of all, God do not hear the prayers of the wicked, his ears is far from it. Secondly, some of the music that the young men listen to is very disturbing, very violent, very disrespectful, they are pure satanic. The demons are taking over the young idle guys and it’s very sad. We need youth rehabilitation centers for young people to go to for help. The government can use funding from the youth economy for that purpose.

  13. Re Article, We are in the cleansing mode of life it’s better They kill each other and then we will be free of mental elusiion State of mind…
    Let’s focus on our young people and groom them better than our current situation..
    We must do better by paying people a fair living wage and we will all enjoy happiness..


  15. The same way the government is chastised for thinking prayers are the solution, so should UWP women
    Most gunmen and evil doers not only walk with a bible ,but can quote it at every chance. We need functional solutions .
    We need need increased police presence and we need policies to in place to assist them in dealing with these issues.
    From schools to the cities, we need measures of control.
    Please and Thanks

  16. All those putting their two cents on this post saying braying works…now is the time to prove it… don’t be hypocrites shouting prayer works and offer no proof whatsoever….here is an Ideal opportunity for your useless non existent god to prove his worth….pray the skin off your knees and ask your sky god to solve this dire situation in Saint Lucia….I will be the first to run to the alter to convert to Christianity…but i won’t hold my breath….you superstitious ignorant fools are as big a problem in Saint Lucia as the criminals because all you offer is pure BS….take up the challenge and command you sky god to lend a hand….that would be exciting to see … I await the excuses to my challenge….

  17. Capital punishment, or the death penalty, can be justified in a small island nation like Saint Lucia, which is riddled with violent crime, particularly with a high murder rate of 2 per week. When considering the specific circumstances of Saint Lucia, including its reliance on tourism as a major industry and the impact of violent crime on the freedom of childhood and the safety of schools, the following points provide a comprehensive justification for capital punishment:

    1. Protection of Tourism Industry: Tourism plays a vital role in the economy of Saint Lucia. The island’s reputation as a safe and secure destination is crucial for attracting tourists. High levels of violent crime, including frequent murders, can deter potential visitors and have a detrimental impact on the tourism industry. Implementing the death penalty can send a strong message to both locals and potential criminals that the government is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its residents and visitors alike.

    2. Preservation of Childhood Innocence: The prevalence of violent crime can heavily impact the freedom and innocence of childhood. Children should be able to grow up in a safe environment, free from the fear of violence and crime. By imposing the death penalty on those who commit heinous crimes, particularly crimes against children, the justice system can demonstrate its commitment to protecting the rights and well-being of the youngest members of society.

    3. School Safety and Education: Schools should be spaces where students can learn and thrive without the fear of violence. However, in an environment plagued by high levels of violent crime, schools can become locations for aggression and harm. Capital punishment can act as a deterrent, dissuading individuals from committing violent acts within school premises. By ensuring the safety of schools, the education system can be preserved, and students can enjoy a conducive learning environment.

    4. Restoring Public Confidence: A justice system that effectively addresses violent crime, including through the use of capital punishment, can help restore public confidence. When citizens and tourists perceive that the government takes swift and decisive action to combat crime, their trust in the system is reinforced. This trust is essential for fostering a sense of security and stability within the society, attracting investment, and promoting social cohesion.

    5. Balanced Approach: It is important to note that the use of capital punishment should be part of a comprehensive and balanced approach to addressing crime. Alongside the death penalty, efforts should be made to improve social and economic conditions, enhance law enforcement capabilities, and implement evidence-based crime prevention and rehabilitation programs. These measures should work in tandem with capital punishment to create a safer and more just society.

    While the justification presented above highlights the potential benefits of capital punishment in a small island nation like Saint Lucia, it is important to consider the ethical and legal dimensions of the death penalty. The decision to implement capital punishment should involve careful consideration of human rights, the potential for wrongful convictions, and the effectiveness of alternative measures in addressing crime. It is crucial to engage in an open and informed dialogue to ensure that any decision regarding capital punishment aligns with the values and aspirations of the nation.

  18. St Lucia 🇱🇨
    Every Day God thinks of you
    Every Hour God looks after you
    Every Minute God takes care for you
    Every Second He ❤️love you !!!!!!


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