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Jean Wants Fedee To Retract ‘Dangerous’ Statement


Saint Lucia Government Senator Allison Jean has called out former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee for declaring recently that many perpetrators of crime are ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters.

Fedee is an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) Senator and Second Deputy Leader of the party.

He declared that the SLP seemed to be pandering to lawless behaviour.

“You look at who supported them in the last election. They can’t bark because many of the perpetrators of crime are their supporters,” the former Minister said.

However, he declared he was not saying all SLP supporters are criminals.

But Fedee’s remarks did not sit well with Senator Jean, who said he seemed to say that SLP supporters or the Labour administration could not speak out because they are meddling with criminals.

“I think this is a dangerous statement,” Jean told reporters on the margins of Monday’s Senate sitting.

She said that as a fellow senator, she would like Fedee to be more responsible in his pronouncements.

Jean recalled that the former Tourism Minister referred to the SLP administration as being unable to ‘bark.’

“That again is so offensive because although we sit on opposite sides, we are in the same House,” the Government senator noted.

She said she took the remark very personally.

“It appears that when we sit in the legislature, he sees us as dogs, because only dogs bark,” Jean told reporters.

“We have to also align it with what his leader (Allen Chastanet) said prior to 2021, that he doesn’t listen to barking dogs. He allows barking dogs to bark. So that’s connected. In 2024, we’re still talking about people barking,” she asserted.

Senator Jean requested that Fedee retract his statement.

In addition, she observed the electorate needed to be alert regarding what is meted out to them and make proper decisions regarding who should be their representatives.


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  1. Apology or not will not change the price of coffee,the damage has been done and it will create a negative impact on us all as a society.
    Yes, crime is an issue, however,to suggest certain things to the outside world is beyond comprehension.
    As I’m writing, Canada has issued a travel advisory to st.lucja, and I believe that is as a direct result of his statement.
    Some of us do and say things in the name of politics and not realising the untold damage it can do. We may know but some politicians are being deliberate to gain or score cheap political points and they need to stop it.


  3. What is this with the faux rage of the comatose Jean, who only is aware of nonsense she makes up in her head.
    So she is fine with the years of racism and abuse aimed towards the LOO and his family for years leading up to the 2021 elections. She has a very subjective memory. That abuse has fuelled so much hate and animosity in St Lucia adding to the environment for a high crime rate.

    She is fine with the attack and abuse on the then UWP government even as they were attempting to deal with deadly Covid pandemic that killed millions worldwide and hundreds of Lucians. Plus Senator Fedee by his astute management of local and international conditions managed to bring back tourism as soon as possible. Something that Jean could never do as she cannot even manane a cabaway on the roadside! Jean should be thankful that Fedee gave them a tourism state the SLP could work with in spite of their mismanagement.
    Jean should talk about the sky-high murder rate and gun possession in St Lucia that is exacerbated by the behaviour and known connection of certain politicians in her own party.
    She and the other women in SLP politics have taken moo moo pills in spite of how their crappy incompetence is affecting women and families in St Lucia.
    Inflation, no jobs, ridiculousness food prices, horrible roads and you find time to attack a true statement by Fedee who operates at a level way above you SLP ingrates.
    Jean, just for one day take the time out to go and examine your conscience. Unfortunately for the SLP cultists that is not possible.

  4. She is right – regardless. People need to THINK before the y make public statements, moreover if one is well-known in the community. Mr Fedee needs to be more cafeful when making “passionate” statements.

  5. Stop all that political hardball politics, and give the people a minimum wage to stop the exploitation of the workforce ….

  6. Fedee is correct. Any country that elects drug barons and murderers to rule over good people is a failed state. The disgrace is that they are surrounded by enablers who overlook their criminality for their own political gain, self serving corruption and abhorent nepotism.

  7. Senator Jean! 😠 Why would you try to do this!At least Senator Jean observed that the electorate needed to be alert regarding what is meted out to them and make proper decisions regarding who should be their representatives. Is that it?

  8. Hello Jean!
    Why not talk about the travel advisory issued by Canada in Feb 2024 with regard to violence in St Lucia?
    Why not ask your Minister of National Security why he is doing nothing about the Nation or security?
    Violence affects women who lose sons, brothers, fathers and fear for their lives in an atmosphere of violence .
    And you worried about Fedee who did more for tourism and St Lucia than all you mismanagers and opportunists in the SLP who are looking after family friends and foreigners !

  9. Lady good luck with these Clowns; this is their CODE OF CONDUCT and he is just professing to it, it’s ENGRAINED IN THE UWPEES DNA and written in their CONSTITUTION of old school dirty politics. Now you will see their cohorts pen about Fredrick’s, but remember RF came out of their camp and he is still rough around the edges and lacks a gentleman persona after being baptized by them. Regardless in politics you need a Fire Stick so they have this fool and The Supreme Leadership has Alva (where the hell is Alva),to put licks under them that’s one MP that doesn’t play around with them at all. Just like last week BIG BIRD though he was on Sesame Street and had his tantrum in the House AGAIN, while the prime minister displayed his studied Highgrade Style of discipline and gentleman-ship and reserved composure to allowed that BIRD to hark. A desperate unemployed man will resort to any means to survive sooner or later……in this case irrelevancy. So Madam, if by any means you were “personally “ offended by this unhappy clown rhetorics feel free to call him out, but please understand fish rot from the head down and sour grapes makes terrible champagne so his bellows won’t be the last.

  10. I am a St. Lucian who resides abroad and have been for many many years. The political climate in St. Lucia is seriously distasteful — I am not sure if folk realize how they are viewed on social media during their sittings in the house. If I were a part of this, I would be extremely embarrassed – it’s like a war with ongoing attacks and insults at each other on an ongoing basis.

    Unless St. Lucians understand (come to the realization) that the pride and need to be glorified by others is meaningless – they will continue to be pompous. As for me, I don’t know them and I am certainly not impressed with any of them. However, in the meantime – I wish St. Lucia well.

  11. I don’t know. Who would scare you more to meet in a dark alley at night? Dominic Fedee or Alison Jean?

  12. Senator Jean: is your memory short or selective? You see, I don’t recall you saying anything when Kenny Anthony called Guy Joseph a poodle. I don’t recall hearing you saying anything when your party kept fanning the flames of racial hatred (and still do) against Allan Chastanet.
    Don’t pretend that only one side can say or do wrong when by any measure the Labor party has committed multiple sins, much worse than UWP has ever done. The hypocrisy is nauseating.


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