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Self-Defence Claimed In Fatal Dennery Stabbing


A family member claims that the alleged perpetrator in Wednesday’s fatal stabbing in Dennery acted in self-defence.

Police identified the deceased as twenty-four-year-old Donal Joseph of Over The Bridge, Dennery.

“He deserved it,” the family member, who spoke anonymously, stated regarding the deceased.

The family member said the fatal stabbing occurred following a confrontation between two male siblings.

The relative said the deceased had, on several occasions, threatened members of the household, including the male who allegedly stabbed him.

The relative claimed that the deceased, two bottles in hand and a knife at his waist, confronted the male and attempted to injure him.

However, the relative said the tables turned when the attacker was relieved of the knife and was stabbed by his intended victim.

The deceased sustained two puncture wounds – one to the right side of the neck and one to the right shoulder.

“He didn’t jook him for him to die,” the relative declared regarding the stabber.

“He jook him for him to maybe back up, for him to go, for him to escape,” the family member stated

According to the relative, there had been several reports to the police regarding the deceased, whom officers had arrested and released.

“He is not staying two days, and they are dropping him,” the family member recalled.

The relative said the community would assist the alleged perpetrator, including arranging his legal defence.

According to a police release, on Wednesday, February 7, 2024, at about 8:45 p.m., the Dennery Police Station initiated investigations into the fatal stabbing.

“A male, who had been attacked with a knife and suffered numerous injuries, was conveyed to the Dennery Hospital for treatment. The victim succumbed to those injuries and was later declared deceased by a medical practitioner at the institution,” the release said.

In addition, the police disclosed that a sixteen-year-old from the same address as the deceased was in custody.

Photo: Donal Joseph – Deceased




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  1. This type of reporting is unbelievable. Seems like a fait a konpli…no need for a trial as a verdict has already been given.

  2. This article is offensive, insensitive and violates every journalistic standard.

    I would like to strongly urge you to pull it down, as it does not truly reflect the normally excellent reporting on your page.


  3. Not only it is exposed quantum loop holes with law and order it also shows how our community being reduced to. It is another example of when there is no hope, No alternative. Why don’t we export our labor force to go fight war or work on farms. Cuba is a prime example.

  4. He jook him, for him to back up, for him to go, for him to escape….he jook him…here is the language from the land that produced two Nobel Laureates….he jook him….and you wonder why our society is the way it is…? There is a strong correlation between the uneducated, ignorance, and violent crime….an educated man would most likely defuse the situation and walk away….and I said most likely…not that educated men can’t commit crime…but look at the statistics of the young men who have died due to gun violence….all of them, poor educational achievements, ignorant, backward, not much use to society….

    Ignorance is another factor in the crime situation because these hot heads don’t stop to think and rationalize the consequences of their actions…blood rush to their heads and what comes out is violence and as in many of the cases deadly violence….

    But by all means keep praying, praying braying braying braying….

    When the government has had enough of the senseless homicides perhaps they will implement policies that stems the scourge of crime…. perhaps but I wouldn’t hold my breath…. sad to say there will be more of this senseless acts to come….

  5. @C-WIZ … the government adminstration is almost in the same boat of retards, and semi-retards, you can tell just from the way they speak, and their command of the English language. They speak in simple terms. This speaks volumes (pun intended). I am so embarrassed when I listen to SLU ministers speak with “country bookie” accents and ways of speech, especially when they are on the global stage.

    What does that say for some of the rest of populace, who can barely speak properly … even some school teachers do not seem to have the grasp of speaking proper English. I could go on and on, but what would that achieve ….

    All in all, I sincerely hope the young man gets the proper legal assistance he seems to deserve. Also, he should be counseled for his “mis-deed”. This is so sad.

  6. @ IS

    I hear you….this is sad on many levels, many deep and ingrained levels… If the ministers can’t express themselves in a coherent way…and by the way..most of these ministers have degrees, Doctorates etc etc…..but can’t even string an English sentence together…. Sir Derek Walcott was a master manipulator of language and prolific at it….but these charlatans today are as backward as backward can get….which leaves no hope for some ordinary Saint Lucians.. .that is one of the many reasons our society is the way it is.. because if ministers cannot articulate effectively, it means they have no imagination and hence no imagination to formulate and find creative solutions for these complex societal problems… Two Noble Laureates…TWO NOBEL LAUREATES FOR FROGGY JACK’S SAKE …and we produce such cringing literacy in Saint Lucia….Who do we blame….? These charlatans who create so called policies in education, social services, healthcare etc etc….we have regressed as a society….sad to say it….but the stats speaks for itself…..

  7. @ C-WiZ “There is a strong correlation between the uneducated, ignorance, and violent crime”✔ very true and sadly most of these young males and females are products of households where all of these attributes were prevalent from generations past, present and future. Uneducated women having children with uneducated men and the cycle goes on and on and on – what a shame.

    Therefore, when you grew up in such an environment lack of education, ongoing ignorance, irrational mindset, lack of analytical and reasoning skills etc. etc. – how do you fix this generational mess????

  8. c wiz shut it..Want to be bright woyeeeee….After your full stops begin the first letter in the first word with an uppercase letter..

  9. @C-Wiz do you think any of our leaders know the importance of two Nobel Laureates? Imagine for these vagabonds to think of that it will required a different generation of teachers and leaders combine.

  10. At the end of the day they all family, for you to say he deserves to die is disgusting some of people just don’t know when to keep their rear shut shameless family member that says a lot?

