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Family Member Suspects Revenge In Dennery Killing


A family member suspects revenge was the motive in the fatal shooting of a Richmond, Dennery man in his forties.

“My Niece call me and say they shot Ratta,” a family member told reporters regarding the death of the victim, whom police identified as Baune Dumar, 47.

A police release said on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at about 9:40 pm, the Richfond Police Station responded to a report of a fatal shooting at Richfond, Dennery.

According to the release, Dumar sustained multiple apparent gunshot injuries and succumbed.

One family member was aware of reports that the deceased, who had served time for causing death over twenty years ago, had received threats since his release a few years ago.

The family member did not know whether Dumar reported the threats to the police.

Another relative told reporters that the deceased had changed since leaving prison.

“He would not encourage violence or crime, for that matter. He would always try to speak sense into people who would probably want to take a path like him. He was a changed person,” the relative declared.

The relative believed Dumar’s death was a revenge killing but felt people should be able to forgive and move on.

“Things happen. It’s been twenty-two years. I know that it caused pain to families in the past. But that’s not a reason to dwell on a situation that has died out. Twenty-two years is a long time,” the relative asserted.

The family described Dumar as a loving individual and a nice person who encouraged people to do good due to his experiences in life.

He was one of three people who sustained fatal gunshot injuries on Independence Day.

Two other men died in a hail of bullets in a separate incident at West Hall Group, Vieux Fort.

Police identified them as 23-year-old Qunicy Mathurin, known as ‘One Shot’ of Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort, and Edley Celise of Martin Luther Street, Vieux Fort.

According to reports, the two fatal shootings occurred at about 8:00 pm on Thursday while a party was in full swing.

A wake for a deceased woman was also taking place in the same neighbourhood.

The latest killings have pushed Saint Lucia’s homicide toll in 2024 to 17.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has appealed to anyone with information regarding the fatal shootings to contact the Richfond Police Station at 456-3690 or the Major Crimes Unit at 456-3754.

Alternatively, individuals may provide tips anonymously by dialing 555 (the Crime Hotline) or using the RSLPF Crime Hotline Application, which they can download from the Google Play Store.

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  1. Blaming politicians for crimes revenge killings etc is counter productive..the truth is most Caribbean Islands are ravaged by crime.
    A new normal sad to say.

    Citizens do whatever you can to help law enforcement

  2. Peep what’s going on why so much death. Is the kingdom of darkness claiming their part of the deal. Some do ANYTHING fir power. It always ends the same way when dealing with the kingdom of darkness. Helen is in trouble

  3. Some say don’t blame government for crimes but these same people blame parents for their kids bad behavior. Government took an oath to serve and protect specially the minister of national security which in our case is our prime Minister. I think the guy take the moomoo table he is just hoping for crimes to stop. News flash Pip crime will not stop unless you do something

  4. Based of the cumulative sum of 17 for year 2024, it seems that the common denominator in the “male homicide equation is the “side purse” aka lacoste aka badman seatbelt! How obvious

  5. Let me first say cannot blame any government when the moral compass of Lucians is out the window (out of wack). Blame parents care givers or lack their off. I am neither SLP nor UWP ….what I do know for a fact is this. I was born in St. Lucia from a family of 10 …my mom and grandmom were entrepreneurs. My siblings and I used to help them make the items which they sold …dolls, necklaces, keychains etc.

    We were taught at a very early age to study hard, live within your means, don’t envy anyone and stay away from bad company. In turn we passed the same qualities to our kids. We thank God that we complied and we are all gainfully employed in healthcare, engineering, law, education, real estate etc etc. with Bachelors and Masters Degrees. Where you are going is more paramount than where you come from. Stop playing the blame game and do right by yourself. Some of you have the audacity to think your family members who migrated owe you something.

    Some of you are uneducated and rather than trying to learn to read and write you find an idiot who is also illiterate. Well…the blind cannot lead the blind because they will both fall in a ditch. The government did not tell you to have kids when you need help for yourself with Tom, Dick and Harry, Peter, Paul and Mary. Some of you need to get a life for real …your expectations of government is unrealistic.

    Some of this generation don’t want to work hard ..but would rather engage in illegal activity. I am not certain what’s going on with young and old ..what I do know is envy and jealousy, witchcraft, adultery etc etc is rampant in St. Lucia. I have seen video of store footage with young folk sprinkling mess by the store front of others (witches and warlocks all over the island). Folk are cursed with a demonic curse as Satan is the God of many St. Lucians who by the way are on a one way ticket to HELL because of their WITCHCRAFT dealings. Godspeed

  6. The comments section always reassures me as to why we are not making progress in various aspects of our society. Baytiz tousel!

  7. Some of the same people that blaming government/politicians remember these people kids are , lawyers,teachers, accountants ,doctors . We need to brid decent kids not criminals.

  8. Some of the same people that blaming government/politicians remember these people kids are , lawyers,teachers, accountants ,doctors . SdWe need to brid decent kids notd rdßdc address drimi add dzsnals.

  9. First of all you cannot blame parents or ministers. We all have choices and if well raised kids turn out to be a criminal it was their choice. So whether they were raised well or NOT it was their choice. The Days are over. Be prepared the devil’s days are coming to an end he’s looking for blood and he’ll manipulate anyone to get what he wants. Stay safe my people and be ready for anything.

  10. The family who tell others to forgive and forget, need to encourage ppl to fix their households instead. If my only child was murdered by a piece of scumb during a robbery or indecent assault, I will be saving up in trust for twenty years to ensure that sucker is beheaded upon release!

  11. I personally don’t have any reiable intel about the criminals or their crimes but I know and believe its been committed by a hand full of no good or good for nothing in this country and since st lucia is a very small place where everyone knows everyone or knows someone that knows you the law enforcement community knows or have knowledge of those that are up to no good in this country
    and last but no least the politicians need to stop affiliating with these trouble makers and stop financing them with government contract in the name of buying votes the country is losing more than its gaining
    I am not a politician but don’t see any good in it for them to kiss the devil ass just to end in hell because of votes


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