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Man Shot Dead In Castries


Police have launched a probe into Saint Lucia’s 14th homicide in 2024.

According to reports, a man sustained fatal gunshot injuries in George V Park on Saturday.

Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters responded after learning of the shooting at about 7:51 pm.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. Peep, you eh have no deterrence.
    Bail for unlawful weapons is a joke.
    You eh have no grand strategy.
    You eh have direction.
    I know you ‘trying a lil ting.” I’m tired of it.

  2. Unless pjp don’t fire Rf my pm you will be in shit street don’t come for me..the man has mo de sion he bringing down the entire country for one man

  3. We cannot blame the government for all those shooting and killing…
    Why would someone killed an innocent individual.?
    If they leave by the gun …they too shall die by the gun…young men think before you pull the trigger …

  4. “Man Shot Dead“ appears to be a popular phrase every weekend since the start of 2024. If my memory serves me right I have read this 14 times and it is mainly on the weekend. Definitely this is not fun to read every weekend especially in a country which depends on Tourism. Everyone will have their own interpretation of the phrase. Some will prefer to say the killings are drug related. While others would have a very different interpretation. For a tourist who wants to visit an island, they will be looking for fun, safety and experience the way of like if the islanders. Those criminals take no prisoners. They shoot anywhere and they do it anytime. This of course spells danger and the message gets to the international world. The authorities need to make SLU a safe place to live before they invite visitors. At this point SLU is not a safe place to live and those in authority are doing nothing about – very sad situation. No end in sight to this Mayhem……

  5. The government need to enact a minimum wage of 4 EC dollars an hour so the young people will be motivated to go and work,instead of living a life of crime and joining gangs…

  6. Saint Lucia has been weighed in the balance — and found wanting! Despite the proclamation of the Word of God in this nation, the land is full of violence and the city laden with bloody crimes. The time of judgment has arrived for this proud, godless nation. For too long this nation (as is the case for all the other nations in this godless age) has spurned the basic laws of God that safeguard life: “Thou shall not kill; Thou shall not commit adultery; Thou shall not steal; Thou shall not bear false witness; Thou shall not covet.” The only hope for us is to genuinely repent of our ungodly ways, turn to the Lord Jesus Christ for mercy and pardon for our sins, and commit to live our lives in accordance with the principles of God that guides us to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength –and to love our neighbour as we love ourselves! That is the truth! Take it, or leave it! My hope and prayer is that you believe the truth about Jesus Christ, and turn to live the rest of your life in accordance with His will for your life!

  7. It has been commented in a number of forum that we are doomed to continue having violence because of the connectivity between politicians, the police and the criminal underworld.
    The fact that certain politicians are members or ex members of two or more of these groupings speaks for itself.
    Just by the inane, blamegame, clueless mouthings by Philip Pierre it is clear he has no intention of enacting any remedies and has not a clue how to go about improving the internal security situation.
    It is only a matter of time before something drastic happens that we start falling over ourselves to look for a blueprint to deal with criminality and violence.
    By then it may be too late!

  8. Meanwhile the churches in Castries are empty…only old people attend! The young and mid age parents of today find all type of issues with churches and religion just to keep the youth from knowing love peace humility grace and God. Youth that are grounded by nothing are doomed!

  9. There is an issue of perception .
    The general consensus is that the underground drug culture has been emboldened and legitimised by certain members of the existing government and the pm is either unwilling or powerless to stop.
    Again , this perception is further bolstered by these persons from the underground culture getting contracts and blatantly showing their mettle in public.
    While the deaths may not always be directly related to them, it is impossible not to make an indirect connection

    This is the era where perception is reality
    And the PM needs to deal with this .
    Empty statements about not condoning violence and drug have no effect when the perception is that the corruption starts from the Cabinet

  10. @truth be told …indeed you spoke truth..notwithstanding the fact that most Lucians both young and old are seriously engaged in ongoing voodoo, witchcraft and obeah young and old…they will self destruct sooner or later…and all their evil deeds will return to their own household.

  11. Well,.like I have already said…keep praying to the sky gods to save you…it ain’t gonna happen…until you superstitious bunch wake up to the realities of life, nothing is going to change…action, action action, that is what’s needed….knee bending and assuming compromising positions are not the answer…. sadly this sick situation will continue to happen…

  12. Well said Jay I’ve been saying this for sometime now St. Lucia is a necromancy infected society from top to bottom rich to poor. Politicians to Pastors everyone involved in obeah and socery. So there are demonic spirits principalities and powers roaming our island that’s the main cause of all the blood letting.

  13. People in power IE govt… Have to first realise they have a job to run , manage and direct our country. Again I say we have the ability to tell them we elected them and can change them too , we are part of the govt too. Please govt ppl please use your supposed smarts see who we are and PLEASE make the NECESSARY PLANS AND TECHNIQUES TO HELP CURB THEY MAYBE EVEN STOP THE UNNECESSARY KILLINGS. IMPLEMENT PROGRAMS TRIED ,TRUE AND TESTED TO HONESTLY HELP THE COUNTRY YOU SUPPOSED TO BE SERVING. OH WHILE YOU AT IT CAN I SUGGEST PLEASE PAINT THE NICE CLEANNED MEDIANS AO THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE CLEANNED AGAIN TOO SOON. IE SAVE MONEY BY DOING IT CORRECTLY AND HELP SAVE US SOME MONEY . By law. Peace

  14. @Trevor- Jay – Anon – Truth Be Told – Anonymous – G – Poule Foo – Reality.
    Bravo, need I say any more? but permit me just to say this; Thank you guys, with folks like you I can see hope in St. Lucia, but there needs to be quite a transformation in a Government blinded by outdated laws; they wont change anything since there are some there, with the Pit Bull and his sidekicks, nothing will happen; PjP is too soft to do or change anything.

