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Police Issue Statement On Firearm Recovery At Burial Site


Saint Lucia police have issued a statement on an operation they conducted at a burial site that led to the recovery of a firearm and ammunition.

Videos of the police operation have appeared on social media.

The police statement on Thursday indicated that officers did not infringe anyone’s rights.

“Despite an entitlement to grieve, no one should endanger the lives of others by being in possession of unlicensed weapons. It is the responsibility of the police to preserve the peace and the exercise was in keeping with this mandate,” the police observed.

The complete statement appears below:


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  1. Well done officers! Those scum should have no quarter. No place to rest. It could be on their toilets, go after them. We are at the edge of that precipice. If we go over, no coming back.

  2. Officers, I will always support you in your duties to bring law and order back to this wayward and backward island of ours. It’s a shame to see what Saint Lucia has become…it’s a shame that even those in authority don’t even seem to care about the image of our nation…look at the state of the city…the flagship representative of us as a people, where every citizen comes to congregate and most tourists will pass through. Yet the prime minister does not hasten efforts to beautify the city….it’s a shame that cannot be forgiven…I

    Now as to the statement saying the police not infringing on anyone’s human rights, …after seeing the video where a an officer appears to pull one of the men down to the ground by the scruff of the neck…it almost appears he pull him to the ground by the corn rows….it is essential, despite the hard headedness of these so called bad boys we have in Saint Lucia, that the police conduct themselves with decorum…I know the job is hard and dangerous but we must treat everyone with respect and dignity even when they attempt to test your patience….in building community trust the police must display humanity first and in doing so you will gain the trust and confidence of the entire nation…never treat another human being – even if they deserve it – never treat them with disrespect….to bring back community trust, you must reach out in humanity and humility….my critic of the police is in no way a sign of my non supportive of the police but an observation that i wish could better relations between us all…

  3. Arrest and or shake up all of them…including those who accuse cops of infringing on their rights to grieve…including their lawyers as well! Arrest them all mi say!

  4. Cannot believe SGt Joseph waste her precious time to address this crap! There should be no explanation for this…the message should simply be “it doesn’t matter where you are, you will get you once you are breaking the law”

  5. A woman isn’t suppose to be the head of the police force period. Foe example , if so be the case then send a group of women to search shanty town. Show the nation women are ready to handle a man’s job. Period

  6. We never know how many people that cockroach have killed with that firearm send him to prison for a year with hard labour with one meal a day have him to go and clean Sandy beach and elparata every day as those thugs refuse to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars like the rest of us …

  7. The Police Should not respond to Crap .These foolish young men have no Respect for the Law in St.Lucia. More Persons Should have been arrested and Charged for Obstruction .Nonsense .The police have the powers to Search anyone anywhere at anytime. Years ago persons were being arrested and Charged for Obstruction .Police do your job arrest and Charge them for Obstruction .Nonsense .The Magestrates have to make examples out these persons

  8. Arrest and Charge their A####.For Obstruction .Use the Criminal Code Stop allowing Civilians to take Police for Papisho .Years ago Rslpf was Highly Redpected Regain that Respect .Lock their A## Up

  9. As long as the police act within the rule of law they will continue to have the peoples support.
    Further more there are no no go areas no havens for criminals or criminal activity …let’s see increased police presence in those locations.
    As to this so called gangs , gangs have hierarchies issues of guns killings have to be approved by a boss .I am not sure St.Lucia so called gangs have that structure.
    In addition these murders seem to be random and usually related to personal grievances .
    The most effective way to combat crime is to disrupt its cash and the best way to do so is by intensive police presence. Simple continue these murders and the police will flood those areas with police .
    It’s time to start thinking out of the Traditional sphere of responses to crime as this has failed .. let’s develop a St.Lucian centred approach….
    More to follow.

  10. The majority of the young men in that funeral are just crack cocaine smokers and criminals . The police need to get rid of those cockroaches and cowards …


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