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Shots Fired In Vieux Fort – One Dead, Others Injured


One man is confirmed dead in a hail of bullets at West Hall Group, Vieux Fort, on Thursday, and at least two other individuals sustained injuries in the latest flare-up of gun violence.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia Times that amid the gunfire, Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) emergency responders retreated for their safety before returning to the scene.

According to initial reports, the shooting occurred at about 8:00 pm.

The initial reports indicated that two people who sustained gunshot injuries were in stable condition when they were transported to St. Jude Hospital, where several concerned individuals converged in the aftermath of the shooting.

This is a breaking story and will be updated as more information arrives.

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  1. Fools seeing crap in movies so they do it too and think it is funny. Bunch of inbreds with low IQs. That whole place needs to be set ablaze.

  2. Where Is the minimum wage that he promise on independence day. They are all living well with huge salaries but refuse to enact a minimum wage poverty Is responsible for the majority of the crime in vieux Fort. The mindset of the people need to change plus a lot of women are encouraging their sons in crime the la Ressource river if you see the amount of grown men who use the river as a toilet that is a shame in st Lucia the entire social fabric of the nation has gone so low

  3. We have a bunch of primitive, inept, incompetent fools running this country more concerned with playing cheap politics and filling their pockets with loot. The loss to St Lucia from corruption now runs into the hundreds of millions of dollars.
    As in the past with the SLP there is no attempt at accountability or transparancy and everyrhing is a now for now pash pash.
    An academic once said the most important requirement of good leadership is maintaining internal security in a nation and its people safe. That has gone to the dogs in St Lucia.

    I shudder to think also of what is going on behind the scenes and closed doors ,considering the amount of criminality already uncovered.
    Where are the leaders of civil society? It is an abomination that the same people who were willing to sabotage St Lucia during a world wide PANDEMIC can be so silent in the face of the insidious mayhem that has crept into our once Christian and peaceful society.
    No amount of fete and jazz and fireworks and booze has stopped the people from seeing the slow demise of our culture and society.
    Mark my words that this scenario cannot end well. This violence will not be contained to ghetto criminal elements and the prices we pay maybe too much.
    Wake up St Lucia!

  4. Wait
    I am not going vfort police a pass in this crap
    Because if you were not taking d boss money in the past you will not look like papishow right now . Leader of the country remove vfort police and send in the people who can do the job. I AM NOT Feeling sorry for vfort police the bastards and heffers…..

  5. The blood bath continues… is it that we expect more from our police and fire service personnel, who go above and beyond, with limited resources, doing the utmost difficult job, putting their lives on the line, expecting them to apprehend the criminals, yet most will not hold Pierre responsible for these failures….I will repeat it and say it again…. Pierre is directly responsible for these issues due to his failure to implement measures commensurate with the level of gun violence on the island….he is the minister responsible for national security and he should take the heat… Pierre will go down in the annals of Saint Lucian history as the PM who presided over the highest murder rate on the island….

  6. what will it take for law enforcement personnel to crack down on this nonsense in st Lucia ? the government need to do what they afraid of doing. bring in law enforcement personnel from outside to oversee the police force. to many of our police officers seems to be in bed with criminals in st Lucia.

  7. This is what the minister for security enjoy happening.. say no more. Get out of that ministry you collect your payment already. RESIGN empty skull!

  8. They did nt say the police it was fire service the people human too you know what good it will do us if theyre dead.

  9. I will give a financial reward to anyone who bring in the persons responsible for this crime with evidence they truly committed this act.

  10. I know there is noway the government can wipe out crime in st lucia but the government can’t control the crime situation on the island by implementing strict security measures on the island which they refuses to do sighting human rights concerns but am positively sure more than 98% of citizens would rather give up some of the rights to live in peace I for one willing to give those rights for peace and security the only ones that’s going to complain are the money hungry lawyers and and those up to no good or the good for nothing types

  11. Until then the slaughtering of st lucias sons and daughters will continue until it starts to hit home and when I say home I mean home of those that are in charged
    so as I see it for now criminal activities COMING 2 A VILLAGE NEAR yOU or Cpming 2 street near you and eventually coning to an address near you before it hits HOME

  12. GOD :
    Those who are not with me is against me”!!
    Unlocking the Bible 🔐
    Hebrews :4v12
    For the word of God is living and active-Sharper than any double edge Sword 🗡️…
    Jerimiah :23v29
    Is not my word like 🔥 fire”dec.. the Lord “and like a harmer 🔨 that breaks rocks into pieces ❓…
    2Timothy 3v16
    All scriptures of God breath is useful for learning, rebuking, correcting and training in rigtheousness, so that the man of God be throughlly equipped for every good work…
    Matthew :4v4
    Jesus answered, “it is written that man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God…
    Romans :15v4
    For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope ‼️…
    1Peter 24 v25
    For those who have been born again are not,(not in vain), are not perisable Seeds, but (Imperishable Seeds, through the living and enduring the word of God,
    ‘All men are like grass and their glory is like the flowers of the fields ;the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of God, the LORD Stands forever ‼️”
    Psalms 119v105
    Your word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path…
    Isaiah 55v11
    So is my that goes out of my mouth;it will not return to me empty, but I will accomplish what I desire and acheive the purpose for which I send it (Jesus)…
    God will juge ⚖️the living and the dead, Preach the word to be prepared in Season and out of Season ;correct, rebuking and encourage-with great patience and careful instructions….

  13. What you expect when you have a prime minister who looks like a clone who is gonna take mate seriously .mate needs to go go the house and start enacting some stiffer penalties for fire arm crime and stop focusing on chastnet.

  14. Thinhs so nice in the country, Phillip J Pierre promised us a march for Independence that would indicate the level of support that we have foe his party/government, upon our acceptance of his LIE of a 2.5% tax for Health & Security. So what happened to that? He also promised the launch of the minimum wage legislation on Independence Day? I dere waiting for both.

  15. Please make the Hon Richard Prime Minister. He knows many of the criminals and has the power to make them calm down for a while.

  16. Bring in the army either from the US or the UK or both. The crime on this island has over powered our police force. Set up military quarters so they can stay long term.
    I honestly don’t think there is another way out now, if we leave it much longer we will end up like Haiti.
    So sad for St Lucia.

  17. Things will get worst before getting better. St.lucian are not fedup with what’s going on yet. When we as a nation take it up unto ourselves to collectively denounce and demand that these nonsense stop it will. St.lucia can barely be found on the map; a rock in the ocean. we cannot control this senseless killings? This is just a big joke!! You’ll can tell who sleeping with who, who have aids, who doing witchcraft. But not who’s committing these crimes. We are just a nation of noise makers…blah,blah,blah and nothing more.

  18. Most of you who love and live by withcraft …ask the warlocks and the witches to stop the violence with immediate effect…..AA I thought they had power..nonsense…

  19. Why are.ww quick to blame government….WHY???
    As far as I’m concerned the police should pick up all these little muddah phockers…..wanting to play like they are bosses……charter a flight and drop them, literally drop them off in Ukraine……. whatever happens, happens.

    This crap need to stop……they are all young.
    I am inclined to ask what happened when they were being nutured…what are their parents saying…..their bosses aren’t getting killed they all stupid…..

    One day all that will stop.

    I love vfort, but wahh …nahhh…..

    This needs to stop……I have family in vfort….

  20. Again, we start with pointing a weapon in the face of readers. Who is behind this type of dramatization advertising. Please find another image. Why do you even need an image. Just write a headline. This is straight out of first world hyperbolizing news that is traumatically sad. Stop it St. Lucia!


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