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Fedee Stands His Ground Amid Criticism From Jean


Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has defended his recent assertion that many perpetrators of crime are ruling Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) supporters, amid criticism from Government Senator Allison Jean.

Jean described Fedee’s statement as ‘dangerous’.

On the margins of Monday’s senate sitting, Jean also called on the former Minister to retract it.

But Fedee, an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) senator, is standing his ground.

“I haven’t said anything wrong, anything that is not factual,” he told St. Lucia Times.

In addition, Fedee said the SLP should be apologising.

“You look at a lot of people who are caught up and working for this administration in the name of second chances. They have sent the wrong impression to the rest of the community,” he asserted.

Referencing Senator Jean’s declaration that his crime remark was dangerous, the former Minister said the way the government approaches crime is what is dangerous.

Fedee said the SLP refuses to accept that it has been ‘appallingly weak’ on crime.

“Allison Jean, I believe the Labour Party needs to apologise to the people of Saint Lucia,” he expressed.

Fedee spoke of young men who have lost their lives to gun violence in the past three years, grieving mothers, and parents who feel anxious for their children’s safety when the youngsters attend social activities in supporting his call for the SLP apology.

He said the SLP had yet to respond aggressively to crime, retreating instead to social programmes.

“For me, social programmes are going to yield results seven, eight years from now,” the UWP Second Deputy Political Leader stated.

“What are we going to do about the current crime? Every day, every week, gunshots in some community. Not all are fatal, but too many are,” the former Minister told St. Lucia Times.

According to Fedee, Saint Lucia is obligated to solve its crime problem.

Nevertheless, he lamented that the Philip J. Pierre administration was not decisive.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded 14 homicides in 2024.

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  1. Wait! Since that the the statement was made and the SLP even responded, only now Ma Jean making that an issue. Was Allison asleep.
    I wish former Ps’ could retract the horrible things they did to civil servants.

  2. To be honest a politician should not make a statement like this but I will say there is some truth in the statements as harsh as it sounds, I know quite a few trouble makers in my community and I know exactly where they stand when it comes to political party of choice. You do not need to do any investigation because you will see them at the rallies.

  3. These good for nothing politicians all they do is beaker at each other while the country is sinking what a shame

  4. She really expects mate to stand down? She never heard of “short man” syndrome? My lady, go pick a battle with an average height man instead cause you will lose! BTW, what he said/ implied is totally unacceptable!!!

  5. Stand firm Fedee!! There are lots of people standing with you.

    We live in a society where we conveniently turn a blind eye to evil. We know the drug dealers, we know the child molesters, we know those who are stealing from their companies; we talk about them amoung ourselves but wouldn’t dare call them out.

    As for Allison Jean, can’t blame her for turning a blind eye, it comes naturally. I listened to her criticism of Fedee, and she must think all St.lucians are stupid. She’s offended because Fedee used the word “bark”. Woman please.

  6. Allison has done nothing for the people but gets a salary on the 25 th of each month on the backs of the poor tax payers she made sure that all her families are in government jobs nepotism man … She even call PIP MOSES

  7. One another cannot accuse or neither blame another, though not always in the same Honda accord, but falls under the same ⚖️ jugement and perish together ❗

  8. Next elections he Fedee will be giving money to these same persons he deems criminals to get back into power. Disrespectful politicians like mate must be reminded of these careless statements and remain forever in opposition

  9. Fedee, what hypothesis do you use to arrive at this? I can say UWP has more Liars and are more corrupt. Chas has not utter one word of truth in his life, do you remember these statements: Kenny cannot but I will, that’s a lie, I will sign the document on my desk to make gas cheaper, a lie again, America deported 800 st. Lucians a lie again. Corruption: 9 million for St. Jude foundation, Pajoah letter.
    Now prove labors criminals. Don’t tell us about the wife battered, the kidnapping etc

  10. They know what they know that Fedee know and Mrs. Jean get to know please if you are ore pretending not to know… Amen


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