  11. Folks! The English language is keeping the St Lucian people backwards, and that is the product of poverty, most people are not earning a living wage as we all should… Our schools and teachers are not equipped in helping the kids another way to of life and Live’s.
    We need to start at and with youngest Brain’s..
    I heard Ricky Wayne saying that The politians are all not to Bright to be in office, and I agree with RW..
    A solution.. Bring back the expats and we will move St Lucia forward.. We can deliver a better way for less money… The politians are all over paid..
    Thank you RW for exposing the truth..

  12. @ Anonymous

    The government has shown that they don’t appreciate the importance of our two Nobel Laureates…see how long they took to really celebrate their achievements….Sir Derek Walcott is revered in Trinidad…they have museum in his honour, Sir Derek also opened his theatre in Trinidad…he spent years in Trinidad developing the arts…Sir Derek even fought tooth and nail to have a national theatre built specifically for the advancement of the theatre arts but successive governments did nothing…only now government is making an effort but that effort is mediocre at best …Sir Derek Walcott’s works should be studied in every school on the island….this man was almost worshipped for his genius…..but we in Saint Lucia don’t appreciate that….first rate Universities were fighting amongst themselves to have Sir Derek be professor of the arts in their institutions…

    The Nobel Laureate lecture delivered last year at Sir Arthur Lewis community college ( I forgot the honourary speaker’s name but it can be found on YouTube) she lamented the fact that countries like Singapore, Taiwan, China, and Malaysia because ecomonic powerhouses partly because they implemented ecomonic policies formulated/ invented by Sir Arthur Lewis…And she lamented that fact that Saint Lucia has failed to implement Sir Arthur Lewis’s ecomonic formulae to advance our economy….so tell me not so smart can we be to allow this legacy to go to waste while others are benefiting from it?….these social issues happening in Saint Lucia is not new or just started happening, but their has been a lackadaisical approach by successive governments to make forward progress….sad, sad, sad…

  13. This is the Curse that is going through out the whole world (land)
    All those who are far from God will perish..
    Here is a trustworthy saying :
    If we died with him or for him,we will also live with him,if we endure,we will also reign with him.
    If we disown him,he will also disown us”.
    If we are faithful, for he cannot disown himself, for he is not a man to lie..
    GOD :
    “All those who are not with me is against me”….

  14. I truly think we have bigger issues to resolve a few creole words should be the least of our concern here, we have someone who has lost their life and the most sad part of it is, this happened at home with a sibling doing the killing. What good is it for anyone to focus on Nobel prize winners etc etc when we have live and living situations to deal with. Not that they’re not important but I think we need to get back to now and deal with the root causes of what exactly is going on in this island of St Lucia. I am lost for words and I will keep praying for the country and the young kids every moment I can.. Jesus help us all because we need you now

  15. @ Tellthetruth, I am in agreement with you 💯. Some individuals seem to focus on more of the negative aspects in this new article. Someone has lost his life and said individuals are talking about the use of proper English language. English wasn’t our language to begin with.

    For example, @IS, name calling- (“Country bookie”)

    Why would you do such a thing? Clearly, you are already segregating society. Not everyone is able to get an education due to circumstances.

    We as a people need to think before we write.

  16. @johnsnow … Apparently the level of SLU politicians speech patterns are already lost on you which shows your age.

    Also SLU is already embroiled in the “segregation” (Your words) of social hierarchy, education and politics. I suggest you READ one of Sir Arthur’s books to grasp the level of what SLU has become.

    Again, I reiterate the sad position of the young man who killed in self defense. He will be scarred for life and needs physchological

  17. I take serious offense with this article as it is not the family, SLT or the public to decide the outcome of this homicide. There is due process and the courts will be the one to decide based on the evidence whether it is self defense. Also I think some of these family members are despicable to suggest that the guy deserved to be murdered. As a family did they do anything to help the guy if As they claim he was always abusive to his sibling.

  18. @IS, It seems you and others cannot post anything without bringing politricks into it. So I will entertain your vision.

    You all are lost in politics, I have no interest in Saint Lucian politricks or politicians and their BS. UWP or SLP, they are all the same.

    Of course it is embroiled in segregation. It’s family against family, neighbours against neighbours, all because of Politricks and these Jackass politicians!

    I don’t need to read anything, it very apparent where Saint Lucia is and where it is heading. However, thanks for the suggestion.

    Is there any psychological help that can be provide to this young man? I very much doubt that, he is going to be another victim to the shitstem!!

  19. KDA felt ashamed in Guyana when Sir Derek was the guest speaker I think, his message was something to the effect of – we Caribbean people do not understand the true meaning of UNITY, back in my home land politicians are prostituting in country. Our history and accolades collapse instantly. Today we are witnessing the true value of our youths. Shooting….. etc.,. etc.

  20. @John Snow…

    I presume your statement was hurled in my direction so I will gladly indulge.

    The issue you raise about language or the use of it shows that perhaps you have conveniently treated the matter superficially. First let’s deal with your statement that English wasn’t our to begin with. Indeed it wasn’t our first language to begin with but here we are….you are using it clearly to express yourself on this platform…which language would you propose that we use then….? Would you suggest Kweyol? I am a fierce defender of the Kweyol language as well but here is the issue…most people can’t write it well,.there are all kinds of spellings for common words ..only now the authorities have taken action to remedy that….now you tell me, which language should we use to conduct our global transactions? In trade?, tourism?, diplomatic engagements?….would you suggest Kweyol?…you see the issue is sometimes we fail to think before we make comments, yet I will say to you there is a strong correlation between speaking well and national progress…so me highlighting the level of literacy or the use of language in my former post was to highlight the common issues in society….I can go in deeper to show you the subtitles but I will refrain…I presume you are intelligent enough to figure the rest out…


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