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‘I Am Not In Politics To Make Money From Politics’


Opposition leader Allen Chastanet has declared that money is not his motive for being in politics, as he urged people to join his United Workers Party (UWP).

The former Prime Minister leader spoke Wednesday evening during the DBS Television programme, Newsmaker Live.

“This is not about Allen Chastanet. It has never been about Allen Chastanet,” the Micoud South MP asserted.

“I am not in politics to make money from politics. I want to see a better Saint Lucia; that’s what I want. I want to see people reach their potential in this country. That is my passion,” he told Newsmaker Live Host Timothy Poleon.

In this regard, Chastanet said he was seeking men and women who shared the same passion, putting the country and its people first.

“Not in words, but in real action,” the UWP leader stated.

Chastanet also appealed to citizens to join the UWP, while strongly criticising the ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) governance.

“When we are going to have a march next time, when we are going to have our town hall meetings and that’s what I appealed in my New Year’s address to everyone, join the party,” he said.

“Become a member of the executive branch. We are looking for talented, young, old, middle-aged men and women to become part of the United Workers Party because we think we are the only progressive party in Saint Lucia,” the opposition leader said.


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  1. We’re not interested in your rethoric. You’ve insulted us enough,most of our young men and women wants to live a decent life, but by you calling on them to get angry and seek revenge is dangerous.
    Really, you’re not in politics for money; if this is the case those buildings which belongs to your father and you, that is being rented by the state,allow the state to use them rent free.
    Who in this world doesn’t want money , Allen wheel and come again.
    The young men and women of this Island have seen and heard a lot about you.Tuesday was a classic one.
    UWP,can make a comeback, however,as long as people like you,guy ,fedee, impudent,spider,madover,estee,belrose,herod, just to name a few are in the party,no way.

  2. Smh Chastanet you built your home after you became PM. You not in politics to make money Sorti la

  3. and if my grandmother had wheels, she’d be a bike…
    I’ve never heard of an honest politician. If anyone gets into politics with good intentions, it is guaranteed that they eventually succumb to the corruption or they bail out of the game entirely.

  4. Is that so Chastenet? Perhaps you have enough money already and now looking for pocket change? I mean making such a statement one might consider you full of self importance considering that the majority of Saint Lucians live below the bread line…now it’s noble enough to want to better the lives of citizens but that nobility should be met with humility….flashing your cash is neither noble nor exhibiting humility. Now when is the Castries developmental plan going to be initiated..a plan that was drawn up since 2008/2009…at great expense to the tax payer after having paid millions for a study and schematic designs for the redevelopment of Castries and other parts of Saint Lucia… When is it going to start?

    On another note…is Pierre non-religious? Given that prayer is offered up in the House of Assembly, It was quite notable that PM Pierre did not close his eyes for prayer… so was the minister of education and the minister of equity and social justice…all with eyes wide shut ( or is that eyes wide NOT shut)…how is it that prayer is offered to the sky gods but our politics is so devicive, so fractious, so halé casé….is the assembly a reflection of our society and vice versa? It never ceases to amaze me that a nation with so much potential actively takes steps to prevent it’s very own progress…..

  5. This man is so pathetic. I am sick and tired of him , who knows what he got under the table , when he write off about 25 million for Butch Stewart and also for all the contract he gave to Fresh Start what about staying in a 2 thousand pound hotel a night on the tax payers. This man is a fraud and will never bring a victory for UWP in 26…

  6. Actions speak louder than words. This is what all politicians say. The elitist class has accumulated wealth. However, the next step is to gain political power. The power is to protect and enhance the interest of their family and friends . They want power! This is not only in St.Lucia.

  7. You not in it for money, so please get out of it cause we don’t like and want you. I have been saying that and I will continue saying it. UWP can never ever win an election again with chastanet as the political leader. So please get out of it

  8. You are a joke Pierre is in politics not enrich himself he is more BONAFIDE and genuine than you in every way. HE DID NOT BUY HIS WAY IN HE EARNED IT by working his way up thru the ranks learning the ropes and been of service to his constituency. Allan Chastanet is in politics for MONEY AND POWER that’s it. This is tradition he inherited, this has been the blueprint to building his empire who the hell is he kidding. Charity starts at home, and I can’t recall anything charitable about the Chastanets oh please, so says the history books. This fool has not learned anything from Butch Stewart, don’t mix business with politics, you are either in done or the other.

  9. I will take the liberty of rewriting the title of this piece: “Chastanet appeals to young men and women to join the UWP to serve in new leadership roles

  10. It is really true when one gets older their conscience affects them typical example poor people sweat don’t play have a nice day chas

  11. If I had enough money and didn’t need to work, I wouldn’t work. If I didn’t have to work to support just myself and family I wouldn’t. If then I needed to help others I would then have to work just to support them, meaning all the money I made from working would be spent on them since I didn’t need it for myself. If I didn’t need politics to make that money, I would find it somewhere else. Is that what Chas is saying ? If it is, then why don’t he just do it ? Get out of politics!

  12. Der who doesn’t want or need money in life but the thing is getting it through the right means. If the man is getting a good salary a month for 5 years what is wrong in he building his home. He is not the only politician that has build his home or gotten business after bing innpolitics. The thing to worry about is when they get it by issuing contracts for millions of dollars way above to contractors where say two million goes in their pockets and the little low class getting a little project to build a drain get it estimate at so low a cost that they get nothing in the end unless the person is a friend where they issue a small job at a high rate. We all know that is what have been happening with politicians in Stlucia but if I may say in my opinion uwp has a better conscience and Han slp. I was an slp but now I support no party but wants to see honest and accountability to all. Do hon Chas I hope you have learnt your lesson. You were there for 5 years made mistakes like all let’s hope god gives you an opportunity again to do it better. We fall once we fall twice god gives us he opportunity to get back on our feet where he expects us to do things differently. I hope you get honest individuals especially in the south who will have a love for country and people and not to see politics as getting their family and friends to a higher level and overlooking the people who helped them get there. Don’t get vindictive, bias, greedy, boastful people to run your seat. Be honest in your heart and god will do the rest. All the best. Peace and loce

  13. One other thing Lucian’s let’s not forget that Hon Chas people had already made their mark in Stlucia and had assets long before he came into politics so I don’t think politics is what he depends on to survive. Peace and love

  14. Why people acts like they surprised the guy said not in for the money isn’t that’s not all of them say until they get into office. When will we learn


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