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Five Held For Guns, Ammunition And Cash In Dennery


On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) conducted a joint operation within the Northern and Central Divisions.

The operation involved Police Officers from the Northern and Central, Southern Division Tactical teams, Bicycle Patrol Unit and the Vulnerable Persons Team.

During the operation, officers executed six (6) search warrants and apprehended five (5) individuals for the offences ranging from the Possession of Prohibited Firearms and Ammunition and Money Laundering.

  1. Several houses in Dennery were searched, resulting in the apprehension of five (5) individuals and seizure of:
  2. Sixty-six (66) rounds of 5.56 ammunition.
  3. Fifty-one (51) rounds of .40 ammunition.
  4. Eight (8) rounds of 9mm ammunition.
  5. Cartridge cases with one (1) magazine containing thirty-seven (37) rounds of 5.56 ammunition.
  6. One (1) Glock 27 Firearm with an auto sear and fifteen (15) rounds of .40 ammunition.
  7. One (1) AR15 assault rifle.
  8. A quantity of cash (EURO) was also confiscated.
  9. During the joint police operation several traffic checks were conducted, resulting, forty-seven (47) vehicles being checked. Thirteen (13) traffic tickets were issued for various traffic violations.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. (Press release updated to correct date of operation from February to March 5)

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  1. Just let them loose already. They have more crimes to commit. The population has to be scared for all to be normal.

  2. 30,000$ charge for damage to Wasco meters, yet here we are in 2024 and u get caught wit an ak47,15,rifle 9 mm ,38s,shotguns ,you pay 1500$ an are out back on the streets, in the villages again within hours!,,…. Right or wrong?……. 4 days of water since December! Focus on Water is Life as well! I Thank You.

  3. The parent and family members knows that the young boys are involve in criminal activities yet Still they are hiding them when the police are looking for them all they do is smoke crack cocaine and drink rum and steal from hard working people … They refuse to go and work for 3 EC dollars an hour like the rest of us…

  4. We need to support the police . The police need to search every house in vieux Fort both the rich and poor to get the firearms as the criminal does have it in their rooms , ceilings , under the sofas even in the latrines sometimes under mattresses have cuffew from especially on weekends no one should be on the streets after 6 in vieux Fort if you are not working . The police need to get rid of those cockroaches and the parents of the criminals especially those useless women who are uneducated and lack skills as it is them that are encouraging the young boys to steal and commit crime . Even farmers are having a hard time in vieux Fort

  5. And then the magistrates or judges let them off with a slap on the wrist or a fine of 5 thousand dollars to be paid in five years, if in default the 5 months in prison with both day and night being counted as a separate day. day

  6. The police needs to keep it going n keep the good 4 nothings on their toes 4 the wicked
    also the government needs to support the police efforts by providing them with more unmarked vehicles even allow the police squads to utilize the use of the use of other government vehicles like ministry of agriculture and ministry of health vehicles ministry of works vehicles ministry of planning vehicles and so on so the criminals will never be able to keep up with the police because you never know how or when the police will show up so when you engage in crime you will always have to look behind you or over your shoulders because that’s where the police will be and of course the judges and prosecutors have to do a better job helping the police keeping those no goods off the steets too

    Most of the Countries are Independent States.
    Still affliated to GREAT BRITAIN.
    St Lucia bring a member state and the flag bearer was a young lady, I assume she felt privileged to be the representative of St Lucia.
    St Lucia with its (CRIME RATE) should take a long look at its SHAMEFUL Record.
    There are those he’ll bent on sullying this
    beautiful lady, HELEN aka SAINT LUCIA.


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