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Four People Rushed To Hospital After Micoud Highway Crash


Four people were rushed to the hospital after three vehicles collided at Escap along the Micoud Highway on Friday, according to preliminary reports.

The collision involved a car, a delivery truck, and a Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF)staff vehicle.

Delivery truck with dented side after Micoud collision.

The vehicle was heading back to the BCF at the time of the accident.

BCF vehicle involved in Micoud accident

The driver and a passenger received private transportation to St. Jude Hospital and were reported to be in stable condition.

However, Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) emergency personnel had to extricate two people from the car involved in the collision and transport them to the hospital in critical condition.

The accident occurred at about 2:00 pm, resulting in a major traffic jam.


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  1. As the distance is so much closer, it would be better to build The Modern Hospital; let us not wait till the big one happens. The times in which we’re living in ‘is wait & see.

  2. Every week it’s either a homicide or a crash or some calamity befalling Saint Lucia. This is truly a sign that the people of the nation don’t listen, they don’t learn and carry on doing the same thing over and over reaping the same result…is that what you call progress? Is that what you call development? It’s a bleeding shame…. sadly there will be more to come because the block heads don’t listen….

  3. Well we’ll well what is going on in my country st people put everything aside take a look at what is happening in the country..bloody mess

  4. If people not shooting and killing one another, its road accident
    What is really goïng on in in St.Lucia?
    Has the devil taken the leadership in St Lucia.
    People of Saint Lucia repent of your evil doing and seek the ways of God. Cesse to do evil, learn to do well and Hid will heal the Land.
    The Land is covered with blood and evil, witchcraft, obeah etc.
    Saint Lucia is not Haïti, you people can do better, so get to work and let Saint Lucia carry the name that I love so well: Helen of the west.

  5. Base on what i see. The Patriotic minister believes that speed bump sand mirrors will reduce accidents and fatalities. Well mark my words. He should add speed bumps ESCAP and a few mirrors.

  6. I’ve driven at the speed limit since I passed my test 20 years ago…..and miraculously, I’ve never crashed. Funny that. I’ve had a few idiots come my way, but I think because I wasn’t also a speeding idiot, I just moved over. I bet 90% of lucians don’t even know the speed limit.

  7. This Bordelaise vehicle is always speeding and overtaking sometimes at inappropriate times on the road. I have personally witnessed it oftentimes because I commute daily to and from work in Castries.

  8. There are no highways in St Lucia, most of our young motorists are in a hurry to kill their selves and innocent people..
    We should have traffic law enforcement 24/7 to solve this problems..

  9. Jonny…it doesn’t matter how safe a driver you are…the idiots will still drag you or involve you in their carnage! I am just waiting for a prominent member of our society to be involved so the authorities can do sthing…sad to say!


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