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SLP Condemns Chastanet’s Behaviour


The Saint Lucia Labour Party once again condemns the deplorable and unparliamentary conduct of the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Allen Chastanet, at the sitting of the House of Assembly on Tuesday 13th February, and at the same time applauds Deputy Speaker of the House, Hon. Jeremiah Norbert, for upholding the Standing Orders of the House in the face of Allen Chastanet’s unruly and disrespectful behaviour.

At the end of the debate on a motion, Deputy Speaker, Hon. Jeremiah Norbert, scanned the room to ensure no member intended to speak.

No member’s microphone light came on, and so the Prime Minister proceeded to put on his light.

Hon. Norbert acknowledged the Prime Minister, who rose to close the debate.

After the Prime Minister’s introductory remarks, the Leader of the Opposition could then be heard shouting across the room that he intended to speak.

Allen Chastanet proceeded to challenge the Speaker, and even after he was cautioned by the Speaker, said that he was not going to sit down.

The Prime Minister was still on his feet and said, “Mr. Speaker, even if the member for Micoud South continues to disrespect this honorable House, I think that in the interest of the people hearing the misinformation that they utter, and the fact that I have an opportunity to respond, I beg you, even if his light came on after mine, I beg you to allow him to continue.”

The Prime Minister recalled that this disrespect from the Leader of the Opposition has happened to every Speaker since Allen Chastanet’s UWP administration, including one of his own who had to be carried out of the House after a long and stressful Parliamentary session.

The SLP congratulates Deputy Speaker Hon. Jeremiah Norbert, who, in his first stint at presiding over a full session of the House of Assembly, firmly maintained its principles and conventions.

The SLP also commends Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre for magnanimously consenting to allow Allen Chastanet to address the House even though it was not the turn of the Leader of the Opposition to do so.

However, Allen Chastanet refused, and demonstrated once more that his bullying, petulant and childish behaviour disqualifies him to be a Parliamentary Representative and a leader of this country.

We recognize that this is a deliberate strategy of the Leader of the Opposition, to divert attention from the important work of the government.

These antics will not deter the SLP administration from fulfilling its mandate to put the people first, as exemplified by the several important bills that were passed yesterday,
including motions to strengthen our education and tourism sectors.

It is critically important that our leaders, in whatever field, but particularly in politics, set the example for our young people, of proper decorum and obedience to our laws.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party will always promote good and responsible governance, observance of the laws of our country, and the upholding of our democratic traditions.

SOURCE: Saint Lucia Labour Party

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  1. The SLP has no shame. it is a deliberate attempt to prevent Allen Chastanet from addressing the House.
    Only time will tell. TV footage does not lie and my favourite SLP parliamentarian , Jeremiah Norbert, has now tarnished his record by being an accomplice in the SLP’s quest to prevent Chastanet from speaking.

  2. This guy is turning Parliament into a farcical comedy , the star today was the the deputy speaker , the PM , the man showed his class …. Let him talk. The drama continue Chas refuse to talk now the drama is descending into farce mode .
    Is this just political histrionics only relevant in the political bubble does it matter . Are politicians guardians of good conduct , does it matter if politicians break the rules …be it a small select club rules.The conduct of the Leader of the opposition is that an example as to how one should conduct oneself in the so called honourable house. If the so called leaders blatantly break the rules what example is that to those who are told to comply and follow the rules.
    Does it matter or is it amateur dramatics

  3. Allan Chastanet is behaving like he is entitled because of the wealth his family has accumulate through the exploitation of black people . He is a loser and will never be elected as a prime Minster again …

  4. We at totally uninterested in what you clowns do in the house. That can only happen because we the people continuously elect some of the most illiterate and unemployable ones amongst us.

  5. Honestly i wouldn’t dare read all this rumblings by either of u. Simply put. Every story has 2 sides, So it is just sad that ppl will comment without reading all sides of the “story” Anyways bla bla bla. Btw what’s the topic in the house. More Borrowing, claps for getting handouts form Taiwan, mapwee and mis information. What? Really what now. A BUNCH OF GROWN GREEDY LYING CLOWNS. Only this time more red than yellow and we even hv a blue clown

  6. Above all and beyond the Minister for Security, Education and Housing must all resign. They will mess up the future of this SLP party trust me. The Speaker is afraid he gets dragged to the court again, and so does the deputy be thrown under the bus. Parliament is the place to meet and discuss the intent and future plans but it still remains a place where one is throwing rotten eggs at the other. SLP stop harboring Criminals and UWP stay in your section… election will come we don’t have TRUMP here. We know inside the fabrication of SLP, there is a so-called big mouth TRUMP. The day he become PM St. Lucia finished.

  7. Ha ha ha woyye sa show only if I didn’t know you history lord help us in st lucia..slp check your closet first chas right..tell jermiah don’t lecture chas but I will be sorry for st Lucia we finally will get something we will never forget

  8. So let me ask for a friend, if we have our Labour Party in Government how come the Labour department is in such a situation? How come no one is getting their matter attended to? How come everyone has to wait for so long to hear what is going on? How come there is no place for the Labour Tribunal to meet? How come they don’t have Zoom?

  9. A bunch of time wasters, tax money pilferers, under developers, atrophy brained pillocks, kids in adult bodies…

  10. Minimum Wage …. that’s where you belong and will forever stay.
    Mr. Chastanet worked hard to gain his wealt. Both father and son so get your a$$ up where you maybe and create yours.

  11. Be patients my dear 🇱🇨 St Lucienne people,I don’t have to write to you,to Love ❤️ one another !
    For God can change a bad character to a good one and brightens a hard face

  12. What we the Lucian people are disgusted about is the lying PM who is taxing us to death with his so called health and security tax that’s a sham all along. We have had enough of PJP and his gangs of misfits who promised was the most redied only to find out they are not ready for prime time and is making a mess of our beloved 758. But remember 5 years is not 50 years.


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