  15. For you stooges defending these politicians and their abysmal record on crime, know that policies change behaviours. El Salvador went from having one of the highest murder rate in the word to seeing a 70% drop in 2 years. All because of the new president’s crackdown on crime. That’s like St. Lucia going from our record of 75 murders to 22 year over year. Yes it can be done with policies.

    “I’m writing this from El Salvador. My wife’s family lives here and we are visiting. I’ve been coming here for 10 years, and although I’ve never felt unsafe here, the change in this country over the past few years is nothing short of astounding. High rises are going up, people are driving Audis and Jaguars on the roads. Many of the local corner stores have removed the bars across their doors and the suburbs are spreading outward into areas once deemed too dangerous. Gastropubs, luxury hotels, you name it, its happening here. New libraries, hostpials and public parks are being built. And yeah, for us, it’s exciting to see. No country would ever willingly give this up to go back to terror in the streets. Thats why 85% voted.”

  16. @Solutions oriented
    We are cursed with a pathetically weak leader. He just doesn’t have the backbone to change the equation. I knew we were in deep trouble when I first heard him crying that Chas had demolished the Custody Suites. Look, you are the leader, get a temporary structure and get going. Almost 3 years later he is still crying about that situation. The guy is weak-kneed. He doesn’t have the stomach to address crime head-on. We are in a sorry situation. Don’t expect him to come out swinging. After the US places a travel advisory, only then he might shake a leg. Imagine he is still extending bail to gunmen after all this carnage.

  17. @ The Fox

    What is funny, you delusionals point your fingers at obeah men, Voodoo women , yet you guys believe that a man died and rose from the dead after 3 days and 3 nights. Mind you, Rigor mortis would have set in within hours after Christ’s death but 😯OOOOHHHH, It was a miracle….so was his virgin birth…I have never heard such clap trap… But it shows man’s imagination to conjure up fantasies…THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN YOUR NECROMANTIC BELIEFS AND THAT OF VOODOO PRACTITIONERS …..YOU GUYS METAPHORICALLY DRINK THE BLOOD OF CHRIST AND EAT HIS FLESH – DOESN’T THAT SOUND LIKE VAMPIRISM TO YOU? Now be honest, the religion of your ancestors is no more nefarious that of the Christian religion you guys indulge in when you point you index finger at the outdated idea that it’s voodoo and obeah, notice that all the other fingers are pointing back at you as an indictment of your ignorance… AGAIN, I ASK YOU TO BE HONEST AS YOU PONDER THESE WORDS… Perhaps you should do some research into belief systema, including voodoo and realise how Europeans demonize your ancestors religion and brain washed you with their Christianity….you lost sheep exhibit the same mentality of divide and conquer… putting down your traditions for something that is no better than what your ancestors practiced….now I am neither a believer in voodoo but I will tell you this : Christianity is voodoo by a different name.. they are no difference….and that also includes all other religions ever created by man ….I LAUGH AT HOW LOST SOME OF YOU ARE. All religious practices are just plain fantasy and to some extent childish imaginings…. thinking that some sky gods are looking down from the sky dishing out either love or vengeance…but carry on wasting your time with these infantile beliefs… the way The Fox, while you are at it, pray hard to your sky god for the delivery of the nation…I lay down this challenge to you… since you have unwavering faith that it is god the nation needs, then do your civic duty and as your sky god to intervene. So on your knees and pray hard, put some fasting in their too if you please… mumble some mambo Jambo….I await that results of that futile endeavour or the usual excuse when nothing materialises…

  18. Most of the bloggers commenting on this Article are a few matches shy.. With an overgrown population and the wages remaining the same, what do we expect to gain but lawlessness, most of our problems in St Lucia is the Lark of money, and we can solve this problems with a fair living wage system of not less than $10+ per hour based on hours worked.. Folks please stop demonizing the island that you have left and likewise the ones still living in St Lucia..
    We must change our mindset and focus on a fair living wage system and move on, We are wasting our energy blaming the wrong people..
    The hotels and other employers must share the wealth of the island to their workers and their Families..As a frequent traveller to St Lucia it hurts to see and know that the workers are underpaid and over worked,.. let’s look at bright 🌞 side of life..
    Stop blaming the wrong people to solve our current problems..
    ( THINK!)..

  19. Do they pay $3 in Martinique? Yet, those clowns are busy destroying the people’s place. Here, where there are no rules it’s even worse. Consider that some people don’t want to work because ripoffs are easier. Some are flat out lazy and just want to sit on the block. For information, many people start at minimum wage and they aspire to move upwards… and in fact do. Life’s not fair and you must have a plan to succeed. I have worked for minimum wage before and it’s not easy. If minimum wage is $10 an hour, how much would a person with a degree earn? How much would food in the supermarkets cost?


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