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One Man Dead, Another Injured In Bagatelle Shooting


One man is dead, and another had to be treated in hospital after a shooting incident at Bagatelle, Castries, Thursday night.

Police identified the deceased as Calixtus Jn. Louis, 42.

The other man, who sustained two gunshot injuries to the leg, said they were playing dominoes when two individuals ran towards them and started ‘offloading bullets’

The man said Calixtus fell during the gunfire, whereas he himself fainted after getting hit twice.

Calixtus succumbed, while the other shooting victim received treatment at the OKEU Hospital, which later discharged him.

“It happened so unexpected. I was in a shock. We play dominoes there every night,” the survivor stated.

He felt the police needed to ‘come down hard’ on criminals.

At the same time, he declared that people should be wary about trusting others and always be alert to their surroundings.

A relative described the deceased Calixtus as a loving father of three girls, one of whom is four years old.

The relative said after 10.00 pm on Thursday, the deceased went to a shop to buy cigarettes.

Later, shots rang out.

“My cousin came running saying, ‘Don’t go up the road’. But by the time we got up there he was already dead. He apparently got a bullet straight in his head,” the relative told reporters.

“Everybody in the community crying because although he might have had his ways, he was still a loving father,” the family member stated.

In addition, the relative believed that the deceased was not the target, asserting that ‘it wasn’t for him’.

Police have appealed for information regarding the Bagatelle shooting.

They have requested anyone with information to contact the Marchand Police Station at 456-3885.

Alternatively, people may provide tips anonymously by dialing 555 (the Crime Hotline) or utilising the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) Crime Hotline Application, available in Google Play Store.

Saint Lucia’s homicide toll so far in 2024 is 20.

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  1. This statement right here “because although he might have had his ways, he was still a loving father”.

  2. Ah we to believe that this recent shooting the victims were chosen at random….(a mad man just arrived and just shot at the victims for no reason) if that’s the case we are in more trouble than I thought.
    We often hear of gang violence was this incident a gang reprisal …which if the case would mean the victims are gang members.
    Another thing I don’t buy into this where the victims are sanctified. ( what does “he have his ways” mean.)
    Where was the police …accept they can’t be everywhere .
    Are hot spots identified and receive more focused policing .
    Are known gun men monitored .
    In a little place like St Lucia where does the perpetrator return to …some one must know or see…

  3. Today is only the 1st of March and by no means I will say that the government is sending folks to commit crine. However we must understand that parents and citizens hv a major role to play in the fight and increase in crime. Let’s be mindful that the criminals on the loose Today cannot be controlled by their parents again and government needs to put all necessary measures in place to deter the criminals from acting. Such measures can be a vast increase in the bail if found with an unlicensed firearm. Stiffer penalties when convicted. Etc. We parents must take control of the young generation that is still in our care. My condolence goes out to the family.

  4. St. Lucia has a gun violence problem. Regardless as to which party is in power, there will never be enough police to guard every square foot in St.Luucia. Prayers is not enough. Is this the life we want in St. Lucia. We have allowed money, corruption and foreign forces of evil to break the peacefulness of our island home.

  5. Nahum :
    Hearts melts,knees give way, bodies tremble,and face grows pale, what a sadness my people 😭
    Woe to the city of blood !!
    “How awesome is this place !
    This is none other than the house of God ; this is where ⚖️ jugement began and the gate of heaven ❗

  6. If you are caught with firearms, there should be no bail. Go to jail! These are dangerous weapons and they are causing multiple homicides. These men don’t care about innocent people getting shot and killed during they shotting spree. They are just out to kill by any means necessary.
    So if you get caught with firearms, court hearing next day with no bail. They will just get out and go buy another gun,to finish the job. These men don’t care, so why give them bail for firearms!!!

  7. When your alias is Murderin, that says a lot about you. It shows you the trajectory that society is taking. Indeed, everyone have a role to play in the crime fighting strategy….yet, the government should initiate policy that would disrupt the criminals… often times, its usually a case of the horse has already bolted and even then, the authorities are clueless as to a way forward. The source of our factious society are the homes… dysfunctional homes, dysfunctional families, single parent families who struggle to work, provide a safe environment to raise kids, poor educational attainment, domestic violence etc etc …I will say it again and again till the lack of foresight myopic authorities take the appropriate steps …there should be a system that links homes, schools and and overseeing body that assesses every child that enters the school system from primary school and evaluate whether they are at risk of becoming a societal menace when they get alder and measures put in place to guide that child and family to a better way of life……if nothing is done this situation, which is already out of hand will become a quagmire too deep to extricate yourself from….

