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T&T’s Griffith Takes Rowley To Task For Criticising Chastanet


The leader of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Transformation Alliance, Gary Griffith, has issued a statement calling out Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley for criticising Saint Lucia opposition leader Allen Chastanet.

Griffith is a former T&T Police Commissioner and National Security Minister.

He issued a statement Wednesday after Prime Minister Rowley referred to Chastanet as ‘Tropical Trump’.

Chastanet had addressed an opposition United National Congress (UNC) town hall meeting in Trinidad and Tobago on Monday, during which he declared that there was hope for dealing with the surge in crime in the Caribbean.

The former Saint Lucia Prime Minister also discussed several measures to address the region’s crime problems.

Gary Griffith declared that Dr. Keith Rowley’s attack on Chastanet demonstrated a lack of diplomacy and foresight.

Griffith’s complete statement appears below:

The National Transformation Alliance (NTA), wishes to voice our concern in relation to Keith Rowley’s labeling of the former Prime Minister and present Opposition leader of St. Lucia, Allen Chastanet, as “Tropical Trump.”

We also seek clarification on whether the label was based on the Opposition Leader’s ethnic composition or if his policies were similar to those of Donald Trump. If there is no evidence of the latter, Rowley’s comment becomes a racial dog whistle, designed to attack and divide, yet again.

Not only is Rowley’s comment disrespectful to Chastanet, but it also reflects negatively on Donald Trump himself.

The comment was intended to convey a negative image, and regardless of personal opinions about Trump, the fact remains that he could potentially be the next President of the USA by the end of the year. The USA is Trinidad and Tobago’s most crucial economic and national security ally.

Keith Rowley’s consistent anger and bitterness towards anyone not aligned with the PNM, viewing them automatically as enemies, poses a significant danger.

His failure to think three steps ahead and to anticipate the consequences of his actions raises important questions: If Chastanet and Trump return to office, and, unfortunately, Rowley remains in power, how would this impact diplomatic and trade relations between our nation and theirs?

Would Rowley attempt to downplay the unwarranted attack as a joke during meetings with these leaders? How would Chastanet and Trump receive Rowley, especially if discussions were held in their respective countries?

Further, what was Chastanet’s ‘crime’? Joining the UNC’s Anti-crime platform to advocate for a stronger voice for citizens across the region represented by Opposition parties? Or was it the call for more regional efforts to combat crime?*

This diplomatic debacle highlights just how out of control and classless Rowley can be when he creates an enemy in his head. It also exposes Rowley’s three biggest fears: people uniting, people getting a voice, and anything that may hinder criminals. This is yet another example of why Keith Rowley is unfit to lead.

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  1. T&T’s P.M. Keith Rowley’s comments reminds me 0f the ‘Speakers’ and other M.P.’s in St. Lucia; they have even invited the P.M. of Grenada to voice his qualified ignorance in St. Lucia with his racial rant. See how this kind of talk can hurt and shame a Nation; see how three ‘good for nothings’ killed a white American couple on their Sailing Boat in Grenada – idle words have consequences.

  2. Watch the politicians “politricking” sorry Mr Griffith but Allen, Tropical Trump, Not too bright, Gwenson whatever term you choose to refer to him as, never introduced any Policies or any meaningful policies.

    Don’t take my word for it the gentleman was in the hot seat for a full term and as Mr Rowley rightfully stated he and the party he leads was “unceremoniously” told thanks but no thanks.

    I don’t think Tropical Trump committed any crime however would you advise an upcoming entrepreneur to take advice from a failed business man.

    Allen, introduced no new policies to combat and reduce crime in St Lucia, the records are there to peruse. Why would any nation want to take his advice on crime fighting and reduction from one who failed in their tenure!

  3. @ khalid. People like you are totally brainwashed forcusing on the lies and hatred that was spilled by your government don’t worry is when it reaches your home you will understand. Keep pelting mud mr Chas had the balls to try to do something. The world is watching and we feel sorry for st Lucia. It’s becoming like Haiti.🇭🇹. The innocent blood is all these politicians hands. God will deal with you guys. All you see is red and hate yellow. No love no empathy

  4. The folks who should know better keep making themselves look like fools instead of focussing on what’s important. Every term wasted and the situation gets even more dire.

  5. @The Cunning Fox hold what I put are sitting on I know of that Griffith well another Francis Lapo as hell did very little to curb crime dismal track record bird of a feather….all these fools have brilliant ideas ONLY WHEN in opposition. Chastanet got exactly what he deserved; maestro Teddy Pendergrass “the whole town is laughing at me please “.

  6. Rowley needs to look in a mirror and he will see Trini Trump. Rowley has turned Trinidad into a crime island. Rowley you cannot fit your tow into Allen’s shoe.

  7. @ras I don’t usually do this, reply to comments about my comment/s.

    “Brainswashed forcusing on the lies and hatred that was spilled by your government” partner how do you know it hasn’t already reached my home. Tell me how youmknow it hasn’t reached my home.

    I didn’t have to wait for the present Labour government to come into office to know “Mr Chas” your massa was the worst thing to happen in StLucian politics.

    Enlighten us as to what your massa “tried to do something” don’t just throw words out there, justify your statement, what did he successfully do to curb or reduce crime in his tenure.

    You eat this most pork, black pudding and pumpum yet you call yourself Ras Ital. See i can throw words out there without justfication.

    Tell me 3 policies your Massa brought in place in his tenure, 3 policies beneficial to lifes of St Lucians???

    Your massa can’t even speak proper English, self proclaimed Tourism Guru, what did he bring for Tourism.

    Stop smoking that bush or snorting the white stuff like your Massa.

  8. Rowley is an idiot. U see his reign TNT has done the worst in its history. All he has gking for him is that he gets black Trinidadians to vote for him based in their own colour and that’s it. He ugly as sin too

  9. I don’t much about politics in st lucia nor trinidad but living in trinidad for 6 yrs my first child is Trinidadian I like this ex police chief gary Griffith just like in my days living and working in trinidad I liked that ex chief of police Randolph borrows those mens had a good vision for fighring crime I just like the guy and I think he has very good intentions for t&t


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