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Shots Fired In Anse Ger – Two Men Injured


Two men sustained injuries in a shooting incident at Anse Ger, Desruisseaux, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

At around 1:34 am, Micoud Police Station officers responded after receiving the shooting report.

A police release said the two victims appeared to have sustained non-life-threatening gunshot injuries and were recovering.

About an hour after that incident, 23-year-old Jeffery Junior Mc Farlene of West Hall Group, Vieux Fort, sustained fatal gunshot injuries.

Emergency responders found the deceased lying on the sidewalk along Clarke Street, Vieux Fort, where he had run, leaving a trail of blood and collapsed.

With that fatal shooting, Saint Lucia has so far recorded 13 homicides in 2024.

Police have appealed to the public for information regarding the recent shootings.

Individuals may contact the Micoud Police Station at 456-3670 or the Criminal Investigations Department at 456-3770.

Alternatively, the public could provide anonymous tips by dialing 555 (the Crime Hotline) or using the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) Crime Hotline Application, available in the Google Play Store.

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  1. What the hell is going on ? How can we allow criminals to take over our island . The SSU has to wake up and take the island back from those ruffless criminals . They are all a bunch of cowards, and cockroaches. I am sure that those criminals can not sleep at nights . There are mothers out there who knows that their sons are murderers and the young women who sleep with those murderers but they refuse to report them to the lawman . The police need to search every house in st lucia including mine to get those high power assault weapons from those criminals and give them life imprisonment…

  2. Wake up, Saint Lucia! This nation is under a curse!!! Every day the nation is flooded with tragic news –murders, terrible vehicular accidents, decomposing bodies, drownings, robberies, sexual assaults, gang warfare, school violence, domestic violence, family turmoil, hatred, out-of-control anger, rage, deception, back-biting, back-stabbings, chronic illnesses such as COPD alongsideñ a host of respiratory viruses, cancers, hypertension, strokes, heart disease, etc., etc., etc –and our leaders appear clueless at knowing what to do! Well, here’s what we ought to do: We need to repent of our godlessness, and turn to obey the clear commands of the all-knowing, all-loving, Almighty God, who says to all of us, “Thou shall not kill; Thou shall not commit adultery; Thou shall not steal; Thou shalt not lie (“bear false witness”); Thou shall not covet.” That is the only way this nation will shake off the curse we are under at this time! And make no mistake -–we will remain under this curse until the people’s heart are turned to God! After all, according to Scripture, whereas “righteousness exalts a nation, sin is a reproach to any people”! And don’t give me attitude for proclaiming this truth –I’m only a messenger of the Word!

  3. There you go what did I say HOLD YOUR BREATH the weekend not done yet Saturday night special don’t start yet. Guns guns guns guns we have guns baby everybody has one and it’s the PM fault he send his aide to buy them pack them and send them down

  4. awa awa awa….i self eh know what happen to lucia…lucia in a very depressed state of affairs…now everytime i come here is a shooting headline….awa awa awa…u go in town u can sense da vexation atmosphere….many people vex around the place…u watch somebody too much dey fixing deh face on u……da women dressing insane…….tattoo infested people….people doing obeah….people get jealous when they see people doing wel…. da children listening to dirty music….their conservations dirty like under my shoes…awa awa awa in lucia… not looking good…

  5. Great work guys, lets continue the awesome works you all doing. Our minister refuse to resign so continue. Remember one politician said they are encouraging criminals and harboring them. I think it is a fact!

  6. LOOKS LIKE WE NEED 4 k9 dogs in st lucia to get those guns slp in power kama good Pierre you disobey in a pandemic god definitely dealing with you not even prayers will help you the entire slp administration has to step down to fiind peace in the country

  7. I fear for you dear country when men and women who hold the keys of responsibility for your care do nothing substantial to heal the wounds that bleed from the death of your sons and daughters. I pain for you dear country when a culture so rich and precious is bloodied by dome shaped projectiles and metal blades that glisten in the sun like flashes of lightening striking the bones under soft covered flesh that weeps with red coloured tears which waters the earth and in that spot where it drops, a seed of hope is watered but does it live or does it die? I cringe for you dear country when I hear the words of the people from this rock of non-sages. Helen, you are bleeding, slowly, weakening, staggering, withering, vanishing …I fear for you dear country.

  8. So many of us when we go home now in St Lucia make sure we get there BEFORE nightfall because we are afraid of criminals with guns.
    There are now thousands of guns in the hands of drugged weed smoking feral criminals.
    We keep dogs and burglar bar our homes.
    We are afraid for our women and do not want our children to go our at night to parties.
    The SLP has brought chaos to our shores and it is escalating.
    When will it end?

  9. In countries were serious witchcraft, obeah, voodoo etc etc etc prevails ..consequences are always deadly. I hate to say this St. Lucia is right behind Haiti some of you eat, live and breath obeah (both young and old always engaging in witchcraft) amd works of evil always trying to harm others – while in the process destroying their OWN SOUL…
    If you all don’t stop …the higher power will stop all of you..adultery, incest, jealousy, fighting for land, for man, for woman, for pig, for goat, for sheep etc etc ….Lucians ????????

  10. GOD :
    “I,even I,am he who comforts you 🇱🇨 St Lucia, Who are you that you fear mortal men, the sons of men, who are grass, that you FORGET THE LORD YOUR MAKER, who streched out the heavens,and laid the foundations of the earth, that you Live in Constant Terror every day because of the of the oppressor ?
    For where is the wrath of the oppressor ?
    The cowering prisonniers will soon set free ;they will not die in their dungeon,
    nor will they lack bread.
    For I am the LORD YOUR MAKER YOUR GOD, 🇱🇨 Have Spoken…

  11. On the Vieux Fort Square we have an obelisk with horns statue, the meaning behind this statue is death and the worship of the god of death, it needs to be removed.

  12. Dear people of God,sooner and later, when the pape will give his command,opposing the true doctrines of the Holy Bible, the words of the God…be alert that the bible in other words the word of God will no longer been preach, but thank to the Most High, those who dwell on the word of God, will endure, because God will pour out his Sprit on them,so that they may not be fool..
    Those who clings to worthless idoles foreit the grace that could be theirs..
    This message is for the catholique
    Come out from them,my people…
    “Cursed is the man who trust in them..
    The pope and association has no truth in them..

    Hearing the pope said guys,lesbians,or homosex.. or change of sex is not abomination, but I tell, they have juge for ⚖️ eternal 🔥fire.
    To those satue or idoles in surrounding St Lucia 🇱🇨,in the catholique church,
    Do any of those idoles have done good,or can they answer when to talk to them or does them bring rain…

  13. Where are most people on here from ,a different planet I hope.This happens everywhere on earth every day . It’s sad when it from your country and you want better there but only way to solve this is economic development ,more jobs more alternatives to make money. let’s put a little more pressure on the people we trust to manage our country and make it better .

  14. We had a PM who was proactive. (when you are proactive, you are likely to make some mistakes)
    We replaced him with a PM who is so concerned he makes errors in his decisions; he prefers the country to run on autopilot.


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