  8. Those young cockroaches call themselves gangstas but is slippers from s&s that cost about 14 dollars that they does have in their feet . They refuse to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour like the rest of us…

  9. Criminals will continue to be emboldened as long as they fancy their chances of getting away.

    What is it going to take to have two squad cars on our major highways 24/7?…Is this rocket science?

    Why not work with telecommunications providers to send out the likes of Amber Alerts to close in on getaway vehicles? People can simply text the latest sightings of relevant suspects so the police can have a general idea of the direction those miscreants are heading.

    Why not provide attractive monetary incentives to motivate informers?

    Why not erect mobile watchtowers in hot zones with armed policemen? Mobile so the police can adjust in accordance with latest intelligence.

    Why not our very own K9 Unit? We can all agree 40k/month seem exorbitant.

    I’m not purporting to have all the answers but we simply can’t put the cart before the horse and think we are being productive. From whet I’m seeing it isn’t the availability of resources that is our primary problem but rather the misuse of the meager we have.

  10. “He had his ways”. Just like the popular Lucian phrase “He was a good boy” Examples of being too sootiwez.

  11. “Everybody in the community crying because although he might have had his ways, he was still a loving father.” Right there, with this statement, we can see that the family member knew exactly what type of person Callixtus was and what he was into. I feel for the family though!

  12. People, y’all eh seeing that it is the plebs that are doing the shooting and who are dying? We should go after them alright but what about the honchos? The business men (like the ones in Rodney Bay), the Politicians, Lawyers, etc. What about them? Follow the money but again, these are the monies that fund both parties.

  13. Those young cockroaches call themselves gangstas but is slippers from s&s that cost about 14 dollars that they does have in their feet . They refuse to go and work for 3 to 5 EC dollars an hour like the rest of us…

  14. I think that the government and police need to take a deeper approach to find out whether guns are manufactured here on island. Government in Trinidad just found out this alarming news last year. Just listened to the chilling video of gunplay. This sounded like movie. Lord please help our country.

  15. @Ailias Awake…..,.I just watching you….say it “DIASPORAS “ STOP SENDING GUNS HERE ! You can chew on all your narratives as to why there is an increased in gun violence here, make your excuses for other cultures, double down on the PM, blame parents as if we were always sheltered children in the Himalayas, and refuse to call them out because they would not risk “jeopardizing” their status; keep playing Ring Around The Roses you fool and don’t call them out, you are not in public office you are just a paid cohort why seem to be more agitated more than everyone else. Just exercise your civic patriotic duty and call them out, DIASPORAS STOP SENDING GUNS HERE.

  16. We have the second to lowest IQ on earth……quoted on this site

    Next, we saw St. Lucia. Geographically, it was the most beautiful of the islands. The Pitons are splendid, and we passed some scenic harbors and resorts. Economically, though, St. Lucia looked the worst. This fits with official statistics, which put its per-capita GDP at $10,000 nominal and $15,000 PPP. Even though it has roughly twice the population of Antigua and Barbuda, the KFC was again the shiniest business we saw. The main downtown church was closed, and the nearby park contained about a dozen apparently homeless men, though perhaps they were just relaxing and drinking alone. Desperate peddling was intense. The local police seemed to be one of the main employers.

    They aren’t my words…

    Yet you lot will still argue red and yellow. @St Lucian high grade…did you actually pay any tax last year? Do YOU put ANYTHING into the system. I doubt it. Full of shit. Sit here smoking ya $100 a week commenting on ya iphone. You’re the problem with this country. No pride, no belief in the world around. Insula, single minded nonsense thinking your an Oxford graduate

    But don’t worry. Highgrades got red and yellow red and red.

  17. They keep deleting my comments, I’m beginning to think the Rt. Hon. Highgrade really is an educated man is disguise. With his y’all’s….annd all your lingo Rolly polly nonsense. Are you an actual politician? As in elected? Why do you call yourself that? I’m new to this chat.

    Sheltered children in the Himalayas. I bet you’ve been. That just wouldn’t roll off the tongue. But you’re true to the left wing. No matter what that guy does your on his side. I bet your the PM

  18. Lucian Lowgrade calling someone a paid cohort, that is laughable. Lucian Lowgrade pretends to be a highly educated person but I have seen through this nonsense. Lucian Lowgrade keeps blaming the causes of crime on the tools of crime. Yes guns make people emboldened but so did the cutlass. The issue with society today is we accept corruption and wrong doing amongst us and in government. The police force is haunted by that secret IMPACS report and the people in power will do nothing to stamp out the corruption it reveals. Successive governments have failed to put the right measures in place and so we see the results today.


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