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Students Among 17 Injured In Vieux Fort Accidents


Several students were among seventeen people who sustained injuries as a result of two separate vehicle accidents in Vieux Fort on Thursday.

The Vieux Fort fire station received emergency calls within minutes of each other regarding the incidents.

At about 7:01 am, emergency responders learned that a truck had run into the back of a minibus at Aupicon.

The responding crew transported five people to the Hospital.

Later, at about 7:26 am, the fire service emergency responders rushed to Grace, where a minibus transporting 11 students to the Anse Ger Secondary School ran off the road and plunged down an incline after apparent brake failure.

The fire service transported twelve individuals, including the driver, to St. Jude Hospital.

The victims had sustained various injuries.

It was the second accident within the last twenty-four hours involving multiple casualties.

On Wednesday, emergency personnel rushed eighteen individuals in stable condition to the Hospital after a collision involving three vehicles at Goodlands, Castries

Two minibuses plying the Dennery and Jacmel routes and a government-registered cargo van were involved in the accident, blamed on brake failure on one of the buses.

The victims’ injuries did not appear to be life-threatening.

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  1. Onto you….Minister of Transport aka infrastructure. Get off your lazy bum and atleast make a statement of concern (even though we know you don’t mean it). I can think EASILY think of 10 low hanging initiatives that could curb the increase in road collisions/accidents.

  2. Every day st Lucia have a sad news..people please demand pjp to close the country down for 2 days for prayers..on the other hand they need to pay the devil look like they did not pay the people that make them win the Lucian doesn’t have to pay for their nastiness

  3. G,
    All the prayers that you have prayed, where’s that getting you?
    Isn’t that to be addressed to Ministry Of Transportation instead of PJP {an entire Party}?
    Please, get to know the different levels of government before you make not so smart comments.
    Now, please, tell me why buses that are transporting special (important) cargos like children are operating with faulty brakes. Ministry of Transportation is falling asleep on the job. They can’t protect the future of Saint Lucia, i.e, the youths. What exactly can they do?

  4. polius the prayers gets you to places that people like you dont know and criticise….no wonder this country is like this

  5. Outside of the crime situation…..60% of the problems that Saint Lucians experience (poor roads, too many vehicles thus more accidents, traffic jam, economic losses due to being stuck in traffic, a disgusting city center, failed bus system, biker deaths etc etc) could be addressed by King!!! Sadly mate just getting fat on our account!

  6. Here is a list of useful traffic sayings while driving in St. Lucia. Hope it will be helpful for visitors:

    De brakes giveway- driving with unserviceable brakes that result in crashing into an object

    Da muhn drifting ee- driving too fast for road conditions and is in oncoming traffic lane.

    He eh even see de mhun walking on da road-driving impaired or drunk in the daytime and striking a pedestrian.

    I had to take it ee- driving fast, when suddenly a huge pothole appears and at the same time an oncoming vehicle is sighted. The act of speeding in a huge pothole.

    La main rond- assigned to new drivers and those who drive safely.

    Gassa, pass dem!- an order to overtake when approaching a dangerous curve in the road.

    One for de road- a drunk taking one more drink before getting behind the wheel.

  7. Sla…..the things I want to tell you are just too nice for this forum. I wish would just reveal your identity!!!

  8. Beat your breast and fight with the wind !
    Satan is now acting in man !
    Without prayer (s)
    There is no hope,no future and is ready to fall !
    Psalm 85v56
    Remember LORD, how your people has been mocked..
    Job 32v15
    “They are desmayed and have no more to say ;words have failed them..
    “I said on God’s command, “Satan 🐊,get loose over 🇱🇨 St Lucia..
    GOD is revealing even in films..
    Hearing a mother pleading with GOD for safetyness (protection) for her daughter,in the name of Jesus Christ..
    Jerimiah’s prayer
    I know,O LORD, that a man’s life is not his own ;it is not for a man to direct his steps.
    Correct me, but only in your justice, but not in your anger,least you reduce me to nothing ❗
    Dear people of GOD
    GOD remembers your prayers, continue to pray favorable or…
    Your children are covered through prayers and is far from harm…


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